reiner 2

We’ve all known for quite some time now that Rob “Meathead” Reiner has been playing with far less than a full deck.  But it would seem with the election of Donald Trump as president old Meathead’s mental state has taken a rather serious, and somewhat drastic, turn for the worse.  His mental status which has been rather questionable for decades may have finally deteriorated to the point where he has become much more than merely a danger to himself.  Because he is now calling for an “all out war” against President Donald Trump, his supporters as well as Fox News.

Meathead has frequently used Twitter as his outlet choice to promote unsubstantiated Democrat claims that President Trump has somehow committed crimes.  And he did so again this past Sunday for the purpose of accusing Trump of treasonous “colluding with the enemy” – and Fox News of covering it up.  Now keep in mind there has yet to be any proof of said collusion but that seemed to matter very little to old Meathead.  He Tweeted, “When Fox says that DT colluding with the enemy is not a crime, the fight to save Democracy is now an all out war. US-Stay strong. #Treason”

And it should come as no surprise that just a short time later old Meathead found himself on the receiving end of some rather serious blowback by other social media users, as he was slammed by several social media users suggesting that the actor’s tweet was just the latest violence-inducing screed on a very long list of many that have aimed at President Trump from those on the outer fringes of leftwing kookdom.  Meathead has long resisted President Trump.  Last May, he called then-candidate Trump “insane” and said a lot of his supporters are “racist.”

And it was just weeks after President Trump was sworn in as president that Meathead called President Trump’s White House “a cancerous presidency that we cannot allow to spread.”  And it was during an appearance on MS’LSD’ back in February that he said, “What’s interesting here is that we really have a test, and we are being tested as to whether or not our democracy is going to survive.”  And he went on to say, “We have somebody who’s mentally unstable, who is a pathological liar. There’s no getting around that, who’s running our country.”

And then on June 15th, the day after a rabid Bernie supporter attacked Republicans at a Virginia baseball field leaving Rep. Steve Scalise in critical condition, Meathead pounced on the opportunity to turn attention away from the shooting to Democrats’ investigation of Trump’s unproven ties to Russia.  It was then that he Tweeted, “The tragedy in Virginia has brought us together. Now we must come together over Russia’s attack on our democracy. POTUS, stop obstructing!”  In addition to accusing Trump of treason and obstruction, he again attacked Trump’s supporters by labeling them as racists.

Meathead needs to try a little harder to keep his over-inflated Hollyweird ego in check!  And does he really think that anyone pays any attention to his never-ending stream of mind-numbing leftist drivel?  Look, if there is one profession that contributes absolutely nothing to society, it’s that of being an entertainer of nearly any sort.  And the fact that the majority of these people are uneducated, with most having never even graduating from high school, you have to wonder what makes them feel able to tell the rest of us how it is that we must live out our lives.

Personally I’m done spending so much as a dime of my hard earned money to see a movie, in fact I can’t remember the last time I found myself inside of a movie theater.  I find that the rate of return on my investment in the form of how much I am now asked to cough up for the price of a ticket, plus munchies, makes the entire experience less than cost effective.  I made the decision a long time ago to boycott movies entirely when Hollyweird liberals started sticking their noses into my business uninvited and making all manner of idiotic political statements.

So how about we declare war on “Meathead”?  You know, spread a little unsubstantiated rumor here, a little innuendo there.  And while I don’t know if he’s a pervert, a drug addict or if he’s someone with a fondness for using the ladies’ room, what’s the harm in spreading a few rumors.  I heard it from a source that I deem reliable so that’s good enough for me.  I’ve also heard he beats women and enjoys exposing himself.  And since we haven’t seen his tax returns that might be because he’s hiding proceeds from smuggling drugs.  All’s fair in war, right “Meathead”?

Meathead and his fellow Hollyweird elitists should be banned from the public square forever.  And what exactly qualifies any of them to utter any opinion on those topics that they know absolutely nothing about?  Alas, free speech brings in this sort of nonsense.  And while we must tolerate it, we can respond to their elitist and subversive lectures by staying away from their work and avoiding their sponsors in the free marketplace.  These idiots alienate at least half of their potential “customers” when they go off script and are too stupid to understand that.


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