I’ve always thought that when someone is involved in the selling of a product, regardless of how involved, they should go out of their way not to exhibit any sort of behavior that would make it harder for the maker of that product to convince as many customers as possible to purchase it.  And while of late there have been some football players who have taken a slightly different tack, many of those in Hollyweird have long been treating those counted on to buy their product as if they were somehow less than human.  And with the election of Donald Trump as president, they seem to have become even more unhinged.  And so now I find myself wondering why should I be willing to spend what it costs to see their movies, effectively paying the salary of those who think I’m a racist, or worse?

And really, just how many times is it that you can accuse everyone who chooses to disagree with your idiotic political points of view of being either a racist or a Nazi, or both, and our president of being another Hitler before such labels become meaningless.  Because when you accuse everyone of being a racist, no one is racist and when we’re all Nazis, can anyone be said to be a Nazi.  Which brings me, once again, to that perennial leftwing loon and longtime Hollyweird moron, Alec Baldwin.  Baldwin is the perfect example of all that Hollyweird has become.  Because long gone is the love of country by our movie stars who actually served in the military.  The majority of Hollyweirdos today would never even consider doing such a thing.  They’re not big fans of the military.

Apparently he recently sat for an interview for the October issue of British GQ.  Baldwin, as you know, often parodies the president on Saturday Night Live.  Although he said he was in no way comparing President Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, he did seem to go well out of his way to imply as much when he said, “What you see with Trump is how Hitler got elected.”  Commenting on President Trump’s success, Baldwin said, “Now, I am by no means comparing Trump to Hitler, I would never do that…. What you see with Trump is how Hitler got elected. Someone who will say anything to people because of their economic interest.”  But in making such baseless and rather incendiary statements about President Trump, Baldwin too is disparaging those of us who chose to vote for him.

In his other remarks about the president, Baldwin said, “One of the real tragedies for him, on a Shakespearean level, is that his name is ruined.”  He went on to say, “His children are going to have to change their names when he gets out of the White House.”  And he added, “Everything that he wanted to achieve, the opposite has resulted.”  He said, “I think the powers that be, the money behind the Republican Party, they’ll have to get the smell out of the room so that [Mike] Pence can be the runner in 2020.”  And added, “And the sooner they get rid of him the better.”  Baldwin said, “How much more are they going to put up with?”  And in exhibiting what I assume was a little wishful thinking, he said, “I don’t think they’ll put up with much more…. I imagine he’ll resign.”

But you know, the interesting thing here is that if we were to replace every reference Baldwin makes to President Trump with a reference to Obummer, his description of how he sees things would be far more accurate.  Because how was it that Obummer was able to get elected and then re-elected?  Who was it, if not Obummer, who was willing to say whatever he thought necessary to get himself elected?  And who was it if not Obummer, who, with the help of the state-controlled media, was able to keep the fact that he was a very devout socialist well under wraps.  And who was it, if not Obummer, who promised to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America?  And yet this imbecile, Baldwin, chooses to compare, by not comparing, President Trump to Hitler?

The thing is that I very much doubt Baldwin, like so many others of those in his so-called ‘profession’, is intellectually competent enough to backup any of the accusations he makes with actual irrefutable facts.  But maybe I’m wrong.  His Hollyweird rants, straight out of grade school, have resulted in what exactly?  Who is it that he has managed to convince to come over to his side?  More often than not he and his ilk are doing little more than preaching to the choir.  And as the rhetoric continues to intensify, I can’t help but wonder how any rational human being can take any of these Hollyweird types, like Baldwin, seriously.  They accuse those who disagree with them as being filled with hate and do this by using some of the most hate filled language imaginable.

Baldwin describes President Trump as being, “Someone who will say anything to people because of their economic interest.”  But I’d like to ask Mr. Baldwin:

Which party leader said: “You didn’t build that?”

Which party leader was responsible for the lowest labor participation since the 1970s?

Which party leader was responsible for the worst economic recovery since the 1940s?

Which party leader was responsible for the lowest home ownership rate in 50 years?

Which party offers free medical care, college race quotas, hiring quotas, $15 an hour minimum wage in exchange for votes?

What party allowed the government to essentially assume control of General Motors only to sell it to labor unions at half the stock purchase price?

What party wants to forgive college loans, provide ‘free’ education for illegal aliens, supports sanctuary cities and open borders?

Seems to me only one party is constantly telling one group of people how much free stuff they deserve if they will only vote for Democrats.

Baldwin is nothing more than your common, everyday Democrat stooge.  A useful idiot of sorts, a hack and a mediocre actor at best who somehow thinks that folks outside his little circle of jerks actually care about what he thinks.  At the end of the day Hitler owned the media and if anything negative was ever said, those who said it were never around to say it again.  It’s incredible the contrast that these Hollyweird idiots try to make and yet never get it right.  When you stop and compare just some of what Obummer got away with, it’s he who comes across looking far more like Hitler than does President Trump.  You would think that the fascist parallels would be impossible to ignore.  And yet those on the left have absolutely no trouble whatsoever when it comes to doing just that.

Baldwin’s historical comparisons indicate that he doesn’t have a clue about history.  So just to refresh Baldwin and his fellow crackpots about what Hitler was, he was a progressive-vegetarian-atheist-socialist-drug addict, who thought that all profits and businesses should be strictly controlled by an all-seeing, all-powerful centralized government.  He did not believe in redistribution of wealth, but he did believe in the control of all wealth, and the acquisition of most wealth and routing into a central treasury, for use by the government to provide things for the public, collectively.  Because banks and corporations couldn’t be trusted to work for the people’s best interests, only the government can do that.  So Alec, which party in American politics does that sound like?


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