It was just this past Sunday in a little sit down with George “Stephy” Stephanopoulos that Chuckie Schumer announced that the Democrats are busy crafting a “strong, bold” economic message that will “resonate” with middle-class Americans.  Although I must admit that I’m a little curious about what it could possibly be that the Democrats could come up with that would actually foster economic growth.  Everything they came up with during Barry’s tenure did nothing more than to cause the economy to shrink and encourage folks not to bother even looking for work.  And isn’t the Democrat philosophy that people shouldn’t have to work if they don’t want to?   Which makes them, by the way, much more susceptible to becoming addicted to government handouts.

Because I gotta tell you unless the Democrats are talking about something other than their usual job killing, more government control kind of ideas, then I very much doubt they’ll be able to convince anyone other than their hardcore ignorant supporters that it’s anything other than more of the same.  Let’s face it, Democrats support the fictional apocalypse of ‘climate change’ and are therefore willing to put coal and petroleum workers out of a job.  Democrats are for open borders and for allowing millions of illegal immigrants and ‘refugees’ to flood into our country, people who end up taking jobs from American citizens who want to work.  Does anyone seriously think that any of what Chuckie is talking about will involve the changing of these positions?

Chuckie said, “We better stand for something, and it can’t be baby steps.” He said the “number one lesson” from the Democrats’ loss in Georgia last week is that “Democrats need a strong, bold, sharp-edged, and common-sense economic agenda, policy, platform, message” that appeals to the middle class and unites Democrats.  Chuckie said, “That’s what I’ve been working on for months.”  He claimed that he’s been talking to Democrats and Trump voters all across the country – even a self-described “deplorable.”  And added, “I was at a Yankees game last Saturday night, and I sat next to someone–you know, just because that’s how the seats were, we sit in the grandstand–wearing an ‘I’m proud to be a deplorable voter,’ a truck driver.

Chuckie said, “This economic message platform is going to resonate. It’s what we were missing and it’s not going to be baby steps; it’s going to bold. We’re coming out with it this summer, within a month.” And he then went on to say, “You will see it, and Democrats will try to pass it legislatively for a year and campaign on it in 2018. It’s what we were missing in 2016 and in the past. We’re going to — we know that. But you lose an election, you don’t blame other people, you blame yourself.”  Sounds like maybe Chuckie has finally gotten a little dose of reality.  And asked about calls for Nancy Pelosi to step aside, Chuckie said, “They always blame the leader” when elections disappoint.  In other words, the time is not yet right for him to throw her under the bus.

Chuckie said, “I think if we come up with this strong, bold economic package, it will — it will change things around. That’s what we were missing. People don’t like Trump; he’s at 40 percent. But they say what the heck do the Democrats stand for?”  He said Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) has a point when he says Democrats need to rebrand themselves.  He said, “We better stand for something, and it can’t be baby steps.”  He said the new Democrat agenda will please Democrats: “I’m talking to Bernie Sanders, I’m talking to Joe Manchin. This is going to be really something that Democrats can be proud of, and I’m excited about it.”  If it pleases Democrats it can’t be good for the rest of us.  And Chuckie should be careful if he thinks he can simply count on the fact that people don’t like Trump.

So Chuckie says “you don’t blame other people” when you lose an election.  But isn’t that exactly what the Democrats have been doing for the last eight months, blaming everybody but their own lousy candidate?  The same candidate for whom they went so far as to rig the system to ensure she became their candidate?  And then they have the nerve to have been crying foul for eight months?  In fact, they’re still busy blaming everyone but themselves!  Personally I’m of the opinion that this is really nothing more than Democrat smoke and mirrors.  And when Chuckie finally reveals his big and bold plan it will likely be nothing more than the same old leftwing garbage that we have all become quite accustomed to hearing from those on the left.   A leopard never changes its spots.

America barely made it through what the Democrat Party stood for during the last 8 years.  And it was to be Hitlery’s task, had she won, to put the final nail in the coffin of America’s Constitutional Republic, a coffin that had been meticulously crafted by Barry Obummer.  And now Chuckie is wanting to throw up another smokescreen in an effort to fool the American people into believing that the Democrat Party truly does have their best interests at heart and wants only what they want.  And by the way, the problem is not the Democrats standing for something.  The problem is that more and more people are figuring out what they actually stand for, is standing in the way.  The Democrats don’t have a message problem, they have in ideology problem.

They are currently engaged in an effort to repackage their corrupt anti-America ideology in such a way as to pull the wool back over the eyes of enough white post Christian people (primarily women) to enable their identity group coalition to win 51% of the vote in a majority of congressional districts.  If they succeed in their sleight of hand, they will immediately pursue their anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-male campaign with a renewed vengeance.  But the Democrats are essentially screwed.  They let the “hate genie” out of the box and now it’s consuming them.  Chuckie is no more a leader than is Nancy Pelosi, and neither has done a thing in an effort to moderate all of the hate mongering.  And it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of haters.

Look, the ONLY thing that will result in the Democrats being able to regain control of either the House or the Senate, or both, will be continued failure on the part of our incompetent Republican leadership to get things done.  The Republicans now control their destiny to the point where their fate now lies in their own hands.  And it really doesn’t matter what Chuckie and his cadre of anti-America Democrats come up with, the future of the Democrat Party, whether Chuckie wants to admit it or not, is also inexorably tied to whatever the Republicans do, or don’t do, over the course of the next 12 months.  If the Republicans can unite behind the president and make significant progress on repealing Obamacare, tax reform and construction of ‘The Wall’, the Democrats will be toast.


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