Sheen 2

Ya know, the more they come, the crazier they sound.  If it’s not Bobby De Niro, then it’s Rob ‘Meathead Reiner, and if it’s not either one of them it’s any of a number of others on what has now become a rather impressively long list of flaming kooks.  And I continue to find it quite amazing that any of these loons actually think that the American people are waiting with baited breath to hear what they might have to say.  But when you stop and consider the fact that very few of these losers were intelligent enough to have successfully navigated through 13 years of public education, you have to wonder what it is that makes them think that average Americans would ever give a rat’s behind when it comes to what they think regarding the truly important issues of the day.

Anyway, this time around it was Marty Sheen who ripped President Donald Trump just this week in a fundraising email sent on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  And it was in this email, entitled “Disgusted,” that Marty says his portrayal of President Josiah Bartlet on the NBC political drama ‘The West Wing’ taught him how Washington D.C. should be governed.  He can’t be serious, can he?  Yes, he is definitely serious.  So we’re now supposed to view his time playing a president on some kooky little television show as giving him some level of credibility when it comes to all that’s involved in actually ‘being’ president?  Talk about delusional.  This boob is yet another guy who appears to be more than ready for a rubber room.

Marty says in the email, “My time playing the president on The West Wing taught me what Washington should be like.”  And then he goes on to say, “And right now, with the Republicans in control, it’s far from what we, as Americans, deserve.”  Marty also slammed congressional Republicans for “kowtowing to their rich special interests,” while asking voters to contribute between $1 and $250 to congressional Democrats.  And he said that he’s “most disgusted by the Republican effort to gut health care and social programs for Americans in need.”  The Marty-featured fundraising email comes as the national Democrat Party posted its worst May of fundraising since 2003, raising just $4.29 million.

So I’m guessing we can apply Marty’s logic to the characters other actors have played, such as his time playing Captain Kirk on ‘Star Trek’ taught William Shatner what running a starship would be like or Lou Ferrigno playing ‘The Incredible Hulk’ taught him what it would like to be a muscle-bound, gamma-ray mutated superhero–but, only when he’s angry, and his role in the ‘Terminator’ really taught Arnold Schwarzenegger what it would like to be a cyborg killing machine from the future.  Oh, and Johnny Depp really knows how a pirate ship should be run, due to his recurring role as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’.  Seriously, folks, how disconnected from reality can one get?  This guy seems a bit demented, an affliction that seems all too common in Hollyweird these days.

But look, we shouldn’t be surprise as this is hardly the first time that old Marty has seen fit to go after Trump.  During the presidential campaign, Marty said then-candidate Trump was “an empty-headed moron” that had “absolutely nothing to offer” American voters and had “no chance” at winning the White House in November.  Marty also appeared in an anti-Trump campaign ad after the election that sought to get members of the Electoral College to switch their votes to former Democrat candidate Hitlery.  Marty and his many friends there in Hollyweird continually demonstrate their ignorance and yet at the same time seem to be undeterred by it as they go out and about trying to convince us that they are worthy of being listened to.

But here’s the problem, these clowns act in movies mimicking reality but they can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not.  Remember when Jessica Lange spoke at Farm Aid so many decades ago and thought she spoke with authority because she had played a farmer’s wife in some movie?   So reading a script that someone else wrote while pretending to be the president somehow makes Marty qualified to know all that’s involved in actually ‘being’ the Presidency.  So why hasn’t he ever had his Hollyweird friends bankroll his own run for the presidency?  Here’s something to think about. His little video about the Electoral College reveals one of two things: either he and his celebrity friends are too stupid to know how it works, or they thought we were.

And are we also to assume then that the only intelligence, knowledge and experience an actor has comes solely by pretending to be someone that he, or she, is not?  Marty is just an actor, a fake person, a fraud. He has no importance, certainly no more than anyone else there.  He proves that the Democrat Party tends to attract the least intelligent people, which, I believe, they do on purpose. They know there’s more dimwitted people than there are intelligent people.  People like Marty pretend to care about social issues in their effort to avoid being called mean or uncaring.  They don’t go out of their way to find the truth.  Just look at Marty.  He thinks he knows how to be a president by playing one on television.  If you think that’s nuts, you can’t really be a Democrat.

But why would anyone care what Marty thinks?  Is he an expert in economics, health care, or diplomacy?  Is he an expert at anything at all?   He’s a has-been who has never shown a large degree of intelligence or experience in world affairs.  If he wants to advise on acting or even directing I am sure many would pay attention.  I guess it’s nice to know that he is still alive and somewhat coherent, but he’s not really an influential kind of presence.  He’s just another third rate “has been” trying to suck out 15 more minutes of fame before sinking into nothingness.  It would seem that all of the “has-bee” leftists are now crawling out of the woodwork, hoping to be relevant one last time.  You can tell Marty’s type of “leadership” by how he raised his worthless son, Charlie.  But I digress.

And really Marty, you can be disgusted all you want. The fact is that Trump is our president and not merely playing one on television!  And who are you again?  Oh that’s right, nothing more than a disgruntled old fart who has to read from a teleprompter and who struts around as if he’s still relevant.  While you were busy being a wealthy elitist progressive, America was busy electing Trump.  Your ideology isn’t working and is badly in need of a new piper.  The disturbing thing is, that there are actually people walking around who are stupid enough for fall for the crap spewed by Marty and his Hollyweird friends.  Are these people stupid enough to believe that what happens on a television, or in the movies, is how the real world should be?  I’m afraid they are.



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