Democrats/Liberals/progressives/socialists, or whatever moniker they wish to go by these days, it’s those on the left who really do live in what can only be described as being a constant state of denial.  Because it’s whenever they lose any sort of contest that it must always be because either someone cheated or those responsible for electing, or selecting, the winner were somehow biased against them.  It can never be because they were a poor candidate or a contestant lacking the necessary talent to actually win.  Such is the case with Hitlery, who over the course of the last 10 months has blamed everyone, and everything, imaginable for losing a contest that nearly all but her opponent thought that she had in the bag.  Everyone but herself, that is.

And it has been 99 percent of those involved in the state-controlled media who have been doing their best to bolster her claims that she was somehow robbed of her much deserved victory by Donald Trump.  Because there is simply no way that he could have possibly won without cheating.  And now joining in the blame-everything-but-Hitlery-game is none other than Supreme Court Justice ‘Ruth Buzzy’ Ginsburg, who believes sexism is what really put President Trump in the White House.  It was when asked by the Communist Broadcasting System’s (CBS) Charlie Rose in an interview conducted earlier this week that she said, “I have no doubt that it did.”  Old ‘Buzzy’ went on to add that sexism “was a major, major factor” in Hitlery’s devastating loss last year.

Now for those able to remember, old ‘Buzzy’ made no such comments back in 2008 when it was Obummer who handily defeated Hitlery, ruining her historic moment of becoming the first female U.S. president.  But then, perhaps that has much more to do with ‘Buzzy’s’ personal feelings toward President Trump.  After all, she was one of the harsher critics of then candidate Trump, going so far as to once tell The New York Times that she couldn’t imagine him as president and the negative affects he would have on the country.  ‘Buzzy’ said it would only be four years for the country but for the Supreme Court, “It could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that.”  Now she has since apologized for those comments, so that makes it alright.

The Democrats remind me of an old soap opera. They use the same plot in every show and continue to get away with their bad acting.  Can you imagine the Democrats if they were unable to use the ‘blame game?’  If they weren’t protected by the state-controlled media and were instead made to abide by the same rules they impose on everyone else?  Can you imagine the Democrats if they always had to make very clear what it is that they truly do stand for?  Imagine if the Democrats we held accountable to the same regulations that they impose upon their enemies, we the American people. They’d never win another election.  They continue to thrive only because their supporters are comprised of some of the most ignorant people on the planet.

And when it comes to old ‘Buzzy’, she’s the type of individual that Liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans love to first nominate and then expend every effort to get them quickly confirmed.  And they do this because they know these people are far less interested in determining the constitutionality of any law than they are in dreaming up new ways to ‘interpret’ what the Constitution says.  It’s called judicial activism.  Old ‘Buzzy’ has proven time and time again that she has no business being a Supreme Court Justice.  Her opinions as a Justice are extreme.  At least she was truthful when saying many women voted for Hitlery because Hitlery said vote for me if you are a woman because I am a woman.  If that doesn’t define ‘sexism’, what does?

Let’s face it, had Hitlery not been a woman, she would have never received her party’s nomination in the first place.  And she lost the election not because Trump cheated, but because people saw how she had received preferential treatment and was let off the hook for the minimum of 58 felonies that she committed, but wasn’t prosecuted for, not to mention her ‘Pay to play’ with the Clinton foundation.  I mean, how else does someone who’s ‘serving’ our nation end up with $200 Million, plus, fortune on a $186,000 a year salary?  Or was it her consistently horrible performance first as a U.S. Senator and then as Secretary of State, her extreme progressive views, specifically in relation to the promises she made regarding the Supreme Court?

Far from deserving to be in the White House, or allowed to remain free to go across the country on a book tour where she charges folks $300 a pop just to sign her book, Hitlery should instead be serving a life sentence in Leavenworth.  ‘Buzzy’ yet again shows her own bias in failing to see that Hitlery’s behavior has been abhorrent and is what resulted in many voters coming to see her as being profoundly untrustworthy and therefore not worthy of their vote.  That’s why she lost.  And yet Ginsburg can blame, and with what I can only guess is her version of a straight face, Hitlery’s defeat on ‘sexism.’  Which says much more about her mind than it does about any actual events or circumstances surrounding our most recent presidential election.

Look, we all know that Obummer won the presidency with more than 95% of blacks voting for him instead of the white guys, McCain or Romney, then men who ran against him.  So could we possibly expect to hear from old ‘Buzzy’ how it was that the only reason Obummer was able to win either election was because of racism?  Somehow I doubt it.  And you know, since when does simply by virtue of you being a female, erase the fact that you are nothing more than a cheating, lying, criminal politician and grifter?  Hitlery was rejected because everyone who possess a vagina failed to vote for her because she has a vagina.  Vaginas do not create anything notable concerning ones character.  And Hitlery is evidence of that fact.

But in a way, I guess you could say that old ‘Buzzy’ is correct when she says that sexism played a major role in our last election.  But that would only be because the Democrats were desperate in their attempt to elect a president based solely on the gender of their candidate and not on any specific qualifications that she can be said to have possessed.  And they promoted the kind of agenda that women able to think for themselves, and who didn’t want to vote for Hitlery, would never support.  And then Democrats said those women were stupid and unintelligent.  Yup, that’s sexism alright.   Good thing many women didn’t buy into that crap and helped to elect a real president, one who represents all of us not just one of the many ‘victim’ groups.


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