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Apparently, at least according to a recently released Fox News poll, it’s now that nearly half of the country has come to believe that it’s the state-controlled news media who poses an equal or greater threat to the nation than do all of those supposed white supremacists said to be among us.  The poll found that 47 percent of registered voters think white supremacists are a greater threat while 40 percent think the news media is, and nine percent believe both are equal threats.  I mean, let’s face it, when it comes to spreading a little hate and discontent there are few groups, or individuals, who can hold a candle to those in our state-controlled media complex.  These purveyors of what has now become known as “fake news”, aka pure propaganda, have earned the level of contempt a rather sizable portion of the American public now held them.  And they seem not to be bothered by it in the least since they show no sign of letting up on their incendiary rhetoric.

And I know that it goes without saying, but there seems to have been a rather significant split in how Republican and Democrat voters chose to answer the question of who represents the greater threat to our republic.  It was 76 percent of Democrat respondents who said that white supremacists are the greater threat, while 69 percent of Republicans pointed the finger squarely at the press.  Voters were also asked whether they think President Trump is tougher on the press or white supremacists, and across all demographics people agreed the president is harder on the news media.  And why might that be?  How about the fact that it’s nearly 24/7/365 that those in the media are doing their best to foment all manner of hatred and distrust of this president.  Rarely do you ever hear about bona fide white supremacists, more often than not it’s Democrats and their allies in the media making false, and rather incendiary, accusations about people they simply don’t like.

This particular poll came on the heels of President Trump’s much maligned, yet perfectly acceptable, response to violence surrounding a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which he blamed both the protesters and counter-protesters for the resulting chaos. Trump also held a rally in Arizona last week in which he ferociously attacked the press.  As for Trump’s response to Charlottesville, 56 percent of voters disapproved of Trump’s response and 52 percent of voters blamed white supremacists for the violence.  Notably, however, a majority of voters, 61 percent, think that Confederate statues and monuments should stay up.  While the poll found that voters are generally supportive of how the president is handling the economy and terrorism, there was one rather negative finding for Trump.  Fifty-six percent of voters believe Trump is tearing the country apart, while 33 percent say he is bringing it together.  I guess I would be among the 33 percent.

Trump has repeatedly called for national unity but it just hasn’t been enough to satisfy Democrats or their many friends in the state-controlled media.  It was following his electoral victory in November that he said, “To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.”  But as is usually the case when it comes to this president, no matter what it is that he may say, it never seems to go quite far enough to satisfy those in the media nor in the Democrat Party.  As for support of the president’s policies, the Fox News poll had one particularly interesting finding.  Support for building a southern border wall was said to have fallen from 41 percent in favor in September 2016 to 39 percent in support in August 2017.  The poll, however, found that 45 percent of voters would support Trump following through on his threat to shut down the government in order to pressure lawmakers to fund a border wall.

And again I think it worth mentioning that after the polling debacle which we were all witness to in the lead up to the last election, how is it that any of us can take seriously ANY poll taken by ANYONE and on ANY topic?  If all, or most, of those polls had things so wrong, what makes this poll, or any other, worth the paper that it’s written on?  Personally, it’s these days that I don’t put much stock in ANY poll.  I simply assume that it’s nothing more than a bunch of BS put together by someone who is desperate to alter, in some way, public opinion.  I mean, I certainly know how I feel toward the media, as well as the president, but I don’t believe in some poll to tell me how others of my fellow Americans may feel.  Those involved in today’s state-controlled media complex are far more interested in spreading all manner of innuendo, rumor, half-truth or outright lie than they are in actually presenting to the American people ‘news and information’ that is in any way, useful.

The media, together with most on the left, and even a few on the right, seem to intent upon describing anyone who chooses to stand up for whites as a white supremacist, while only a very few actually are.  Our labeling for convenience purposes has become out of control.  The Antifa thugs are not fighting against fascism, what they’re fighting against is conservatism.  But they don’t call themselves ‘Anticon’ because that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  Nationwide, according to the ADL, there are about an estimated 3,000 Klan members and unaffiliated people who “identify with Klan ideology.”  Membership, though, remains spread across dozens of groups.  The largest Klan groups reportedly don’t have more than 50 to 100 active members, and most have fewer than 25.   Relative to the U.S. population, it’s microscopic and yet somehow it’s those on the left who see such groups as representing the graveest threat we face as a nation.  It’s all really quite bizarre.

