So the presidential election was held last November 8, and here we are rapidly approaching the 4th of July weekend and still we’re hearing excuses as to why she who was supposed to have won the election quite handily, actually ended up losing.  And it’s just when you thought you had heard every conceivable excuse imaginable, that one of the geniuses over at MS’LSD’ has come up with one that you would never have come up with on your own.  At least, speaking for myself, it’s never one that would have popped into my head, ever.  It was one of the ‘contributors’ at MS’LSD’, some loon by the name of Wendy Sherman, who said she believes that Hitlery may have lost the election because it was simply too hard for America to elect the first female president directly after electing the first black president.  But then being a vile, filthy, disgusting, lying, cheating, racist, rape enabling criminal married to a habitual rapist probably didn’t help her all that much either.

Sherman was on a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival discussing modern political technology when she segued into the bizarre comment.  She said, “President Obama’s major mode of communication was the traditional one.”  And then she went on to say, “Big speeches, some of which were powerful and brilliant.”  She added, “And I hesitate to say, but I think it’s critical, looking out at our audience, looking out at most of us — that there is no doubt that we just had eight years of an African American president is not a factor in all that we are experiencing today.”  And she said, “When we make social change, when we make a decision to do something we have never done before, we then take two steps backward, at least. And I believe in my bones…that it was pretty hard to elect a woman after we elected the first African America president.”  Wow, that’s quite a theory she’s come up with.  Have you ever noticed how it’s the left that’s so preoccupied with gender and race?

And of course it’s those who are Hitlery’s more devoted followers who continue to make the claim that the Benghazi, email server, and Seth Rich ‘scandals’ were long ago thoroughly debunked.  And while maybe that’s the case for folks like Ms. Sherman, the truth is that none of those issues have been debunked.  They are, especially Seth Rich, still very much under investigation, including Benghazi!  Look, Hitlery lost because she had too many negatives, no positives, no solutions and no ideas.  These sad people simply refuse to admit that they had the worst possible candidate in modern electoral history.  If they had run almost anyone else they likely would have won.  It wasn’t the Russians or the deplorables, it was Hitlery.  She had no message, she is a lying crook with all the charisma of a USMC DI.  She allowed the consulate in Benghazi to be overrun and watched as four Americans, including our ambassador, died and yet she thought we still trusted her.

The Left in America simply can’t help themselves when it comes to identity politics. They refuse to look at results.  They refuse to see that Obummer oversaw a huge rise in Food Stamp participation, a doubling of our national debt, the lowest labor participation rate in over 40 years, wages that didn’t rise during his eight years, triple digit percentage increases in insurance premiums and deductibles, an open border policy that cost American lives, kow-towing to Moslem terrorists, apologizing for American exceptionalism, prioritizing non-citizens over citizens especially veterans and on and on.  The Left refuses to look at Obummer results and see failure so instead they have to blame race.  What many voters saw and understood was that Hitlery had every intention of continuing the failed policies that Obummer had put in place.  Her most important job, had she been elected, would be to put that final nail in the coffin of our Constitutional Republic.  Thankfully, she lost.

But I must admit that in one sense Ms. Sherman could be onto something.  A great many Americans did not like ex-president Obummer, but it wasn’t because of his race, it was because of his rabid ideology and the fact that he was blatantly anti-America, which he made quite clear even before he was elected by stating that if elected his intent was to “fundamentally transform” America.  And it was after watching Barry achieve some level of success in doing just that, that people chose to vote for President Trump.  And they did so not because of Hitlery’s gender or Barry’s race, what it came down to is the fact that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between how both Hitlery and Barry viewed America.  Over the years it has become painfully obvious that neither are all that fond of America, at least as how it was conceived by ‘The Founders’.  So in a sense the electing of Barry may very well have had an adverse impact on the willingness of Americans to elect Hitlery.

And on a final note, I have long wished that those on our side, the Republican side, would play the political game a bit more like the Democrats play it.  And now that we have someone who does it’s become very apparent that the Democrats, their many minions in the state-controlled media, as well as more than a few of our wimpy RINOs, can’t quite handle it.  After all, they’re much more accustomed to watching our Republicans behave rather meekly as they simply sit there and take whatever it is that’s hurled at them with little or no response.  But now the Democrats find themselves in the position of being confronted by someone who does not just sit there and take it, he fights back.  And they don’t seem to be the least bit happy about it!  So as the president continues to fight back, we get to watch, with some level of enjoyment, as he continues to make liberal heads explode.  This is why many voted for him and why many will always support him.


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