Why is that we should be willing to take serious the critiques of President Trump’s recent address before the Unite Nations now being offered by two of the most incompetent individuals to ever hold the title of Secretary of State?  First it was Hitlery we heard from as she referred to the speech as being “very dark” and “dangerous” and then it was John Kerry-Heinz who said the speech didn’t put America first, it instead put “America last.  Meanwhile it was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who assessed it as being the best speech he had heard given to that body in 30 years.  So who should we believe?  These two losers or the leader of a country?

When it comes to those comments made by Hitlery, it was during her recent return to late night TV, when she appeared for the first time since the election on Tuesday.  She voiced her displeasure to “Late Show” host, and fellow Trump hater, Stephen Colbert, saying that President Trump’s speech to the United Nations was both “very dark” and “dangerous.”  She said, “Not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering.”  Which begs the question, what does she, as a Democrat, know about being a leader?  Because when it comes to Democrats the primary focus must always be on appeasement never on strength.

Hitlery went on to say that it is in such speeches that, “you are both required to stand up for the values of what we believe in — democracy and opportunity — as a way to demonstrate clearly the United States remains to beacon that we want it to be.”  She said that the message also should be that “when you face dangerous situations, like what is happening in North Korea, to make it clear that your first approach should always be diplomatic.”  The thing is, Democrats are never willing to take the next step, and the only logical step, once diplomacy has been exhausted.  They simply make the claim that the objectives have been met and move on.

And apparently Hitlery also seemed to be none too happy to hear how President Trump made it very clear, and in no uncertain terms, that the United States would “totally destroy” North Korea if it is forced to defend itself or its allies in the face of a nuclear threat.  Nor was she pleased at how he chose to refer to North Korean ‘leader’, Kim Jong Un, as “Rocket Man.”  Because, as we all know, Hitlery’s idea of diplomacy, as it is with all Democrats, involves the United States essentially agreeing to be made subservient to every dictator and despot on the entire planet.  Which accomplishes nothing more than to make us even less safe here at home.

Which brings me to he who took the baton from Hitlery as Secretary of state, John Kerry-Heinz.  And as we all know, he was even more disturbingly unqualified to be Secretary of State than was Hitlery.  And it was Mr. Kerry-Heinz who did his best to make the argument that President Trump’s “America First” speech to the United Nations did not put America first, all it did was to put “America last and diplomacy last.”  Which, I must admit, had me wondering if he had watched the same speech that I did.  Because from what I saw there was nothing about the speech that put either America, OR diplomacy, last.  America was first and foremost.

It was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Kerry-Heinz described President Trump’s strong language by saying, “It pushes people away, I mean, this childish kind of, the rhetoric.”  He said, “If name calling was going to solve this problem, Donald Trump would have already solved the problem.  So, that’s not going to move anybody to do what you have to do.”  He went on to whine, “You have to ask yourself, is America safer because of ‘Rocket Man?’  Did we bring anybody to the table as a consequence of that language?  You don’t give a speech at the United Nations to talk to your base.  You have plenty of opportunities to do that.”

What Kerry-Heinz refuses to do, as do all of those on the left, is to recognize the United Nations as being one of most corrupt and dysfunctional organizations on the planet.  Kerry-Heinz claimed that China would shut North Korea down in two days, “but it won’t because it says it’s afraid of the stability issues that would happen if Kim’s regime collapses.”  But what’s truly at the heart of China’s reluctance to take any serious action is their fear that it might lead to a successful reunification, which in time could lead to the emergence of a new American-allied economic powerhouse, complete with U.S. military bases, right on China’s border.

Kerry-Heinz seemed to take offense regarding the claim that diplomacy has not worked with North Korea for the past two decades.  Furthermore, at least according to Kerry-Heinz, Trump does not need to “brandish” threats of destroying North Korea to make his point.  He said, “You don’t have to brandish that every moment so that it’s always the big stick and no talk, literally, softly or otherwise.”  And he went on to say, “You have got to have both. And there’s no sense here of diplomatic initiative or effort by them to bring Russia or China to the table to do this.”  By all means, it’s always better to pussyfoot around such the issues, or to lead from behind.

Kerry-Heinz also lambasted Trump’s call to end the nuclear deal with Iran, saying shredding the deal, which Kerry-Heinz helped broker, would endanger diplomatic efforts with North Korea.  It was on that topic that he said, “What does North Korea think, looking at the way he’s talking about shredding a deal that was made?”  And added, “If that’s the way America behaves in the world, throwing out something that works because you don’t like it, but it works, you’re actually inviting a much more active path.”  Regarding the deal with Iran, it doesn’t work, it never has.  And how many of those agreements made in the past with North Korea were kept?  None!

President Trump’s call against the Paris climate agreement is also something that didn’t sit too well with Kerry-Heinz.  Kerry-Heinz, who has been a big proponent of first bogus ‘global warming’ and then just as bogus ‘climate change’ for decades said, “Almost 200 nations came together, and all of them agreed simultaneously not to accept the burden imposed by any other country.”  Kerry-Heinz said, “Donald Trump has not told the truth to the American people about this. The burden that we’ve accepted is one we defined. He doesn’t have to pull out of Paris. He just has to change the targets.”  The entire ‘climate change’ theory is a scam and he knows it.

As is always the case with Democrats anytime the United States is facing a major security challenge, they can always be counted on to come together in a perverted attempt to divide our nation, politicize our nation’s survival decisions, and rip away at our President.  Any decent person with even a hint of patriotism, as well as ounce of intelligence, would be trying to unify our country behind our President right now, and show solidarity, but not our twisted cadre of anti-America Democrats. We are supposed to be stupid and believe their words over their obvious treasonous deeds.  Together with their media allies they succeed in fooling almost half of the people.

Hitlery should be ashamed to show her face in public talking about this issue. She was Secretary of State while Obummer dithered and failed to do anything to stop this and so many other despots and tyrants around the world, including Assad, the Iranian Mullahs, the Venezuelan dictator, and others.  I’ve been listening to Hitlery flap her mouth for decades and never heard her say anything.  This situation with North Korea is the direct result of attempts, going back to her husband, to kick the can down the road.  She had her opportunity to do something about it and did nothing but to leave it for the next guy to deal with.  Well, welcome to the end of the road, Hitlery.

As for Kerry-Heinz, what can I say about this classless and unintelligent boob?  A guy who spent four long arduous months in Vietnam, garnered for himself a few medals, of which at least two were for self-inflicted ‘wounds’, and then came home to accuse his comrades of all manner of atrocities and of being followers of Genghis Khan.  After which he went onto become a worse secretary of state than he was a U.S. senator.  And what does it say about this country when we have had as your chief diplomats, first Hitlery and then Kerry-Heinz?  Does anyone actually think that there was a foreign leader anywhere who took either of these boobs seriously?  Doubtful!


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