Trump 24

If you happen to be one of the millions of folks who depend on our ‘usual suspects’ in the state-controlled media for their up-to-date political news and information, then you most likely feel as if America is on the verge of a complete meltdown and all due, of course, to the supposed chaos stemming from the Trump administration.  And of course by ‘usual suspects’ I mean: the state-controlled media complex, both print and broadcast; silly local news programming; or popular online newsies such as Yahoo, Facebook, along with any number others.  However, what’s important to keep in mind here is that the long term goal for all those involved in bringing to you what is being described as ‘news’, is to wear you down, if not wear you out, until you finally agree with them that President Trump must go.

And as the stakes rise with each new Trump achievement, the rhetoric from these sources of supposed news and information only becomes more extreme.  And as it does, the decibel level of its delivery also increases because apparently those who live to express outrage at everything President Trump says, feel that if they voice their outrage louder they will somehow be taken more seriously.  That’s what happens when your cherished assumptions are essentially disproven day after day.  It’s comical and yet also understandable.  No one likes to admit when they’re wrong.  Or that they are wrong on pretty much a daily basis.  It’s embarrassing and humiliating – especially if you’re touted as being some sort of a ‘journalistic’ expert, and for no other reason than because you’re on television.

That’s why you hear little or nothing about:

  1. The current NAFTA negotiations
  2. Kim Jong-un blinking
  3. China threatening a trade war and then blinking
  4. The U.S. becoming a net energy exporter
  5. Our diminishing trade imbalance
  6. The amazing rise to nearly 4% GDP growth in the 2017 third quarter
  7. Forecasters suggesting that GDP could grow to 5 or 6% annualized
  8. A rise in manufacturing investments in the U.S.
  9. More full-time jobs among the middle class
  10. The significant increase in black employment
  11. The continuing fall of ISIS in the Middle East
  12. Wall Street’s record highs as they turn to embrace Main Street
  13. The public’s opposition to the destruction of historic statues and memorials
  14. An abhorrence of radical and violent activists on all sides, most all of whom abide on the left fringe
  15. Russian collusion
  16. Immigration

And on and on…

And something else you’ve likely heard very little, if anything, about is the fact that to date President Trump has now nominated 44 federal judges and scored eight confirmations, including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  Eleven of the president’s nominations are to circuit courts and 23 are to district courts.  The nine others are to specialty courts such as the Court of Claims, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and the U.S. Tax Court.  While the Supreme Court was a paramount issue during the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump entered office with about twice as many lower court vacancies as did predecessor Barry Obummer, presenting him with what can be described as a golden opportunity to reshape the federal bench in a very significant, meaningful, and positive, way.

By comparison, Obummer had nominated 15 district and 12 circuit nominees during his entire first year in office, as well as nominating Sonia Sotomayor to an open seat on the Supreme Court.  During that first year, Obummer scored 10 confirmations by the Senate, including Sotomayor’s.  In the first 200 days of 2009, he nominated only five appeals judges and four district judges.  So while President Trump has taken a certain amount of criticism for not filling executive branch jobs more quickly, the same cannot be said for the number of appointments he has made to the judiciary.  And it in that regard that is he is also surpassing Presidents George W. Bush and ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton in the first 200 days.  Personally, I’m thinking that’s it is those appointments that are the priority.

So make no mistake, despite all of the chatter from the left, President Trump is winning, and winning BIGLY.  It’s almost become too easy.  He’s focused on results, period.  The rest is just distraction, much of it orchestrated by anti-Trumpers who insist that you really can get a different result if you repeat the same experiment enough times.  They still don’t get it, because they don’t want to get it.  They have dug in their heels.  That’s why I find it funny.  Trump is playing them every step of the way.   The people who get it are the American workers – the ones who watch Dirty Jobs, follow Mike Rowe on Facebook, and are happy to find an extra two hundred dollars at the end of the month.  Soon enough, others will, too.  It just takes time.  President Trump is making it happen before our very eyes.

