Warren 4

When it comes to liberal women, and their penchant for being nasty, I can only say that if the shoe fits ladies, then wear it and wear it proudly.  And apparently if one loudmouth liberal is correct, when it comes to the antics of these nasty liberal ‘females’, we ain’t seen nothing yet.  You see, it was just this past Friday that Elizabeth Warren, senior senator from Massachusetts, that bastion of leftwing lunacy, appeared on an empty New York stage and read excerpts from her latest book, “This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class.”  And it was while doing so that she could hardly contain her excitement while reading what sounded like a warning for President Donald Trump.  And it was in reading some of her favorite anti-Trump signs from the nationally-coordinated Women’s March in Boston, Massachusetts, that she said, “And only one more because I have to discipline myself on this. This is a good sign: ‘Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet.’”

The phrase “nasty woman,” quickly became a slogan after Trump uttered the phrase during the final presidential debate following Hitlery’s remark that she would raise taxes on the rich in order to pay for the nation’s mounting debt.  It was at the time that Hitlery said, “My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s, assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.”  It was then that then candidate Trump moved into his microphone and said in response, “such a nasty woman.”  Warren was speaking at The Town Hall, a New York City-based performance space Friday evening where those in attendance chose to watch Warren read portions from her book and answer questions, instead of attending a rendition of Julius Caesar in which President Trump is killed off.   Another one of her favorite signs was, “women’s rights are not up for grabs.”  Yet, apparently the rights of those who disagree this kind of tripe are most certainly up for grabs!

And it is also in a video that Warren can be seen saying, “What Donald Trump and the Republican majority in the House and the Senate want to do to us, is they want to deliver the knockout blow to the middle class.”  The far-left senator went on to say, “The character of a nation is not the character of its president. The character of a nation is the character of its people.”  Warren read a paragraph from her book that documented her emotion from the Women’s March in the state she represents. She said, “As I marched in Boston with tens of thousands of others that day, I had no illusions. I knew it would be a hard fight. I knew there would be dark moments. But I knew that we had tens of millions of people with us, and this fight would be our fight.”  Warren, who has said she won’t run for president in 2020, recently said she hopes Republicans would “leave their bodies to science” because she “would like to cut them open.”  It would appear she’s quite demented.

For those who may be unaware of just how disgusting and, yes, truly nasty, Ms. Warren is, it was during a debate back in 2010 about proposals about how to fix the financial system that Warren said if a bill for “a stronger consumer agency” was not a possibility, she would choose “no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.”  And then it was one year later, in an interview with MS‘LSD’s Rachel Maddow that Warren said, “And I have thrown rocks at people that I think are in the wrong.”  And she went on to add, “I’ve done it before, I’ve continued to do it, and I’m going to do it in the future.”  President Trump may not have seen “NASTY” but there is very little doubt that long-suffering Mr. Warren most certainly has!  The Democrat Party has always been rather toxic in how they went after the opposition, but since Obummer, civility seems to have all but died as Democrats have become much more violent and incendiary in the language they use.

Apparently Warren seems not to remember that despite his not getting the ‘nasty’ woman vote, President Trump was quite successful in his bid to win the ‘non-nasty’ woman vote.  Or maybe, that’s where the Russians come in, who knows.  And you know, it’s whenever I hear Warren speak that my first reaction is to reach for the remote so I can hit the mute button because her voice reminds me of fingernails scraping across a chalkboard.  But seriously, I think it’s safe to argue that Warren is trying to do little more that to remain relevant.  Because while I haven’t seen any polls recently, it was not too long ago that she was in a pretty tight race in trying to win re-election.  Maybe she thinks such a tone allows her to better attract the many leftwing kooks who reside in her state, of which there are many.  And I’m quite sure that should she win re-election it will only serve to encourage her to ratchet up her hateful and disgusting rhetoric even further.

I’ve always thought that the title of her book, “The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class”, was more than a little dishonest.  Because the policies that she espouses, as well as every other member of her party, would result in nothing more than to have those in the middle class being ground into the dirt as their hard work and taxes are used to support every bone idle over-breeding Hispanic, black and Moslem who happens along.  With the only possible result being that the society that the middle class wants and works for, will slowly dissolve into third world chaos.  People like Warren need to be locked up not only for their own good, but for the good of our country.  The Left and the Democrat Party is becoming the “New ISIS” in America by creating hate and terror using violence and verbal attacks on free speech, assaulting marriage, “inciting” shootings of the party in power and threatening to overthrow the sitting, legally elected, President every single day.

And am I the only one who finds it all just a bit curious that while your average American citizen can be arrested and thrown into jail for being an “accomplice” to a shooting and/or murder, those in politics, as well as in the state-controlled media, are never held to the same standard.  And in politics we know that if you’re a Democrat you can, quite literally, even get away with murder.  And I would also argue that it is any one of those in the Democrat Party or in the state-controlled media who have constantly been preaching their nonstop hate-filled screed can be said to be just as guilty of “pulling” the trigger on the rifle used to shoot the Republicans at this baseball field as the shooter himself.  And what Warren was doing during her toxic little standup routine was nothing less than to “incite” violence and is actually encouraging her mentally unbalanced followers to go out and commit crimes against the sitting president of the United States.

There was a time when an elected official would have been “censured” by Congress with there being a recommendation for that official to tone down the rhetoric regarding a sitting President. Democrats are now represent the primary danger to the American way of life.  People like Warren scare me.  Because in looking back to where it is that she came from it doesn’t take much time, or effort, to find how mentally warped as well as morally bankrupt Warren really is, not to mention the corruption thrown into the mix.  And yet she is a prominent leader and voice on the Left.  If that isn’t disturbing enough there is also quite the laundry list of prominent Democrats that are just as bad, if not worse. And to make it even more disturbing is the fact that a good portion of the American people continue to believe in this crap.  God help us if the Democrats are ever successful in their attempt to regain control of our government.  That will truly be a very dark day for ALL Americans.


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