Democrats 54

What a difference 24 hours can make, especially in the wild, wacky, and rather weird, world of politics where on one day Democrats can seem to be almost human and then on the very day they’re back to being their very typically inhuman selves.  And the reason I bring this up is because it was on this past Wednesday that we saw Nancy Pelosi standing there before her fellow congressmen and deliver a message of unity in the wake of the assassination attempt on Rep. Steve Scalise and other GOP members on that very same morning.  But never fear because it was on the very next day that the Nancy we have all come to know and despise returned to her usual self as she blamed Republicans for creating the stark divisions in the country.  When Pelosi was asked during her press conference on Thursday if both the Left and the Right share mutual responsibility in the divisive rhetoric plaguing the United States, she was quick to respond.  She said, “It didn’t use to be this way. Somewhere in the ‘90s, Republicans decided on a politics of personal destruction as they went after the Clintons and that is the provenance of it. And that’s what has continued.”

It was on Wednesday after Speaker Paul Ryan gave an emotional address before Congress shortly after the shooting that Pelosi, as the esteemed leader of the minority, rose to say, “To my colleagues, you’re going to hear me say something you’ve never heard me say before, I identify myself with the remarks of the speaker.”  She praised unity over diversity saying, “Again, we are not one caucus or the other in this House today, but we speak for each other in saying that we send our thoughts and prayers to our colleague, Steve Scalise.”  Pelosi added, “We will use this occasion as one that brings us together and not [one that] separates us further.”  Now you have to wonder what those present might have been thinking as they listened to old Nancy talking about unity over diversity.  They likely thought that she must have missed the morning dose of her medication.  Either that or I’m sure they must have thought they were trapped in some old episode of the ‘Twilight Zone’ and were waiting for Rod Serling to make his appearance.  As they say truth is often stranger than fiction.  And Pelosi is certainly living proof of that.

But never fear Pelosi ended her ever so brief flirtation with bipartisanship on Thursday when she told her weekly press briefing that Republican concerns about left-wing rhetoric leading to violence were “sanctimonious.”  Pelosi was responding to questions from reporters about criticisms from conservatives about left-wing rhetoric in the aftermath of Wednesday’s shooting at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, in which four were wounded. The gunman had expressed strident political views common in the left-wing media on his social media accounts.  She said, “If the president says, ‘I can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and nobody would care,’ when you have somebody say, ‘Beat them up and I’ll pay their legal fees,’ when you have all the assaults that are made on Hillary Clinton.”  She went on to say, “For them to be so sanctimonious is something that I really am almost sad that I had to go down this path with you because I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to have the fullest discussion of it.”  Now of course Pelosi did not bother to provide the context in which Trump made those comments.

Because if you’ll recall then candidate Trump’s remark about “shoot[ing] somebody on Fifth Avenue” was simply a reflection on his own popularity, and was not directed at political opponents.  His “beat them up” comment referred to anti-Trump protesters who deliberately initiated violence at Trump rallies.  And there is no evidence at all of any “assaults” on Hitlery.  Pelosi also claimed that the decline of political rhetoric in the U.S. began in the 1990s, with the Republican-led impeachment of ex-president ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton for perjury after he lied during a legal deposition in a sexual harassment lawsuit.  Pelosi said, “Somewhere in the 1990s, Republicans decided on the politics of personal destruction as they went after the Clintons and that is the provenance of it.”  The truth of the matter is, the politics of personal destruction was begun and perfected by the Left, thanks to the influence of master strategist Saul Alinsky. That has been their modus operandi for decades. Not that she is able to remember that far back. She can’t even remember who the current president is.  But Pelosi is up to something else; doing what Democrats do best: playing the victim.

Also on Thursday Pelosi expressed outrage at her Republican colleagues for implying that Wednesday’s shooting could make for good campaign ads in 2018.  It was also at her weekly press briefing that she said, “I think the comments made by my Republican colleagues is outrageous.”  She said Republicans acting as if they are not contributors to the problem is ridiculous.  And as if trying to prove her idiotic point, Pelosi went on to describe one person who had once threatened her and was later put in jail, saying his behavior toward her was from watching Fox News.  She said, “I think a lot of the vitriol and invective — I mean one of the people who went to jail for threats to me — when he was being tried, his mother said he just watches too much Fox T.V. That’s what she said.”  She added, “They may be inflamed, [but] this mom said it was Fox News.”  Right, it’s all the fault of Fox News.  Yup, the old fall back plan for the Democrats, attack the one news outlet that tends not to spew what is little more than Democrat Party propaganda.  But with the election of Trump it’s these days that even Fox News sounds more like the Clinton News Network (CNN) and MS’LSD’.