But even with all that said, it would seem that the further we proceed into the Trump presidency, it becomes increasingly obvious that those on the left remain unable to move beyond what they still view as being the unthinkable disaster they experienced in November 2016 – when Donald Trump, widely dismissed as the joke candidate, actually and rather decisively defeated their state-approved candidate, Hitlery.  The continued unraveling of those on the left reveals itself in more ways than can be counted and that would take up more space here to list than I care to sacrifice to their stupidity.  And what seems so bizarre is their strange desire to enter the fray against historical opponents long ago vanquished, using the recent “Unite the Right” rally and violence in Charlottesville as an excuse.

And while the warriors who defeated the South were able to make peace with ‘Johnny Reb’, even celebrating anniversaries with their Southern adversaries, the heroes of the Union, having rendered the emblems of secession harmless, did not strive to tear them down.  But the left, whose members have fought and defeated nothing, now want to wage war against inanimate objects.  Before long, they’ll be wanting to unearth all the remains of the Confederate dead.  The American Civil War and World War II were won a long time ago.  For sensible people, this fact tends to prevent declaring these wars all over again.  But for the left, the exact opposite is true.  These are the fights it longs for.  Its bogus battlers truly need to fight someone else’s old wars all over again.  It’s the only way that losers can win.

And it’s the Crappy News Network (CNN) contributor, presidential historian, and left-wing Democrat, Douglas Brinkley, who has supplied us with an actual number, claiming that it’s “10 to 15 percent of Trump’s base who are KKK white nationalists and alt-right racists.”  Really?  Given that Trump received about 63 million votes, that would mean that close to 10 million are Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members or racists.  The broader implication is that those of us who voted for Donald Trump and still support him are all racists.  As if calling us names will somehow make us change our minds.  Sorry folks, but I’m still of the opinion that Donald Trump, on his absolute worst day as president, would be far better than having Hitlery on what would have been her best day.  It’s just that simple!

And have you ever wondered just how big this racist Trump base might actually be?  Well, according to the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, it estimates that there are between 5,000 and 8,000 KKK members in the U.S.  Which would equate to roughly 0.003 percent of the entire population.  For comparison, Evan McMullin, you all remember him, received 700,000 presidential votes in 2016.  The KKK couldn’t even affect McMullin’s vote tally in any meaningful way.  The KKK as a voting bloc might influence a mayoral election in some small town but in the presidential election, they are far less than a rounding error.  Far more dead persons vote than do KKK members.  What about Nazis?  Hard to track but estimates are a few thousand.  Likely in the same range of the KKK.

And it’s also the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center that identifies 917 hate groups in the U.S., not counting, of course, the Democrat Party.  But that should be taken with a grain of salt as this self-denoted arbiter of hate chooses to identify “White Lives Matter” as a hate group but not “Black Lives Matter.”  I suppose hate can be said to be in the eye of the beholder and that a chant of “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” by Black Lives Matter represents cooking instructions rather than hate toward police.  But that said, let’s be generous and say there are a few hundred thousand various Nazi, KKK or white supremacists in America.  By comparison, I’m told that 16 million Americans believe Elvis Presley is still alive.  Now that’s a voting bloc that any presidential candidate would want in their camp.

And a few hundred thousand, assuming they all voted for Trump and none voted for Hitlery, influenced an election where 130 million votes were cast?  But did they all vote for Trump?  What about Hitlery?  After all it was a KKK Grand Dragon who actually endorsed Hitlery for president.  Never mind Trump-Russian collusion, what about possible Hitlery-KKK collusion?  Instead the media and the Democrats should be concerned that one of their own is part of this supposed Trump base.  Jason Kessler, organizer of the Charlottesville ‘white supremacist rally’ is rumored to be a former ‘Occupy Wall Street’ hooligan and an Obummer supporter.  Or that baseball shooter James Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter and left-wing activist.  Yes, when talking about the left, truth is stranger than fiction.

It’s the hard-core Democrat base that seems to be behind most of the recent violence, not Trump supporters.  But the state-controlled media complex wants to paint all Trump voters as Nazi-KKK-white supremacists in their effort to try to delegitimize both his presidency and his agenda.  All with the willing assistance of such RINO useful idiots as Romney, McCain, Graham and Rubio to name only a few, who never miss an opportunity to dump on Trump, going so far as to even embrace the Antifa thugs.  No wonder the White House has eluded all four of them.  So as I have said before the president is going to require some assistance in his effort to drain ‘The Swamp’, and that’s where we who support him come in.  And our chance to pitch in comes November of next year!


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