It’s not very often these days that you’d be hearing a Democrat making any amount of actual sense and on nearly any topic they might choose to speak about.  And even less often that you’d be hearing from me that such a breed of Democrat even still exists anymore.  But apparently the species has not yet gone completely extinct.  And I know that because it was on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” that Fox News Contributor and former Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich argued that House Democrats’ 25th Amendment proposal on President Trump is destroying his party’s ability to be an effective opposition party.  And you can’t get much more on point than that.

Kucinich said, “I think it’s destroying the party as an effective opposition.  People want political parties to be focused on America’s economic needs, on jobs, wages, healthcare, education, retirement security, and peace, and they want American politicians to be constructive, not destructive. And I think that what’s happening here is not — it’s not good for the country.”  It would now seem that the entire party has lost its collective mind by having allowed itself to be convinced that somehow Hitlery was actually the most qualified candidate to ever seek the office of president and then to think that ONLY way she could have ever possibly lost was through some clandestine interference from the outside.

Anyway, Mr. Kucinich then went on to add, “I think there are some people in the party who are still having a great difficulty being able to reconcile the results of the November 2016 elections with their own politics, and we have to realize the American people are the ones who judge president trump. they decided he should be president in November of 2016, and that’s the way the process works. And so, we must find common ground, and you can’t establish common ground if you are slinging mud.”  Kucinich further argued that if the Democrats want new leadership, they should “disconnect” from corporations funding the party.  And I’m quite sure that that’s not something likely to happen any time soon.

Now I think you kinda have to admit that Dennis Kucinich is one of the last of the old school Democrats that you’d be lucky to find anywhere who’s still breathing.  He was one of those who actually wanted to focus on policies to help the working and middle-class Americans as opposed to the identity politics that controls the party now.  He’s also the last of the true liberals while today’s Democrats are little more than leftist totalitarians.  There’s a huge difference between them.  I rarely, if ever, agreed with Kucinich on policy, but he was someone who would engage in debate without resorting to the usual personal ad hominem attacks that the typical Democrat employs once they’ve been beaten in a debate.

But I gotta be honest here, given the current state of the Democrat party, I sincerely hope that they DON’T pay any attention to what is really some pretty sound advice. The party, as it is presently constructed, has become an anti-American, anti-freedom and anti-liberty ‘political’ party and it now simply needs to die if for no other reason than for the good of our country.  We have a surreal moment when Dennis Kucinich is actually and practically a voice of reason.  People are being forced to pick sides like never before.  And while it may seem interesting to watch for some, I find it all to be more than a bit unsettling.  This isn’t how civilized people are supposed to act, especially Americans.

It’s like old money versus new money, some of the old guard had at least some semblance of common decency.  Sure they were liberal and a bit woolly-minded but they were ostensibly “fair”, where the new left is an entity that feeds only on hatred and turmoil.  Their aim is conquer with stealth and rule with subterfuge.  Dennis Kucinich and Joe Liebermann were the last two actual Democrats I can recall who were people who had substantial policy differences with Republicans about how to better help the American people.  Where Kucinich went wrong was in presidential politics: he gave up his working class Cleveland roots and became the darling of Hollywood.  That’ll screw up anybody and every time.

Let’s face it, the Democrats are on the impeachment bandwagon because they no longer have the ear of the American people when it comes to possessing any kind of a real agenda.  You know, one that would involve jobs and improving the standard of living for the average American.  Mr. Kucinich is quite right, the Democrat Party will probably soon cease to exist and from its ashes will rise a new Socialist Party supported by the poor and the terminally ignorant.  I suppose one could argue that while that process has been underway for quite some time, it was accelerated, and rather significantly, during the reign of ex-president Obummer.  The Democrat Party as it has long existed…is really already DEAD.

And ya know when I say Kucinich is a good man I’m referencing the man’s character not his political philosophy or ideology.  And it is that regard that he is now little more than a relic, much like Jim Webb, of what the Democrat Party once was and stood for.  And it’s rather ironic when you consider the Democrat’s triumph of 2008 is what directly lead to their current morass.  They were cocky and so sure that they had finally achieved their greatest goal – the transformation of America – that they willingly threw away their ‘Blue Dogs’ and their remaining moderates when they were forced by their progressive leadership, and with no excuse tolerated, to vote for the abomination they proudly called Obamacare.

And look, we’ve been watching the Democrat Party as it has gone about destroying the Black community, the Hispanic community, the ‘blue collar’ community and the farming community for what seems like decades.  And now, apparently, we’re getting to watch as the Democrats destroy themselves.  But I don’t think we’ll have much to celebrate as the Democrat Party goes up in smoke.  Because the party is already well on its way to being taken over by radicals of the far left, and worse.  And what are the odds of these proud leftists choosing to act like patriotic Americans?  All we can do is hope we’ve quarantined this brain disease once and for all and attempt to heal as many Americans as we can before it’s too late.

I mean look at what the modern day Democrat Party has come to stand for.  They support men being able to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms (and vice versa), urinating in public, forcing Christians to participate in gay weddings, tearing down every monument with any Christian symbolism, making sure the border remains as open as possible to allow even terrorists to walk right through, abortion all the way up through nine months, and the list goes on to include so much more.  And while accusing them of being leftists may be a bit less than accurate, it’s the best thing I could come up with.  And how is it that any rational, freedom loving, individual could bring themselves to support such a party?  It’s absolutely mindboggling.

It’s at this point in time that I have no doubt whatsoever that the fate of America now lies very firmly in the hands of her people, those who identify themselves as being proud Americans.  And that how it is that this country will be going forward from here will all come down to the next two elections and depend entirely on how things turn out in what could very well be our last elections.  At least the last ones with any true meaning or purpose.  And after all the antics that we have been forced to witness from those in the Democrat Party how is it that anyone who genuinely loves this country could ever be so reckless as to vote for even a single Democrat.  These are perilous times that require us to be both focused and determined.


  1. “Democrat Party as it has gone about destroying the Black community, the Hispanic community, the ‘blue collar’ community and the farming community” what were you speaking of here specifically?


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