So while you couldn’t find enough Klan members to fill a small high school gym, those in our state-controlled media continue to work very hard in their effort to convince the American people that it’s such a group that poses the greatest threat to them and to the very survival of our Republic.   But instead, I would argue, it’s all much ado about nothing, because despite what those in the media would have us all believe, not everyone on your block belongs to such a racist club.  Our various media organizations are literally chock-full of liars, and all of the very worst kind.  And our state-controlled media has now made it their mission in life to attack President Trump, as well as his supporters, and to hide news that is in any way contrary to their agenda or the narrative they wish to advance.  And because of their open acknowledgement and attempted justification of their actions how is it that we can have any trust in the media knowing just how dangerous their actions can be.

Personally, as far as I’m concerned, all of this “white supremacist” crap is really nothing more than yet another straw man created by the left, with their many allies in the state-controlled media doing all that they can to breathe all manner of life into it.  And if we were to use the same logic used by liberals, if a murderer were to wear brown shoes, they would feel justified in calling all brown shoe manufacturers ‘supporters of murder.’   We have a fringe group of idiotic “Nazis” running around, comprised of what is nothing more than a handful of idiots and those in our state-controlled media complex are now acting in concert with the majority of those on the left to turn it into “All Trump supporters are Nazi’s and white supremacists”.  It’s utter BS and leftwing concocted propaganda, aka “fake news.”  It would be safe to say that the state-controlled media has nearly single-handedly created this monster called “Antifa” and then works to defend its dishonest and violent tactics.

But I am curious, to what degree is it that all of these so-called white supremacists, have attacked our right to Free Speech, at least when compared to those who identify themselves as members of these ‘Antifa’ groups?   And have the white supremacists advocated killing our police, like ‘Black Lives Matter’ has?  Or have the white supremacists attacked our ‘free market economy like ‘Occupy Wall Street’ has?  Just sayin’.  And has it been white supremacists who have attacked those of us who voted for Trump or our electoral system the way the media and those in the Washington ‘Establishment’ have?   As bad as they are they don’t hold a candle to the thugs I’ve mentioned.  Sadly you can’t trust those in the media today as far as you can throw them, they were taken over years ago by socialists and communists with deep pockets and a plan.  The same people have also ruined our education system and turned the Democrat Party into a left-leaning socialist garbage spewing machine.

But seriously folks, forget about all of the white supremacists.  They’ve been lurking in the shadows since before the Civil War and the republic has managed to survive just fine. They’re as much of a threat as a fly.  The real threat is the unholy alliance between the scum-sucking media and the blood sucking left.  A poll that attempts to paint white supremacists as a threat while ignoring the vile left is yet another dishonest attempt by the left to mainstream their toxic ideas.  Personally, I’d say the media is far more dangerous than are the white supremacists.  Our media today is composed primarily of communists and socialists, both adherents of Marxism, a philosophy that has been responsible for the murder of tens of millions more people than the Nazis, and the oppression of literally billions, in the 20th century.  The media licks the boots of the worst monsters in human history, ones that make Nero, Caligula, Stalin, and others seem nice and compassionate by comparison.

And let’s not forget how it was that our former Community Agitator-In-Chief insisted upon viewing those of us who are in favor of a smaller, less intrusive federal government, one which operates well within the confines of the U.S. Constitution, who are Christians and who quite possibly owned guns, as being more of a ‘threat’ to America than Radical Islamic Terrorism!!  And ya know, in all my years I’ve never met a white supremacist and I’ve been in this world now for over 65 years and am someone who was raised out in the country around a good number of rednecks.  So I’m thinking they must have to be about as rare as them Unicorns.  I’ve been surrounded by white folks my entire life and never once have I had any one of them ever tell me that he, or she, was a white supremacist.  In fact there wasn’t but one black guy in my high school of 1000 students, and oddly enough I don’t remember any of those other 999 students ever causing him a lick of grief.

The sad fact is that it’s today’s Democrat Party that still runs the ‘plantation’, and with help from its many black overseers within the black community, as well as their friends in the media, they have remained fairly successful in keeping the blacks in this country on that plantation by offering up a few freebies.  Blacks seem drawn to freebies in much the same manner that crows are drawn to shiny objects.  And you would think the fact that not a single Democrat run city is a success story would be sufficient to convince anyone, especially blacks, that voting Democrat results in nothing but misery for those who do so.  And yet blacks have been convinced to think that it’s President Trump, and his 62,000,000 plus voters, who are all white supremacists and proud members of the Klan.  I find it odd that they can be so easily convinced that other minorities who voted for Trump are racist against their own, yet they refuse to see it in their own politicians.


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