Geraldo 4

If 74 year old Geraldo, aka Gerry, aka Gerald, Rivera has come to prove anything, it’s that if you’re able to hang around long enough there will always come to be at least a few folks who may actually come to take you as someone who resembles a serious ‘journalist’.  But why it is that any organization that professes itself to be a bona fide ‘news’ organization would continue to allow this fraud anywhere near the premises is beyond me.  He rarely has his facts straight and tends to throw accusations around that have absolutely no basis in truth.

And once again, as recently as this past week, his face was plastered across televisions everywhere as he made the claim that he ‘believes’ manufacturers of “bump stocks” or suppressors should be held accountable for criminal actions of their customers.  Now what this guy thinks he knows about these bump stocks that millions of other Americans didn’t even know existed until this nut used two in Las Vegas is beyond me.  Am I to believe that Gerry is so well versed in weapons that he knew right away what it was?  Somehow I doubt it.

It was in trying to support his claim that Gerry said, “Regardless of your last point that you can do…you can improvise your own bump stock.”  And he said, “I think manufacturers who create devices like bump stocks or silencers or other devices that have no reasonable utilization…other than to be more efficient killing machines…I believe those manufacturers of the bump stocks should be held liable when they are used—-those bump stocks and other similar devices–to inflict damage on others.”  Again he’s doing little more than rambling.

Those who have been watching the nearly 24/7 ‘news’ coverage since this horrific attack that took place in Las Vegas, know that shooter Stephen Paddock had two ‘bump stocks’ in his possession when he was found dead in a Mandalay Bay hotel room after killing 59 people and injuring over 500 at a country music festival.  Of course the real reason behind this never-ending ‘news’ coverage is not to keep us all informed, it’s to keep it all fresh in our mind in order to provide the Democrats with time to advance their anti-gun agenda.

I guess, in a way, it was good to see old Gerry back to using his “from Al Capone’s vault” logic again.  But really, this sort of thing will fly only when it’s ALL manufacturers who are held to the same standards concerning the criminal misuse of their products.  You know, when Ford becomes liable when some drunk in his, or her, F-150 takes out a family of 4 headed home from a family vacation, or Stanley becomes liable for the illegal use of one of their hammers, or Apple is held liable for when a Moslem uses an I phone to detonate a bomb.

And it doesn’t stop there, far from it.  How about the alcoholic beverage industry being held responsible for any injuries, domestic violence/abuse, driving deaths, rapes, etc. which were done or participated in by anyone consuming their product. Or the Rap music industry being held responsible for inciting violence and promoting sexism against women.  Or how about the sugar industry being held responsible for selling and/or promoting a product that causes obesity and diabetes.  So to single out gun manufacturers is really rather pointless.

Gerry is another, on what has become a very long list of many, of those seeking nothing more than to take the easy way out.  When I was kid we didn’t see these mass shootings, of course what we did have was God in our schools and families with two responsible parents who cared.  Gerry is simply showing us his leftist tendencies.  He very rarely makes sense, because like I said, if you applied his failed logic to one company you’d have to apply to all companies.  Perhaps he should think before he speaks and be satisfied to only be thought of as a fool.

But then, what are we really to expect from a guy like him anyway?  Because you see, Gerry does represent a dichotomy of a sort.  You see, Gerry is one of those people essentially without self-definition.  And, dare I say, Gerry is more than just a little predictable, and, more often than not, he doesn’t come across as sounding all that intelligent, although he tries so very hard to do so.  And he’s always willing to sign on with the many other blind followers and/or surrogates, of just about any liberal politician and is never shy about spewing the party line.

The bottom line here is that Gerry is the perfect guy for any leftwing propaganda segment on any one of the many television tabloids, be it MSNBC,CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox or any of the rest.  And so, regardless of just how pathetic, if not absurd or idiotic, he may sound, his remarks do actually serve a purpose.  With his willingness to talk about just about anything, without solid and/or actual facts to back-up his statements, we end up with a ‘clown-effect’ that at times serves as comic relief.  Put more simply, Gerry Rivera is just another charlatan.


  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    He was known as Jerry Rivers in West Babylon (NY) High School, and was not the product of any barrio, but a quiet suburb. Jewish and Hispanic. Has a pistol permit. Attorney.
    Since his Willowbrook days on WABC-NY, he remains interesting, whether we agree with him or not and, I tend to think of Rivera as ballast. Keeps us from rolling our keel over topside, from being too much to the right, and at times, there is humor in his sincerity. A left leaning guy, yes, he is, but always, he presents his case factually, and that is where we, the conservatives/right, need to listen and think, before speaking. I met him once while working, and there were so many newsmen and cameras all over the place, but I did say hello to him and he was pleasant. His conversation is attached.


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