Chuck Schumer

After watching the Democrats, for the last eight months, focusing on nothing more than their effort to bring down our duly elected president, how is it that any reasonably intelligent person can still be able to vote for candidate who is a member of the Democrat Party?  And after hearing for months the nonsense about supposed collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, with absolutely no evidence to support their outrageous accusations, it was just this past Saturday that we heard Chuckie Schumer saying that Democrats can only blame themselves, not Russia, for Hitlery’s loss to President Donald Trump in November.  In fact, he told the Washington Post, “When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things – Comey, Russia – you blame yourself.”  Duh!

Chuckie made this rather surprising, and quite unexpected, revelation while previewing what’s being called the Democrat Party’s campaign message heading into 2018, and seemed to imply that people are not sure what the Democrat Party stands for.  He said, “So what did we do wrong?  People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that.”  The Democrat Party is now calling their new plan for 2018, “A Better Deal” and is meant to contrast the president’s economic message.  Nancy Pelosi, who faced a challenge from Democrat Tim Ryan for her leadership position earlier this year, agreed with Chuckie.  She told the Washington Post, in a separate interview, that the new slogan was not part of a course correction, but rather a “presentation correction.”

Chuckie said that the new agenda is not about partisan politics.  And he told the Post, “A strong, sharp-edged, populist, bold economic message appeals to the Obama coalition and the people who voted for Trump — former Democrats who voted for Trump.”  Now if we look back over the last few decades, when was it that the mainstay of the Democrat agenda was not partisan politics?  And then on Sunday during an interview with ABC’s “This Week” Chuckie asserted that Democrats have been too cautious with their messaging.  It was then that he told former Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos, “We were too cautious, we were too namby pamby.”  Going on to say, “This is sharp, bold and will appeal to both the old Obama coalition, and the Democratic voters who deserted us for Trump, the blue collar worker.”

Chuckie responded to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll that said just 37 percent of people believe that the Democrat Party stands for something.  He said, “The number one thing that we did wrong is we didn’t tell people what we stood for.”  The Democrat Party’s message of “A Better Deal,” is meant to be a take on President Donald Trump’s economic message of “America First.”  Party leadership, including Chuckie, have shared little details about the new plan, hoping to preserve some suspense.  It was unveiled earlier today at an event in Virginia and while it all sounded pretty normal, that’s only because there was no talk of Russia, transgender restrooms, open borders or none of the many other things that Democrats have been talking about for the last eight years.

This new party ‘message’ comes about because despite what the Democrat Party, and their many minions in the media would like us all to believe, that their Russian collusion narrative, heard ad nauseam, has been little more than a total bust.  But the Democrats continue to peddle it for no other reason than that the party lacks any original ideas that will resonate with both moderate Democrats and Independents.  In other words, it’s really all that they have.  This even though I suspect that there more than a few in the Democrat Party who are starting to get a bit nervous over the non-stop Russian media narrative.  Especially since Trump’s RCP national average overall has stayed fairly consistent since about the middle of May, this in spite the constant barrage of negative coverage.

The Democrats are suddenly finding it useful to profess responsibility for their condition, and to downplay the Russia narrative they’ve milked so heavily for eight solid months, to the point of open talk of impeachment, now that the Russia trail is leading right back to them rather than to Trump.  But the problem is that the Democrat Party is nothing more than the party of moochers and grifters.  And it seems to be owned by a cadre of rather sinister billionaires like George Soros, to name only one.  The Democrat Party promotes policies that destroy jobs, that weaken our country’s ability to defend itself, that allow into this country those who want only to kill us, and that throw open our borders.  You see, Chuckie, we know it’s our money you’re spending on things most of us would never buy of our own free will.

But the truth is that Hitlery didn’t lose the last election because people didn’t know what the Democrat Party stands for.  She lost the election because the Democrats’ ran a professionally, ethically, and morally corrupt egomaniacal totalitarian candidate with a lifelong history of deplorable conduct of skirting the law for personal gain and effectively flipping off regular mainstream American citizens, culture and views all while supposedly being a public servant, whose lack of substance, posturing and insulting campaign tactics could have won the presidency if she was the only candidate in the race.  And what’s even more bizarre is the fact that she was the one person that the party went far out of its way to essentially guarantee that she would become the party’s candidate for president.

Chuckie really shouldn’t sell either himself, or his party, short!  The Democrat Party stands for fomenting hatred and racial strife for the sole purpose of political gain.  They stand for the status quo of crime, misery, and death in the dependency based war zones they have so carefully crafted.  And what they so very clearly stand for can be seen in any of the nation’s largest cities, like Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago, that are all run by Democrats.  And in financially bankrupt and high tax states like Illinois and California.  And in socialist countries like Venezuela.  They stand for big government, high taxes, abortion on demand performed at taxpayer expense, and the homosexual agenda.  And, they stand for free welfare and taxpayer funded benefits for all who will vote for them, in this country legally or not.

And yet there’s so much more that most Americans view as Chuckie’s party standing for.  Such things as, our poor performing public schools run by the Democrat controlled teacher’s union, the discrimination against all white people, preferential treatment under the law for all people of color, open borders and unrestricted entry by the masses of the world, especially all of Latin America, pornography on the Internet, homosexuality taught in our schools as a normal lifestyle, a transgender military and to surrender completely this nation to Islamist terrorists and barbarians of the world.  And while I could go on, I’m sure you get the idea.  So you see, the problem for Democrats is not that we don’t know what you stand for, but that we understand all too well exactly what they stand for.

Every time the Democrats lose an election it’s always because their “message” somehow didn’t get out or wasn’t properly understood if it did.  If not that then the people were just too stupid to see that voting for Democrats was in their own best interest.  The dilemma for the Democrats is that they CAN’T seem to manage to deliver an honest and clear message about what they stand for because what they stand for is nothing more than government theft of the people’s wealth to give to their loyalists and the curtailment of individual freedom and liberty at every turn.  Democrats, socialists, liberals and other youngsters must always, ALWAYS lie about who they are and what they believe in because if they were ever to tell the truth they wouldn’t be able to get elected dog catcher.

I think it’s obvious that hardcore Marxists have hijacked the Democrat Party and are now in full control.  It is no longer the party of JFK, or even George McGovern for that matter.  Chuckie, Pelosi, Soros, Warren, and other neo-Stalinist thugs now form the core of the New Democrat Party. They stand for nothing more than for all political and governmental power to be centralized and concentrated in their hands, and will allow absolutely no opposition at any level from anyone.  The Democrats’ rhetoric consists of the same old eat the rich, all cultures are the same, poverty, while crime are all the fault of Republicans because they won’t dump more billions of dollars into our broken education machine.  But the American people smelled this crap and that’s why Donald J. Trump stands today as our duly elected President.

But the Establishment Republicans are hardly any better. They’ve done far more to undercut Trump than to support him because they are more interested in clinging to their piddling little sinecures of power and privilege even if that means letting the Democrats run the show.  According to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan it isn’t congressional Republicans’ role to defend President Trump from the investigations into Russian election interference, but that said nor were the Republicans elected to assist the Democrats in their effort to take down a duly elected president.  Ryan has also pushed back against the notion that special counsel Robert Mueller is biased against the president.  Such comments prove the ‘The DC Swamp needs’ needs not only to be drained, but to be filled in, and then paved over.


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