If at first you don’t succeed in getting enough people to vote for you, offer up more ‘benefits’ that accomplish nothing more than to allow the government to control more of our lives, all disguised as being some benefit that we’re told we need.  Because there are always going to be some who are actually gullible enough to believe that the Democrats actually care about the little guy and they government is only there to help.  So it is then that what John Garamendi, Democrat Congressman from California, appears to be trying to unite Democrats around the idea that the first thing Democrats would do, if and when they recapture Congress and the presidency, is to pass “Medicare for All.”  Call me skeptical but just how ignorant must one be to fall for something that is so obviously nothing more than a political scam?

The Democrats’ leaders have continued to confidently declare that their losses in every special election during President Donald Trump’s first 200 days were not due to any middle-class problem, economic problem, national security problem, religion problem, illegal alien problem or any other policy problem.  As Paul Waldman claimed in ‘The Week’ last month, the only reason Democrats have a problem is that they “don’t have a bunch of simplified messaging and pithy slogans that describe their agenda.”  Yup, that’s what sank Hitlery, as well as every other Democrat running in every special election conducted since President Trump was inaugurated.  Yup, Democrats keep losing all because of shitty messaging.  That they actually think that shows just how out of touch with really Democrats truly are.

With 43 years of government experience, Garamendi served in the State Assembly and State Senate; was California Insurance Commissioner and Lieutenant Governor; and has been a congressman from Northern California since late 2009.  During Garamendi’s entire political career, he has constantly pushed for a single-payer healthcare system — but that message has gone nowhere.  Garamendi was an original cosponsor of H.R.676, known as the “Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act,” which was introduced on January 24 and now has 111 Democrat cosponsors, as well as the support of Bernie Sanders.  You remember old Bernie, he was the guy who got shafted by Hitlery in the last election and then after being paid a substantial amount of hush money then went off and bought a nice new big house.

Hysterically, Garamendi and Bernie put forth the argument that Medicare is more efficient than private insurance companies, because the tax system would automatically collect the money and there would be no need to pay for private commissions, advertising, or profits.  But seniors over 65 years of age, who know Medicare best, are strongly opposed to ‘Medicare for All’, according to polling data. That opposition comes after Obamacare robbed Medicare by cutting $220 billion in payments to health care providers; raising premiums by $136 billion for the Medicare Advantage program; and requiring $36 billion in premium increases for higher-income beneficiaries.  So what we really have here being perpetrated by Garamendi is nothing but smoke and mirrors in the hopes that enough people will fall for it.

The Democrat Party may have been able to drive President Trump’s favorability down to 43 percent, according to Rasmussen polling.  But a similar Rasmussen poll also found that only 15 percent of registered voters believe Congress is doing a good job.  Garamendi and Sanders want the Democrat Party to stand for something positive.  ‘Medicare for All’ likely has sufficient opposition to prevent it from ever being passed by Congress.  However, its simplified message and its pithy slogan may give the left something around which to unite.  But if that’s all it’s going to take to bring those on the left together, then I would argue that the left is further gone than even I thought.  That just means that the rest of us must be all the determined to stand together in opposition against those seeking to drive our country even further into bankruptcy.

Look, I think most of us are pretty able to recognize what’s really being promoted here, and it’s nothing more than a “single payer” system, which is exactly the same sort of system that has come to deliver inferior service to the masses in every socialist country where it has been put into practice. They’ve simply decided to call it by a different name so as to be confused with a highly popular entitlement program for the sole purpose of deceiving the masses.  But don’t allow yourself to be fooled!  They are depending on the ignorance of the masses to push through even more government control over your lives.  These people are nothing more than the very worst kind of snake oil salesmen.  If they’re not then why do they insist upon exempting themselves from a system they are all too eager to force on us?

And anyone stupid enough to believe that the goal here of the Democrats is to create anything other than a two tier healthcare system, deserves to be a Democrat.  And by two tier system I mean one healthcare system for the masses, where all of the doctors, nurses, and other staff have their pay slashed by at least 50%, where the number of facilities are slashed, where months long wait lists are a feature, not a bug.  And then another which would be the elite private system for those who can pay more so they don’t have to wait in line behind the help to see a doctor.  Get luxuries like second opinions (the masses will not be allowed to appeal a denial of treatment nor sue for malpractice).  There is no way to afford the level of health coverage that the Bernie Sanders plan promises. It’s simply NOT possible.

To be honest, I think you would have to be rather naïve to think that this entire Democrat scheme is about anything other than control.  Because it most certainly is not about any concern regarding our ability to obtain healthcare.  We the American people must all now stand together against this continued government invasion into our private lives.  This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s something that affects everyone, and we know just how much the government screws things up already.  People are now paying more for health insurance than they do their house payments in many cases. That means they can’t buy a bigger house or even a new car, most times, and that will eventually destroy what’s left of our economy.  So just say NO to government healthcare…PERIOD!

This latest plan won’t save anyone any money.  It’s nothing more than the equivalent of shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.  The purpose of insurance is not to save money.  It never has been about saving money.  It’s about simplifying the payment process and having money set aside in case of a true financial catastrophe.  The best way to demonstrate this is to compare auto insurance (which is still real insurance) against what we are calling public health insurance (which is nothing more than a series of payment transfers turning tax payments into medical payments and supposedly forcing the rich to pay more – hint, they won’t).  Auto insurance covers you if the car is in a major accident or it is stolen. It doesn’t pay for oil changes, tune ups, minor wear and tear repairs, incidental damage, etc.

And finally, if the Democrats want a simple message, how about this:  We are the Democrat Party.  We are going to spend money we don’t have until we completely bankrupt the country.  We are going to flood the country with illegal immigrants until the entire middle and working class is out of work and on welfare.  We are going to initiate single-payer health insurance with death panels.  We solicit campaign contributions and kickbacks from all foreign and domestic companies and organizations equally.  We will whip minorities into a frenzy against the white majority while keeping them dependent and living in poverty.  We will use social justice and environmental protection to run manufacturing out of the U.S. and into the hands of multinational companies.  We will find new ways to raise taxes. We will redefine education until it becomes worthless yet expensive.  We will protect our own from prosecution for their crimes while we vilify others for nothing.


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