And you know, what Pelosi so conveniently leaves out of her idiotic little rant is the fact that DNC/Hitlery campaign actually PAID people to disrupt candidate Trump’s campaign speeches and deprive his audience of their right to hear his message.  They disrupted and interrupted him to the point where he could barely get out more than a few sentences at a time.  Since he was paying out of his own pocket for the venues he spoke at, who wouldn’t react as he did to such rude paid protesters.  When Trump said “I’ll pay your legal fees”, he was talking to an audience member who got “flipped off” by a protester on his way out after being ejected. What man wouldn’t react exactly as President Trump did.  What a pathetic hypocrite Pelosi is.  Pelosi, Schumer, Perez and their socialist ilk should be worried for two reasons: (1) their brightest advisors are warning about how liberal/socialist behavior is going to alienate the voters there in flyover country; and (2) they realize they have never actually talked to anyone in flyover country, so what can they say to people who they seem to despise.  All they know is that flyover country is that vast electoral wasteland that lies between New York and California.

Look, I have no trouble with people getting old and forgetful or becoming afflicted with dementia, and the like.  It happens to many of us.  But when those people hold positions of responsibility and influence in government, it becomes something else altogether, and they ought to choose to step down willingly or be removed from their position.  However, it’s in the case of Pelosi there was more than enough damage done and division involved before age or dementia ever became any kind of a factor.  Regardless of the history, she ought to be removed.  People in her condition, like Maxine Waters, really contribute nothing positive to the picture, and serve only to further divide this nation.  Considering where it is that Pelosi’s district lies it should not surprise that there are enough nutjobs to ensure she continually gets re-elected, and it’s odd that no Democrat has yet realized that she is a huge liability to them.  With their “influential positions”, their downhill agendas, their disregard for the life of the unborn and those who don’t buy into their ungodly ideas and programs, they certainly do their part in bending society farther and farther and farther away from truth and goodness.

Leftists say they can’t be fascists because they’re leftists, not right-wingers.  Rebuke: It’s their Brown Shirt street thuggish behavior and their actions that determines their fascist label, not their political paradigm.  Make no mistake about it, Fascism, which is ideological hate and violence, did not die with Hitler and Mussolini in WWII, it is alive and well and practiced to near perfection by those on the left.  The Democrat Party is the sponsor and creator of the KKK and Jim Crow.  And it is the party that voted against the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.  If not for the Republicans LBJ would have failed to get these two acts passed into law.  Add to that the Democrat acceptance of KKK member Robert Byrd into their party.  Had he been a Republican there would have been an uproar but, Democrats said nothing.  Facts are stubborn things, and history is proof that Democrats are the racist scum that is ruining this country. They show up in the ghetto every two years to stump for votes and make all these promises. The next time these people see or hear from these cowards is the next election. President Trump hit it right on the head, what has the Democrat Party done for blacks in the last fifty years?  Nothing!

Progressivism, liberalism, or whatever you want to call it has become an ideology of power. And it is as long as liberals hold power that principles simply don’t matter.  Leftists are Fascists.  Fascists are Haters.  Haters hate, that’s what they do.  It’s their fuel, that’s all they have because they are consistently wrong about absolutely everything.  And when there are those who are able to recognize just how truly wrong they are, on top of being unable to accept their electoral defeats, especially when their socialist globalist statist bureaucracy agenda is being dismantled, what is it that the fascists always do?  They act upon their inherent intolerant violent reaction instinct-brown shirted street thug terror tactics.  Look at all the violence that occurred over the course of the last eight years.  And nearly all of it had as it main perpetrators, members of the left.  From the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and everything in between, what we have witnessed is the preferred method of those on the left for ‘protesting’ perceived injustices.  The result of which is always looting, violence and the incredible destruction of private property.

The Democrats have always been full of hate, from working to keep slavery all the way to present day, nothing has really changed in the way the Democrat Party operates.  And they not only depend on the ignorance of their voters, they foster it, because it’s what allows them to continue.  They don’t ever give inspiring speeches to instill in people how it is up to them to make something of their life.  Instead they tell their followers that they’ll never be able to make it on their own, because they believe they’re too stupid.  Meanwhile conservatives say to sit back and take the easy way out by depending on the government get nowhere but dependent upon that same government.  And they say that we’re all are smart enough to make it in life, you just need to stand up and be determined and motivated to do so.  Democrats don’t care about kids or people, or about watch people genuinely succeed in life.  Because successful folks don’t ‘need’ the Democrats’ to tell them what or how to think.  Democrats want to control the people, to tell you where you can live, what you can eat and how to live your life.  What they’re selling is a modern day slavery, where the new ‘master’ would be much more powerful and far more cruel than masters of old.


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