Democrats 58

I found it odd that there was nary even an honorable mention, as the Democrats’ rolled out their new “Better Deal” agenda yesterday, regarding any of those issues that the Democrat Party has truly come to stand for.  Like the issue of transgender restrooms, or open borders, sanctuary cities, homosexual rights, abortion on demand with zero limitations, single-payer healthcare, the allowing in of massive numbers of refugees from the most dangerous region on the planet that are not properly vetted or the possible Trump-Putin collusion that so many Democrats claim caused the loss of their candidate in the last presidential contest.  And while these are the issues that the Democrat Party actually stands for, this little charade that took place yesterday was nothing but an attempt on their part to convince voters otherwise.

And so it was then that yesterday the Democrats began the rolling out of their ‘new’ economic agenda, in an effort to present a more positive message to voters amid growing signs that the public is growing weary of their endless, and increasingly nutty, Russia conspiracy theories that have been at the heart of Democrat resistance since even before President Trump officially took office.  Democrats in both the House and the Senate have called the agenda “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future,” — a nod, I’m guessing, to the “New Deal” of Franklin Roosevelt, whose blatantly socialist policies helped the Democrats dominate the white working class vote for decades.  But this latest scam is nothing more than blatant propaganda the only purpose of which is to con the voters into voting for Democrats.

The Democrats finally appear to be coming to the realization that at least one of the reasons for their defeat in the 2014 midterms and in the 2016 presidential election was a bottoming out of support from white working class voters in places such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.   And Politico noted that it also appeared to be a shot at President Trump.   At the press conference Monday afternoon at Berryville, Virginia, Democrat House and Senate leaders, as well as high-profile Democrats such as Elizabeth Warren, attempted to sell the plan by trying to paint themselves as advocates for American workers.  But look, what was put forth yesterday is really nothing new, and really nothing that we haven’t heard before from Democrats who have repeatedly demonstrated that they are the enemy of American workers.

But be that as it may, it was at the above mentioned press conference that Chuckie Schumer said, “We are here today to tell the people of Berryville and the working people of America: Someone has your back.”  And it was Nancy Pelosi who made the claim that the last six months have shown the “toxic special interest priorities at the core of the GOP agenda.”  And it was also Pelosi who said the plan was still in formation, and they intended to listen to the American people on how best to refine it.  She went on to say, “We’ll take [our message] on the road to engage in conversation with the American people because this isn’t just about telling them what we’re advocating, it’s about listening to their concerns and how we shape this and refine it as we go forward.”

It was in an opinion piece for the New York Times published earlier Monday that Chuckie claimed that the plan was about “reorienting government to work on behalf of people and families.” He also admitted that in recent elections, “Democrats, including in the Senate, failed to articulate a strong, bold economic program for the middle class and those working hard to get there.”  And, he wrote, “Americans from every corner of this country know that the economy isn’t working for them the way that it should, and they wonder if it ever will again. One party says the answer is that special interests should continue to write the rules and that government ought to make things easier for an already-favored few.”  If I didn’t know better I’d swear he was talking about his Democrat Party as the party owned by the special interests.

And when it was liberal wackjob Elizabeth Warren’s turn at the mic and she spewed her standard anti-corporate message in her remarks and noted that the railroads had once formed monopolies that Congress had to break up with anti-trust laws.  She said, “For decades now the government has slacked off enforcement of those laws, and the result has been bigger and bigger corporations with more and more power.”  And then she went on to say, “Democrats are ready to take this challenge head-on.”  And in an opinion piece for the Crappy News Network (CNN), Democrats Cheri Bustos, David Cicilline, and Hakeem Jeffries all hailed the plan as a “bold economic agenda that works for all Americans to bring higher wages, lower costs and the tools Americans need to succeed” and laid out some of the specifics of the plan.

It was according to these economic geniuses that their plan will create millions of good-paying, full-time jobs by directly investing in our crumbling infrastructure.  And that in an effort to help small businesses thrive, Democrats will prioritize entrepreneurs over giving tax breaks to special interests.  And, of course, they will continue to argue for a minimum wage law despite all of the nasty side effects that go along with that.  Just ask the mayor of Seattle.  And they claim they will keep their promise to millions of workers who earned a pension, Social Security and Medicare so they can retire with dignity.  The plan, or so they claim, will also lower drug and education costs.  In other words, what we have here is really nothing more than Democrats promising you more ‘free’ stuff if only you’ll vote for them.

And also according to the Democrats their plan will also crack down on “monopolies and the concentration of economic power that has led to higher prices for consumers, workers and small businesses — and make sure Wall Street never endangers Main Street again.”  The plan will also, according to Democrats, offer tax incentives to employees, apprenticeships to new workers, and bring high-speed Internet across America.  And as much as Chuckie & Co. would like us all to believe that this “Better Deal” is some grand economic masterplan, there’s really nothing new in it.  And while those who routinely vote for Democrat will likely be singing the praises of this “Better Deal’ agenda, those who have become leery of Democrat promises that are rarely, if ever, kept will likely prove a bit more difficult to convince.

This move to focus on economics represents a change in tactics from the Democrats, who have largely been happy to focus on allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in the 2016 election.  However, a number of polls — as well as three defeats for Democrats in congressional special elections — suggest that the public is rapidly losing interest in increasingly bizarre Russia conspiracy theories perpetrated by the Democrats and their many friends in the state-controlled news media.  A recent poll found that only 26 percent of voters saw Russia as their top concern. A poll in June found that two-thirds of Americans believe the FBI’s Russia investigations are “hurting the country,” and a majority believe it is time for Congress and the establishment media to “move on to other issues.”

Look, I think we all realize that the ‘REAL’ Democrat plan is to “HELP” the middle class consists of:  1. Mass immigration to drive down wages, drive up housing costs, and increase taxes, especially at the state and local level where taxes fall heavily on the middle class.  2. Tax workers and give to welfare the moochers.  3. Cold War 2.0 with Russia – economic sanctions to reduce American exports and eliminate American jobs.  4. Outsource the entire manufacturing base to China, as long as China agrees to respect Hollyweird’s intellectual property rights.  5. Attack Christianity, family values, traditional marriage, American identity and national pride, and anything else that enables working class Americans to live a life of dignity.  If you believe it’s anything different than that, then there is obviously no hope for you.

And so because of this new pseudo-marketing strategy of the Democrats, we’re to throw Trump overboard, and revert back to the Obummer era of federal agency overreaching, federal lying, ignorance of immigration law, open borders, IRS preying on citizens and meddling in their healthcare, the shafting of our coal miners, holding up energy independence, suspending needed oil pipelines, coddling Islamic terrorists, and literally pissing away billions to appease Moslems.  Because all these things are “for” the American worker?  We’ve heard all the lies before, there’s nothing new here.  Without all of their typical hate speech the Democrats really have no agenda, without all of their radical hate groups they have no followers, without obfuscation, no speech, and without fighting Trump and his agenda, no power.

But the inconvenient truth for the Democrats, and one that they’ll likely feel the sting from come our next election cycle if we remain on this course is new data being reported on by Bloomberg that reveals we’re actually in the throes of a four-month high in U.S. consumer confidence.  Yes, Americans’ outlook on jobs and the economy is positive, according to data from the New York-based Conference Board.  Bloomberg reports that “with unemployment near a 16-year low and U.S. stocks reaching record highs, consumers remain upbeat, which should continue to support the household spending that accounts for about 70 percent of U.S. gross domestic product.”  Bloomberg reports that accelerated wage gains and positive fiscal projections “could propel confidence further in coming months.”  A “Better Deal”?


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