So, the election was almost a year ago now, and the old girl has now come up with just about every excuse imaginable for why she lost an election that she, and her many braindead followers, thought she had pretty much in the bag.  And it is in her soon to be released ‘memoir’ that she is, apparently, able to come up with even MORE excuses in her attempt to justify how it was that someone like Donald J. Trump was able to beat “the most qualified person ever to run for President of the United States.”  Because that simply was never supposed to happen!

So we’ve been told that it is in this latest recording of the trials and tribulations of Hitlery that she proceeds to unload on Democrats which, as you can well imagine, is not sitting all that well with more than a few Democrat Party officials. Excerpts from Hitlery’s 2016 campaign memoir, “What Happened”, which is set to be released next week, show Hitlery venting her frustrations about working with some of the Democrat Party’s most powerful figures leading up to her eventual defeat by President Trump.  So still she seems to be totally incapable of accepting any blame.

It’s in one passage that Hitlery even went so far as to make the claim that former president Obummer put her in a “straight-jacket” when he told her to refrain from attacking her rival, Bernie Sanders, in the Democrat primary over fears that it would divide the Democrat Party heading into the general election.  And in yet another passage that she points out that didn’t particularly like it when former vice president ‘Slow Joe’ Biden told her that she did not adequately address how the Democrat Party would help our struggling middle class.  Democrats help the middle class?  Who knew?

Hitlery also took the opportunity to mock Sanders’ many policy proposals as being “pie-in-the-sky” endeavors and called his supporters sexist.  She also complained that Sanders’ attacks on her during the primary did “lasting damage” to her shot at winning the general election.  She even went so far as to actually accuse Sanders of aiding Trump.  Sanders responded to Hitlery’s criticism this past Wednesday by simply saying that Democrats need to “look forward, not backward.”  But there are others in the party who have not been quite so forgiving of her statements.

And apparently one of those less forgiving folks was a former Hitlery fundraiser, and surrogate who played an active role, of some sort, at the Democrat convention.  And it was this particular individual who expressed the opinion held by many within the party when they said, “The best thing she could do is disappear.”  And it was this same surrogate who went on to say, “She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away.”  So they’re just now realizing that Hitlery thinks only about herself?

Hitlery has blamed just about everyone possible for her 2016 election loss, including former FBI Director James Comey, the Russians, the press, Obummer, and the DNC.  But what remains to be seen in this book is whether she takes any responsibility at all for losing the election.  Look, we hated Crooked Hitlery, but we ALL love ‘Sore Loser Hitlery!  She’s the worst thing to ever happen to the Democrat Party, next to Obummer.  I’m guessing that Hitlery now sees her career as being pretty much over, and has decided to take the whole damn party down with her!

I absolutely love that Hitlery continues to beat a horse that has long since been dead.  Because in the process she’s alienating people, she’s driving a wedge between the now smaller, older version of the Democrat Party and the, now growing, new version of radical leftwing Democrat Party.  And calling Bernie’s supporters sexist, that’s classic.  You go girl!  You’re doing more damage to the Democrat Party than the entire conservative movement could ever do!  Every time she opens her mouth, she reminds us of “What Happened.”  America dodged a bullet, that’s what happened!

Insisting upon embarrassing herself we see in Hitlery a woman who completely lacks any integrity or self-respect, as well as any dignity.  So embarrassing herself is the least of her many problems!  She actually thinks that people still care about her and are interested in hearing what it is she has to say.  But as we heard earlier, even her own party wants her to just go away!  She is dumber than a box of rocks!  She is nothing more than a bitter and selfish old shrew, and this book proves it.  The more she tries to explain herself, the more there is to dislike.

From those excerpts we have thus far been treated to, it would seem that the general thesis that we can draw from her book is: “I would have won if I could control literally everything and everybody.  It would be for your own good too, and you wouldn’t have a choice.”  Then she goes on to blame everybody and everything that stood in her way of controlling everybody and everything.  A textbook model of a sociopathic narcissist with extensive insecurity issues!  She will never take responsibility for anything and the more she carries on like this, the more damage she does to her party!

And am I the only one wondering how it was that anyone on the Democrat side could have ever thought that it was in any way a good idea to push her as being their candidate in the first place?  Especially with the rather long and sleazy reputation of the Clintons going back over 25+ years.  And rather than face the fact they just might have made a mistake, they opted, instead, to try to destroy Trump by digging up all manner of dirt on him and, when that failed, to simply make up dirt.  Apparently that was preferred to actually having to admit that they had screwed up.

And by the way, the more we hear those ‘popular’ leftwing buzz words like “diversity” and “inclusive”, along with the ever popular “white supremacist”, “racist”, and, of course “Nazi”, along with all those comparisons to ‘Hitler’, the more it proves our point!  And then there’s the fact that the Democrat Party has now chosen to side with every Islamic extremist group and every black hate group because of their deep-seated hatred of and for ANYTHING American. The more violence and name calling they do, the more they show their true colors.

Come on Hitlery, do you really not know “What Happened?’  Seriously?  Well, and just for starters, how about the fact that you:

  1. Sold Russia 20% of America’s uranium deposits (used for Nuclear weapons).
  2. Used a private email server that you had put in your spare bathroom at your own home to do government business on, and also the Clinton Foundation.
  3. As Secretary of State had Gaddafi killed and Libya became a breeding ground for terrorists.
  4. Lied about sniper fire you received while in Bosnia.
  5. Lied about Benghazi and about what really happened there
  6. Had the nerve to put out the propaganda that is was all about a video.
  7. Lied to the parents of the deceased Americans and Ambassador saying it was caused by that fake video.
  8. Called half the nation deplorables.
  9. Destroyed 30,000 e-mails that were to be turned over to the FBI
  10. And your criminal friends destroyed cell phones and laptops with information that would have showed you were guilty as sin.

I can’t help but wonder if all those “I’m with Her” morons would ever vote for her again.  Especially after everything we’ve all seen and heard since the election?  They probably would, because when it comes to those who routinely vote for Democrats, rarely is it that they ever look at such things as a candidate’s honesty, character and integrity when determining who it is that they should vote for.  I mean, if that were the case would a Klansman have ever been elected, or for that matter a guy who got away with murder?  Or would a rapist have been elected president?

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