Booker 6

Have we ever before been made to witness such a complete and utter meltdown of a political party over what is nothing more than the loss of an election?  And you have to wonder, what is it that makes the Democrats think that by exhibiting such irrational and purely outrageous behavior people will actually be encouraged to vote for Democrat candidates?  It’s just all so very bizarre.  I feel like I’m stuck in the “Twilight Zone” or in “The Outer Limits.”  And now we have Democrat Cory Booker, of New Jersey, actually accusing Attorney General Jeff Sessions of being dishonest in his testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and desperately trying to make the case that he was unfit to be attorney general.  Booker most definitely has delusions of grandeur, it’s kind of funny that this boob actually thinks he’s qualified to be president.  And you know, if I wasn’t witnessing all these strange goings on with my own two eyes, I wouldn’t believe any of it was even remotely possible in America.

It was during an appearance on MS(LSD)’s “All in With Chris Hayes” Tuesday that the not-so-bright Booker said, “He had a case of convenient amnesia … and he frankly found a very creative dodge that I think is problematic.”  And then this moron went on to say, “When witnesses refuse to testify, refuse to respond to inquiries like we saw in the House Republicans, they should be held in contempt.” Hayes brought up collusion and asked Booker if it was too far-fetched to think that Sessions was working secretly with the Russian government.  And Booker responded saying, “We have a pattern right now that is really disturbing.”  And then added, “You have people not revealing their contacts or nature of their conversations with leaders from Russia, and that’s Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, Sessions … unfortunately we did not get satisfactory answers from the attorney general.”  Booker became so wrapped up in his talking points that he began stuttering and had trouble completing a sentence.

Booker said, “I thought he should have resigned after his being caught in not being forthcoming with the truth in his confirmation hearings.”  And went on to say, “He would not tolerate that from a kid from Newark in a judicial process, this law and order guy. Uh uh uh, his testimony was not forthcoming uh and this is further proof to me that he should not be uh uh uh um the attorney general.”  Booker finished his interview with skepticism over Sessions answers to the committee.  He said, “I’m a United States senator.”  And added, “I remember my conversations with ambassadors from different countries and what I discussed. This whole thing to me is just another example of a person that should not be the attorney general.”  Sure he does, he remembers every meeting and every conversation that he’s had as a Senator.  What a joke this guy is.  Maybe those who voted for him can take him seriously, but most folks little view him as being know-nothing asshole.

And what’s funny is that Booker apparently sees himself as being the next Obummer and has made no secret that his primary goal is to rise to the top of Democrat politics.  He was, of course, not present during Holder’s ‘interviews’ and so obviously can’t be noted as a hypocrite for failing to pounce on Holder’s amnesia, yet he suffers from it himself.  It was during his rather less than impressive tenure as Mayor of Newark that he was alleged to have been involved in some rather shady dealings, in that he lost half of a generous donation from Facebook slated for public schools, he managed to line his own pockets while ensuring that his constituents suffered, and, as is usually the case with Democrat mayors, generally left his city far worse off than it was when he arrived.  Watching Booker, Harris and that other nut job Waters one can only wonder who do they think they actually represent?  The crude?  The stupid?  Certainly those with any respect for civility and lawfulness would reject all three outright.

And I think we can judge how well Sessions did by the increasing intensity of the meltdown we’re now witnessing from just about everywhere on the left.  It would seem that some level of insanity has apparently come to afflict them all!   Pretty soon their heads will spin around on their shoulders and they’ll spew green vomit.  The desperation of Democrats is now on full display.  If they can’t take Trump down with their lies than they’ll try to destroy his cabinet by any and all means possible.  If we allow them to get away with this then what happens the next time we elect a Republican president?  The truth is that Democrats have proven time and again that it is they who pose the greatest threat to “free speech”, honest as well as fair and safe elections with their third world tactics akin to their favorite dictators because supporting/voting for Republicans/Conservatives or demanding “free speech” results in property damage/destruction and serious bodily harm and even death.

And now comes word that a gunman opened fire on the Republican congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Va., wounding Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise and four others.  It was just a matter of time before those in our state-controlled media complex and the Democrat Party, courtesy of their 24/7/365 incendiary rhetoric, succeeded in whipping up enough hate in their deranged constituency to start shooting.  There has been non-stop violence committed by those on the left since before the last election, but now they have stepped it up.  And it’s the political affiliation of this shooter that should come as no surprise, it turns out he’s Bernie Sanders supporter and a big fan of MS(LSD)’s Rachel Maddow.  And while I’m quite sure that those on the left will be quick blame Trump’s ‘rhetoric’, it was never Trump’s rhetoric.  This goes straight to the Democrat obstruction and Hollyweird’s constant cry for rebellion by amplifying Obummer’s famous saying, “bring a gun to a knife fight”.

And in an effort to properly assign blame one need only to read statements made by of the likes of Loretta Lynch who, not that long ago, made a rather impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as “words of inspiration.”  The video is less than a minute long and begins by stating that people are experiencing “great fear and uncertainty,” with the unstated implication it is due to Donald Trump’s takeover of the White House.  And we have folks like those who state they are using comedy by cutting the head off of the President and others who openly state that violence is necessary to ‘Resist’ the Trump administration and the Republican agenda. Then you have folks putting on plays depicting the stabbing to Death of the President of the United States.  And why?  Because their corrupt candidate lost an election that, if we’re being honest, she really didn’t even try to win.

So it would seem that the Left now appears to be embracing the assassination of their political opposition.  After all, I guess that’s the next logical step when they can beat them at the ballot box.  There needs to be retribution for this. The left are terrorists.  Oddly, it was David Frum from The Atlantic has claimed that it’s Virginia’s lack of gun control that caused this.  Specifically the ability to “conceal carry long guns”.  Which begs the question, I guess, how do you conceal carry a long gun? (“Is that a 30-06 in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”)  Democrats call for death and violence every day. They lie to their lemmings and clapping seals to get them all ginned them up and then they dump on them.  From Hollyweird to the ‘fake media’ to the Soros paid trolls to fascists paid to assault people.  They all demand violence, to take heads, to use bricks and bash us in, to use knives, to block us, to boycott business, to get us fired from work, etc.  And now, apparently, to shoot at us.

Isn’t it amazing that during the eight years we had to put up with Obummer that we didn’t have anything on the level of violence occurring against Democrats, that we have going on today against the Republicans.  Now you have some unhinged liberal moron who shoots Republicans, practicing for a charity baseball game.  Oh no, when those in the ‘fake news’ media like Chris Mathews says, “I wonder who would be president if a drone took out Trump,” and other media/celebrities go on the record “joking” about killing the president, that won’t spark the unhinged to do something stupid.  This is what inflammatory fake news gets you.  Fake news 24/7/365 about how the Republicans and Trump are destroying America, BLM, Islamophobia and all the other social justice phobias, hands up don’t shoot, white police are hunting innocent black children and gunning them down because of racism and no other reason. On and on it goes.  Saul Alinsky would be proud of the current leftist fascist movement.


  1. I’ll tell you who they represent

    The Blacks on Welfare

    The Welfare is like a drug they are addicted to

    And the politicians like Corey Booker can do anything they want in exchange for…

    Don’t dare take away their food stamps and section 8

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