I providing evidence that the complete mental breakdown of the Democrat Party continues unabated, it was a group of House Democrats who announced earlier this week a “No Confidence in Donald J. Trump” resolution at a press conference on Capitol Hill.  Rep Steve Cohen, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee’s subpanel on the Constitution, sponsored the resolution rebuking President Donald Trump, explaining that measure was introduced to serve as “an attempt at a political intervention.”  Cohen said, “We have now had six months of Donald Trump as president. That is a sufficient time to be a probationary period and, as a result of that, 23 of my colleagues have joined me in introducing today a resolution of no confidence in the job of Donald J. Trump.”  And it was this very same moron who went on to say, “We have, as part of that resolution, 12 pages thoroughly annotated of what we believe are misdeeds and actions that give people a lack of confidence in him and the direction he is taking our country.”  Is there ever going to come a point where Democrats finally stop their whining and simply focus on the needs of the American people instead of their own?

The resolution points to the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials, Trump’s comments on women, the firing of FBI director James Comey, and the president’s decision to keep his tax returns private as reasons why they view him as being unfit for the Oval Office.  And it was Rep. Judy Chu, Democrat from California,  who was next to speak up in support of this idiotic ‘resolution’ by saying, “We have a president who actively undermines the very principles of our government and a Republican congress that makes excuses for him as though his behavior is normal. It is not normal.”  And she went on to say, “Trump’s behavior is cruel, unethical and it’s driving people’s faith in the government to dangerously low levels.”  And then came everyone’s favorite imbecile Sheila Jackson Lee who also criticized Trump, saying, “This is not the behavior of the leader of the free world.”  It would seem that the resolution, although backed by 23 representatives, has no chance of moving through the Republican-led House.  And while Nancy Pelosi did not sign on to the resolution, Cohen says she isn’t in opposition of the measure.  No, I’m sure the old hag isn’t!  She’s happy to go along with just about anything.

Democrats really do need to come up with some sort of a plan that involves more than just the hating of President Trump.  And by the way, rumor has it that they may actually be on the verge of announcing just that.  You see, on next Monday, or so I am told, congressional Democrats — in the Senate and the House together — will roll out a legislative policy agenda, their de facto 2018 campaign platform.  The details, after months of haggling, could yet disappoint but the broad outlines as described by those ‘in the know’ are said to be just what the doctor ordered.  Sounding eerily like a pizza commercial their grand plan is entitled “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages” and it is expected to have many Democrat staples — tax increases on the rich, affordable (aka free) college, infrastructure spending, higher wages, job training, paid family leave and the like — and a few new ones.  In other words more of the very same ‘progressive’ crap that we had during the eight years of Obummer that resulted in nothing more than fewer people in the workforce and more people in the government dole.  And as a voter, how ignorant do you have to be willing to see this kind of crap, time after time, as being something that will make your life better in ANY meaningful way?

Anyway, since I am in no way a political strategist, I can only assume here that the goal of the Democrats who were responsible for crafting this little piece of progressive handy-work is to avoid repeating what they see as having been Hitlery’s biggest problem in 2016.  Other than, of course, her corruption issue.  That being, the fact that she had so many proposals, and she scratched the itches of so many Democrat constituencies, that she lacked anything that actually resembled a coherent economic message.  And I’m also guessing that the hope is, on the part of these Democrats, that a full-throated populist agenda will also make it harder for President Trump to claim that he is the only one fighting special interests, which he did to great effect against Hitlery.  Look, all that I’m seeing from this supposed grand scheme of a plan for 2018 is the typical Democrat plan to give away ‘free’ stuff in exchange for votes.  And while that may work with those who are intellectually challenged, hopefully for those who are a higher on the evolutionary scale it will have very little impact.  Nothing ever changes with the Democrats, it’s always the same ‘free-stuff-in-exchange-for-votes’ game plan.

Am I the only one who’s seeing the irony here that these “let’s flush America down the tubes” Democrats dare to whine about having “no confidence” in the President?  News flash, losers!  And that would, of course, be the fact that I have literally ‘zero confidence’ in any Democrat breathing!  Because, as we all know, if a Democrat is breathing, then they’re likely taking part in something shady that only helps themselves and ends up doing irreparable damage to the country.  Why don’t they step up to the plate and be more like statesmen than like crybabies?  They need to be doing their job for America instead of working on their next election.  Democrats don’t do anything if it doesn’t have something to do with increasing their voter base.  A base that consists primarily of those in this country illegally, or dead, and every group of people with their hand out.  Democrats are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.  The other problem is that we have to contend with a substantial number of RINOs who, in many respects, differ very little from the Democrats.  We have complete control of Congress as well as the White House and yet continue to have their asses handed to them by these pathetic people who can’t stop crying.

For eight long years there were many of us had NO confidence in Obummer.  That’s why Democrats were voted out of office in the numbers they were.  Now, the hateful, selfish alt-Left has turned violent and aligned themselves with terrorists.  Is anyone surprised?  As disgusting as the Democrats are, it’s only because they indoctrinate our children from the very beginning that allows them to create easily led, dimwitted dolts willing to believe whatever imbecilic drivel they’re being spoon fed.  I have NO confidence in Democrats, RINOs, elites of any kind, Congress, or the state-controlled media.  But I do have confidence in the American people and I believe, with every fiber of my being, that the people will speak loudly in 2018 and will let their vote be heard.  And for the current crop of political critters it ain’t gonna be pretty.  Also I believe that Election Day in 2018 will come to be known as Trump’s Revenge.  It’s day after day that these loons think of new reasons to hate America.  It is astounding the new ways they can come up with. They have lost election after election yet they don’t pause for a moment to think of how they could help the nation or improve their party’s chance of winning.



  1. Look here now: We know the Dems are bad. Why not consider that the Republicans in Congress are doing more to sabotage Trump? As well, Trump is a fool not to have purged as many Obama appointees in the executive branch back in January. He is not such a quick study after all.


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