Kasich 2

I could be wrong but it’s in at least one regard that there would seem to be one rather striking similarity between ‘Crazy Uncle John’ Kasich and Hitlery.  That being, of course, that they both seem unable to get over the fact that the American people just could not bring themselves to elect either of them as their president.  And while Hitlery’s list of reasons has become legend, ‘Crazy Uncle John’s’ rationale is that the Republican Party has simply moved too far to the right.  So far, in fact, that he’s now making noise about leaving the party.  My only response to him would be, “Don’t let the door hit you in that ass on the way out!”

It was just this past Sunday that Kasich made an appearance on the ‘Crappy News Network’, aka CNN, and voiced his supposed concern regarding the direction the GOP now seems to be headed.  And it was during an interview with Jake Crapper that Crapper asked, “I get that you’re not going to support Judge Moore, but he believes that homosexual acts should be illegal. He questions where Barack Obama was born. He’s written that Keith Ellison, the congressman from Minnesota should not be allowed to serve in congress, because Ellison is a Muslim. What role should the Republican Party play when it comes to Roy Moore’s campaign?”

Kasich responded saying, “Well, look, I don’t run the party. I can tell you for me, I don’t support that.”  And he went on to say, “I couldn’t vote for that. I don’t know what the heck I would have to do, but I don’t live in that state. Those claims are–I mean, they’re ludicrous and they’re divisive. And if that’s where we’re headed, well, first of all, we can’t–remember, I wrote that book. An America united or divided, you know, two paths.”  Kasich went on to say, “If the party can’t be fixed, Jake, then I’m not going to be able to support the party. Period. That’s the end of it.”  So what is it that Kasich is expecting as a response from Republicans?

I mean, is he expecting that there will be some massive groundswell of support for him, with folks saying, “Oh no, Mr. Kasich please, please don’t leave the Republican Party!”  Well if I was a betting man, I’d be pretty willing to bet that that certainly ain’t something we’re gonna see happening!  Republican voters already look at Congress and complain that see very few differences between the two political parties.  As most are likely very aware, Kasich has continued to be intensely critical of both the president and the Republican Party since his 2016 presidential campaign ended with little more than a resounding thud.

We all know, or should know by now, is that Kasich won’t ever be a member of the Donald Trump fan club.  He referred to Trump’s response to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Va. as “pathetic,” pilloried Trump’s executive order on refugees and migrants, and sided with the knuckle-dragging snowflakes of the NFL in an ongoing dispute over the propriety of staging protests during the observance of the national anthem.  All of which would seem to make it painfully obvious that Kasich has essentially already left the GOP.  Not that it matters one way or the other, most voters view him as being the pathetic RINO that he is.

And let’s face it, I think we all know that Kasich has never been someone that we could call a true conservative.  What he has been, and for a very long time, is a very vocal, and very prominent, member of ‘The Republican Establishment’.  So his idiotic threat about possibly leaving the party should come as no real surprise.  In fact, it should be greeted with a certain level of enthusiasm because as far as I’m concerned, it comes as being some pretty good news.  I think that he’d be much more at home operating under the Democrat banner and he’s the perfect example of what we already have far too many of in the Republican Party.

And if Kasich were being honest with us, he’d admit that he’s already left the Republican Party.  After all, rumor now has it that he may be trying to set himself up to make another run in 2020, only this time as an Independent.  In other words he wants nothing more than to act as spoiler when President Trump comes up for re-election.  Why else would he want to run?  He’s got to know that if he ran as a Republican he’d be crushed like the bug he is.  When has this loser ever supported a bona fide conservative in his party?  He supports himself and the McCains of the party.  He was a loser in the primary and he’s still a loser.

And while I beg to differ with Kasich, it’s Judge Moore’s views that really aren’t all that different from the views held by a majority of those in mainstream America, and are the same views Ronald Reagan held that got him elected TWICE in landslides. Kasich and the rest of the RINOs can keep on backtracking from our moral roots right into oblivion if they wish.  Give Judge Moore a little exposure and we’ll see very quickly that it’s not just Alabamians who like Moore!  A lot of Americans like him for his stance against homosexuality, same sex marriage and immigration.  And if we’re being honest he agrees with President Trump on the important issues.

So I can only assume that Kasich must be living in some sort of alternative universe.  I mean, here we have a guy who couldn’t manage to get out of the low single digits in his last White House attempt and now somehow has delusions of grandeur that apparently has him thinking that he would be able to do much better as an Independent?  And when it comes to those things that can be considered as being ludicrous, it’s the fact that Kasich, in any way, feels confident in proclaiming himself to be a conservative.  That’s the most ludicrous of all.  He’s never been a conservative, and you’re a fool if you have ever thought otherwise.


  1. I lost respect for crazy uncle John along with John McCain Mit Romney and the other incestuous Republicans during the great American victory over the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate crooked Hilary Clinton now topping my enemies list are speaker Paul a better way for CAIR is Hamas Ryan and duplicitous mediocre Mitch McConnell thank God for the tea party and the second silent majority Trump now and Trump forever


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