Senate Democrats Hold Briefing On GOP Attack On Social Security

Bernie Sanders, you remember him, the guy from whom Hitlery basically stole the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination, introduced a bill in the Senate this past week that promises Medicare for all.  But it’s through the miracle of video tape that we’re able to see that he felt quite differently about such an idea 30 years ago.  You see, it was then that he wasn’t feeling the same burn for the plan.  In 1987 Bernie said that such an idea would “bankrupt the nation”.  But he likely rethought that initial feeling because while he’s not stupid enough to buy into Socialism himself, he’s certainly happy to sell it to the uneducated useful idiots of the left.

Back in 1987 it was a slightly less dishonest Bernie who was heard to say, “I’m not an expert on it, but number one, you want to guarantee that all people have access to healthcare as you do in Canada. But I think what we understand is that unless we change the funding system, and the control mechanisms in this country to do that… For example, if we expanded Medicaid — everybody, okay. Give everybody a Medicaid card. We would be spending such an astronomical sum of money that, you know, we would bankrupt the nation.”  And it’s 30 years later that the prospect of bankrupting the nation doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal anymore.

And again it’s in fast-forwarding from that Bernie of old, that today’s Bernie still has no idea where the funding will come from to cover his utopian plan, nor does he seem to care.  The only possibly solution would be through yet-to-be-identified tax increases and even then, the money will have to be figured out.  That said, current analysis estimates that the proposed bill would cost $32 Trillion over 10 years, if it were passed.  So, get ready to hand over everything you’ve got just so you can say, “I have ‘free’ health care!”  And rumor has it that most, if not all, of those Democrats rumored to be potential 2020 presidential candidates now support it.

Realistically, what single-payer, Medicare for all or nationalized healthcare means is waiting for months to see the first doctor and then add another year to see the specialist and then you can add another 3 or 4 years for the operation or treatment.  That is, IF your condition is deemed necessary to be treated by the rationing board, death panel, and IF you will not be a useless eater after the treatment and IF you are a good party member that has made large and regular financial contributions then you will be taken care of. Doubt me?  See the example of Fred Baron versus Sarah Murnaghan or any of the veterans that have been put on the VA death lists.

In England it’s the government that is essentially killing off 130,000 old people or individuals with expensive treatments every year just to keep costs down.  And it’s here at home, in these United States, that the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed since the 1960s.  And why is that, you ask?  Well, if you said government regulations you’d be spot on!  And now the Democrat solution for this is, of course, to double down, and to try to make the situation even worse (which is what Obamacare specifically tried to do) by exponentially increasing the amount of non-productive work in order to provide basic medical services.

Once the government runs the healthcare of the nation, and the taxes become unsupportable, the only means of controlling costs is to ration healthcare.  But not to worry, your elected officials and top-ranking bureaucrats will still have a separate medical system to guarantee high quality healthcare for them, and at our expense. And in an attempt to make a long story short, single-payer isn’t magic.  The only way other countries make nationalized health care work is through government-imposed cost controls.  Whether that means imposing long waits, or controlling doctor’s salaries, or rationing care, or some other solution, and usually more than one.

If those on the left want to argue for these things, we can have a discussion about it.  But saying, “We’ll just extend Medicaid or Medicare and it’ll magically work without changing anything fundamental” is pure BS.  Medicaid and Medicare are already bankrupting us.  They’re the largest cause of growth in the budget deficit, and projections show this getting worse in the future.  Ignorance fuels the hysteria over this fake magic.  Even people with Medicaid plans are typically clueless about their plans limitations, having taken the hook of subsidized premiums, because they were warned they would pay a penalty to the IRS for not having a healthcare plan.

The same goes for many Medicare members.  They don’t know how bad it is until they have services denied and they realize they need backup with a secondary plan to pay for it.  Everyone is getting sold insurance with sunshine and lollipops and images of happy people and doctors.  Few people read the details of their plans or ask the right questions of the brokers or navigators selling these plans.  Most will be blindsided with the truth sooner rather than later.  Meanwhile socialists like Bernie keep harping on what are the blatant falsehoods about single payer systems, because they know the most useful idiots think socialism is Facebook and Twitter.



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