All we who first supported candidate Trump, and now support President Trump have heard ad nauseam for over two years now, is how the man is a racist, a white supremacist, a Klan supporter and/or a Nazi.  Accusations hurled at him with nothing to back them up, because, quite literally, there is nothing in the man’s past that would seem to indicate that he is any of these things, or ever has been.  Meanwhile it is over in the Democrat Party that rumor now has it that there is someone expressing an interest in running for president 2020, and that some see this person as representing their best chance to beat Trump.  And while this person cannot be said to be a white supremacist, they can, most definitely, be said to be not only a racist but a practitioner of what is, quite possibly, the worst kind of racism there is.  And yet, that seems to be of little concern among Democrats since this person comes from within their own ranks, it also seems to matter very little to those Democrats busy demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump.

And of course the person of whom I speak is none other than Oprah Winfrey.  Winfrey, as you may recall, was a very vocal supporter of that other obvious racist, ex-president Barack Obama.  I’ve always thought it bit odd that there could be so many blacks, including very wealthy ones, willing to support the very same political party that has done more to suppress blacks than any other organization in American history.  And how it is that they seem so willing to overlook the party’s long history of racism that goes back nearly 200 years.  What does it say about someone who is black and can still so casually overlook the actions of a political party that brought about what they themselves call the darkest period in American history?  And I do wonder, as I did during Barry’s time on office, what are the true priorities of blacks today.  Is it to seek some sort of retribution, or payback against whites, even though no whites today ever owned slaves?  And do these same blacks perhaps see the Democrat Party as being their best avenue for accomplishing that.

And I have no doubt that Winfrey would be able to garner for herself no less than 99 percent of that black vote, because she possesses exactly what that same percentage of blacks look for in a candidate, that being, of course, the fact that she’s black and pretty far to the left.  But by electing another black president, especially after the last one who left the black community far worse off than it was when he found it, would I be considered as being out of place by asking just what is it that blacks would be seeking in electing another black president?  I mean, are they genuinely interested in improving their lot in life?  Do they actually want to work and to make enough money to support themselves and their families?  Or, have the majority of blacks in this country now become quite satisfied with the way things are and are willing to vote for whomever it is that offers the best chance of maintaining things as they are.  They seem quite content to go through life as nothing more than parasites upon those who do want to work and to become self-sufficient.

Since 1960 there have been five Democrat presidents with each one being a little further to the left than the one who came before him, culminating with Barry who was really nothing more than a devoted Socialist.  And how is it that the lives of blacks in America has been made better by having voted for Democrats over the course of the last nearly 60 years?  And how much better would their lives be today if it had been Hitlery who had won that last election and not President Trump?  And after eight long years of having a black president was there any measurable improvement in the lives of those in black community?  Now as someone on the outside looking in I would think that the eight years of Obummer would be more than sufficient to convince even the most liberal of blacks that they’d doing themselves no favors by electing yet another black president, yet I’m quite sure they would be compelled to do so regardless of the fact that they would stand to gain very little from having done so.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Winfrey was heard to say that she “will never run for public office.”  But with that said, she did recently take the time to promote a recent article in the New York Post, one by John Podhoretz, the topic of which was that she, Winfrey, would the Democrat Party’s best hope for the 2020 election.  The title of the article was, “Democrats’ best hope for 2020: Oprah”, about which she later tweeted out, “Thanks for your VOTE of confidence!”  Now if I recall correctly, Podhoretz was another of those ‘conservatives’ who operated under the ‘NeverTrump’ banner.  And I can only assume that he remains less than a fan of the president.  His piece argued that Winfrey, 63, is effectively the perfect foil to President Donald Trump.  Mr. Podhoretz wrote, “She is the mirror image of Trump, but more so. Of course, she’s female and he’s male; she’s America’s generous aunt and he’s America’s crazy uncle.  And yes, she’s black and he’s white, she’s liberal and he’s whatever he is.”  Mirror image?  Sorry, I hate to disagree, but I’m just not seeing it!

And it was also in his little piece of wishful thinking, perhaps, that Mr. Podhoretz went on to write, “It goes beyond that. He’s rich and she’s rich, but she made her $3 billion herself and with no controversy.  She is, in herself, the embodiment of the American Dream.  He got famous from TV, and so did she, but she became vastly more famous and vastly more successful at it.”  And then he added, “As for politics, it’s worth remembering that Oprah played a not-insubstantial role in the 2008 election…A 2008 study at the University of Maryland suggested that Winfrey herself was responsible for more than 1 million votes cast for Obama in the Democratic contest — which suggests he might not have prevailed had she not campaigned on his behalf.”  Now I think it’s more than a stretch to claim that she’s the embodiment of the American dream, that’s spoken like a true ‘NeverTrumper.’  I’m not sure what might have motivated Mr. Podhoretz other than that he still hasn’t gotten over the fact that our president today is Donald J. Trump.

Winfrey may want to reconsider as it’s already getting a little crowded with her fellow liberal loons like Kanye, Zuckerberg, The Rock, and all the other millionaire celebrities who think they now deserve to be elected. The same celebrities like herself who are stupid enough to believe Trump was elected president because he was rich and famous.  Democrats just don’t understand. They think they lost because they didn’t have the right celebrity.  They think next time they just have to pick a celebrity that people like.  Trump didn’t win because he was a celebrity, he won because of his ideas.  Liberals worship people and join the cult of personality.  Conservatives want to know what you’re going to do.  They want action!  A liberal, Black, racist, rich woman without any serious credentials drafted to be the next Democrat president by some New York ‘conservative’ after proclaiming Hitlery the inevitable POTUS just a few short months ago.  The Democrats have more serious problems than to consider this charade.

Personally, I’m thinking that it might be way too early for another black to try to run for president.  That horse, as they say, has left the barn.  The country has already been effectively relieved of their white guilt, that was accomplished by putting someone into the office based solely on their race.  But then again, she is a female so maybe she could come at it from that direction.  I guess that would be another possible way for her to appeal to those on the left.  The Democrat Party cannot be honest about their positions on those issues important to the American people.  If they were they’d never win another election.  So they bully the non-complyers with demeaning accusations hoping that the gullible will believe them.  Obummer won using such tactics and he turned out to be a liar and a fraud and we’re still removing the scum he left behind to destroy Trump.  President Trump is our only hope to save America.  Winfrey, or any Democrat drives us toward full communism, as the Democrats desperately want power, power, and more power.


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