Oh to be President Trump, forced to contend with those, on both sides of the aisle, whose only mission in life seems to be, to malign, undermine, discredit, sabotage and delegitimize his presidency at every opportunity.  The latest leftwing boob to crawl out from under his rock is none other than the less than stellar Leon ‘Pin Head’ Panetta.  Panetta made a recent appearance on the ‘Crappy News Network’ (CNN) for what seemed to be the specific purpose of voicing his displeasure regarding our current president.  It was on the “Situation Room” that old Leon was asked about the political fight over the Republican health care bill and he responded by referring to the Donald Trump presidency as “dysfunctional.”

Panetta said, “This is a moment when, you know, you wonder why there are angry and frustrated people in this country who look to Washington and see very little getting done.  And, you know, we have—there’s no question we have a dysfunctional Congress. I think to some extent we have a dysfunctional presidency as well at this moment in time. And I think everything, everything that can be done to try to put pressure on both Republicans and Democrats to work together to try to resolve these key issues, particularly on health care, is something that ought to be done now.”  What is first and foremost as far as the Democrats are concerned is to delegitimize, to the greatest extent possible, the presidency of Donald Trump!

Panetta went on to say, “I know the Democrats have to fight the Republicans.”  And he added, “I know the Republicans are doing their thing to try to keep this within the party. But I really think that both parties need to look at the larger picture here, which is that literally, the United States of America will be affected by what they do, and they can’t do this in secret, and they can’t do this simply by fighting each other over these kinds of issues. They have to learn to work together to do what is right for our country.”  Look, for the last seven months the Democrats have exhibited zero interest in doing anything other than that which would be perceived as being what’s in the best interest of their party, and screw the country.

I’m thinking, Leon, that under the circumstances the Trump presidency is functioning just fine.  What’s dysfunctional is our cadre of congressional RINO’S and your scumbag Democrats aided by their many willing accomplices in the media who can’t maintain even an pretense of objectivity long enough to stop lying about President Trump and report on those things he has actually accomplished.  The president has signed 37 bills into law and yet we have those in Congress working to thwart the will of the people by creating an atmosphere of hate so vile that it inspired one lunatic to go on a shooting rampage targeting conservative Republicans.  And while Congressman Scalise remains in serious condition, Democrats continue to ratchet up their hate.

One thing the Democrats have accomplished, especially with all this Russia nonsense, is to reveal themselves as the traitors they truly are.  Courtesy of their endless ranting and raving as well as their decision to actively obstruct anything and everything that is being done to save our Republic they have demonstrated time and again what their true objective is.  And we have this guy who is arguably one of the worst secretaries of defense of all time and someone who was less than stellar during his tenure at the CIA.  How he got those jobs attests to the fact that the Republicans and Democrats are essentially one party. Proof of that is the fact that this incompetent boob received a 100-0 confirmation vote for Secretary of Defense.

This guy’s time as Secretary of Defense can be summed up in just one word, Benghazi.  Because it was during the Benghazi terrorist attack that this useless piece of dog squeeze refused to lift a finger to try to help our guys who were under attack for over 13 hours.  This guy not only did nothing to help them, but (as we found out later) he sat there with Obummer and watched events unfold in real time on video coming from drone flying overhead.  Four of our guys, including our ambassador, are now dead because Panetta, Hitlery and Obummer did absolutely NOTHING to help them!  These men were seen as expendable because of the approaching election.  And this incompetent dope thinks that President Trump is “dysfunctional”?

But I am a little curious about how it is that Mr. Panetta would describe the presidency of Obummer.  Because a more scandal-ridden administration we have never had, at least in my lifetime, than that of Obummer.  He made Richard Nixon look like a novice in the world of political corruption.  And Leon was a proud member of the team.  The one saving grace that Obummer had going for him was the fact that he was a Democrat and, of course, the fact that he happened to be black didn’t hurt either. It was that that allowed him to come into office with what was the ideal get out of jail free card.  Obummer could essentially do no wrong.  To accuse him of any wrong doing was to risk being called a racist.

Panetta thinks both parties should look at the “larger picture” and try to work together to do what is right for the country.  Now you would think that Panetta would be aware of how it is that his Democrat Party has evolved from being a political party that had differing ideas on how to reach the same goal into what is today, which is nothing more than a gang of self-serving criminals who have nearly destroyed this nation and remain determined to do just that.  How, Mr. Panetta, do you expect any rational person to work with a party that seeks to destroy our Constitution, to violate our laws and is filled with empty headed liberal idiots who have absolute no interest in facts and who refuse to accept the fact that they lost the last election.


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