When it comes to draining ‘The Swamp’ I think we’re all beginning to realize that it’s something that just may turn out to be more than just a one man job, even if that man is President Trump.  And since ‘The Swamp’ has been increasing in both size and toxicity for decades we must also realize that it’s not something we’re going to able to drain overnight.  But that doesn’t mean that we should allow ourselves to be dissuaded from doing so, nor should abandon the president if we perceive the process to be moving too slow.  Unfortunately, part of the problem, a big problem, is that it’s a rather sizable portion of ‘The Swamp’ that’s comprised of those folks whom you would at least like to think of as being the good guys.  While of them have may entered ‘The Swamp’ with the best of intentions, over time they became corrupted.

Now I’m sure many folks are as frustrated as I am regarding our Republican members of Congress and their continuing inability, or unwillingness, to get anything accomplished, especially, or so it would seem, if it has anything to do with the Trump agenda.  To the point where I keep hearing threats coming from all directions about how the party will go down to defeat in 2018.  Now make no mistake, I am in no way pleased about what little has been accomplished in the last six months, but at the same time I am certainly in no hurry to put Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi back in charge of Congress.  That would be the ultimate act of biting of one’s nose to spite one’s face.   And it would be one of the most irresponsible acts the American people, at least those serious about saving our country for our children, could EVER commit.

So how about we step back a bit, take a deep breath and reassess just what it might be that should be our best course of action going forward from this point and over the next 17 months.  First and foremost we’re morons if we do anything other than ignore everything that comes out of the mouth of any Democrat or ANYONE who’s part of the state-controlled media complex.  Because what it comes to anyone in either of these organizations it’s safe to say that if their lips are moving, they’re lying to us.  If there is anyone less deserving of being listened to than someone who proudly identifies themselves as being a Democrat, it’s someone who refers to themselves as a ‘journalist’.  Unfortunately when it comes to deciding what’s best regarding the truly important issues, we have now, apparently, been left to our own devices.

That said, we must never allow ourselves to be talked into voting for someone when we know in our heart it’s a mistake.  And there is also NEVER any reason for staying home on Election Day.  Now as I have said before, if our current batch of congressional Republicans are simply not up to the task of doing what even we the people are smart enough to know needs to be done, then our option, our ONLY option, is not to vote for Democrats but, instead, vote for Republicans whom we feel we can trust, at least until they give us a reason not to.  And if they too prove not to be up to the task as hand, then they too should be replaced.  We know from the get-go that we can never trust anyone in the Democrat Party, so why would we EVER want to elect any of them into a position of power?  That’s insane!

I think we can all agree that the latest attempt to repeal and replace of Obamacare failed because of one very simple fact.  We have far too many RINOs in our midst and far too few conservatives.  So can anyone please explain to me the rationale for wanting to replace these RINOs with Democrats?  Where’s the logic in putting the control of Congress back into the hands of those who created Obamacare in the first place?  Haven’t we learned anything from the last time we did that?  Now I’ve heard some make the claim that doing so would teach those Republicans a lesson, but while that may sound fine in theory, it really accomplishes nothing if our long term goal truly is to “Make America Great Again.”  Because choosing to put more Democrats in Congress serves as nothing more than a sizable speed bump in that process.

Reason must come to prevail here.  Look, we know who the RINOs are, they’ve become pretty easy to spot.  Unfortunately, those in the Senate who conned themselves into re-election in 2016, we’re stuck with.  So we’ll need to look very closely at those Senate Republicans up for re-election in 2018 and if deemed necessary search out the most suitable Republican replacements and force a primary election.  And remember, it’s every single House member, including every single RINO and every single Democrat, who will be up for re-election.  So in that respect in the House it should be a much easier task to remove a significant number of RINOs, chief among them being Paul Ryan.  But we should also take the opportunity to reduce, to the greatest extent possible, the number of Democrats.

There is no doubt that over the coming months there will be a growing number of voices from the left, including many coming from our state-controlled media, that will be doing their very best to convince us that the Republican Party no longer deserves the confidence of the American people when it comes to its ability, and willingness, to govern.  As for myself, I am not yet ready to condemn the entire Republican Party, instead I intend to focus my attention on those specific individuals who, while they may refer to themselves as being Republican have repeatedly proven such a claim is nothing more than a charade.  These people are frauds of the very worst kind, they willingly say one thing to American people and then something entirely different once they get behind closed doors with their Democrat friends.

With the election of Donald Trump as president we who love our country were provided with a much needed opportunity, one that just doesn’t come along all that often.  We were handed control of Congress and the White House.  An opportunity viewed by many on the left as being one that must be squashed at all costs and one that has effectively reduced those in the Democrat Party to little more than a bunch of unhinged lunatics.  Over the course of the last six months the Democrats have pulled out all the stops in their continuing effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.  As we have seen, and heard, there is absolutely nothing they will not do or say about the man, his family or anyone who is associated with him or his administration as they persist in continuing as the party of obstruction.

Meanwhile the many serious problems in desperate need of being addressed go ignored.  Whether we like it or not it would appear that much of the task for getting our country headed back in the right direction has now been left to us.  Now we can either act like spoiled children by perpetrating some level of retribution upon the party that we feel may have abandoned us, or we can be a bit more surgical in how we go about our only form of retaliation, the ballot box.  And again, what I mean by that is that we must focus our attention on those in Congress who have continually refused to keep the many promises they’ve made to us in the past and replace them not with Democrats, God forbid, but with the ‘most’ conservative Republicans that we can find and can then convince to run.  That should be our top priority!

And just one final note, to those who would wish to take all of their frustration and anger out on the Republican Party by either staying home on Election Day or, worse, voting for some Democrat, I would only ask if it is really a return to the Obummer years that you are seeking?   And how is it that that would in any way be a good thing for anyone or, for that matter, the country?  Wouldn’t it be far better to focus our attention on punishing the bad apples within the party by seeking out replacements and to then provide them with an opportunity to prove themselves in the effort to get our country back on track?  The dangers of putting the Democrats back in charge are simply too great and, suffice it to say, would be without a doubt the worst possible thing we could possibly do.

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