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It would seem that I now have fewer and fewer places to go in my attempt to avoid the ‘NeverTrumpers’ in my search for both useful and accurate information.  Those diehard folks who just can’t move beyond the fact that Donald Trump is now president.  Many of the websites that I once frequently visited, but these days rarely visit at all, have become as obsessed as the Democrats in their effort to undermine President Trump, and they seem to be hoping, albeit not quite as openly as the Democrats, for his impeachment.  I used to visit such sites as Newsmax nearly every day, but these days it’s not so much.  And also, where I was once a fairly regular viewer of Fox News, from the time I got home from work 6 to when I went to bed at 11, that too has tapered off considerably.  These days with Bret Baier having become someone who seems more than a little preoccupied with Trump, Martha MacCallum who seems to have taken the anti-Trump baton from Megyn Kelly, and those boobs on ‘The Five’, watching Fox has come to differ very little from watching CNN or MSNBC.  These days I’m down to watching Tucker Carlson at 8 and Hannity at 10.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to be hearing all good news, all of the time, when it comes to President Trump.  But what I do expect to hear and to read, at least when it comes to Fox and other supposedly ‘conservative’ media, is something that more closely resembles “fair and balanced” reporting.  I am well aware of the fact that there are going to be those times when the president does something or says or Tweets something, that will be called into question, and rightfully so.  But even with that being said, there are plenty of things that he has done, and that he continues to do, that should be reported on with the same level of intensity.  And that’s what seems to be missing, and what seems to be all the more noticeable on Fox.  We’re not used to seeing such totally one sided reporting coming from Fox.  And whether that might be because the network is now under new management or is because of something else, they might want to at least try to get back to their old way of doing business before folks decide that there’s simply no reason to watch anymore.  I mean if I want one-sided ‘news’ I can watch anyone.

But Fox News is far from being the only source for news and information that has had, up until recently, a more conservative slant.  Numerous websites as well as more than a few publications that in the past were reliably conservative seem to have come off the tracks, at least to some degree, when it comes to President Trump.  Which I might add, says far more about them then it does about the president.  I mean, were all of those years spent advocating for conservatism nothing more than a way of selling subscriptions?  And regarding all those websites claiming to be conservative, were they too only ‘conservative’ as a means of generating traffic to their site?  Look, I’m not going to even attempt to make the claim that President Trump is a some lifelong conservative, but what he has said he wants to do matches up fairly closely to what I, as a conservative, would like to see get done.  And it is these various publications, websites as well as many on Fox News that seem to be doing all that they can to undermine him to the greatest extent possible, making it that much more difficult for him to get those things done.

And it’s beginning to get so frustrating.  For instance, we all know there is nothing sinister going on here as far as there being some supposed involvement of Russia in the 2016 election.  And yet, because Hitlery lost an election that so many thought she had in the bag, that’s the claim and thus the American people continue to be subjected to what is little more than a temper tantrum at the expense of saving the country.  I mean, where was the outrage when Obama meddled in the Israeli election for the sole purpose of trying to bring about the defeat of Prime Minister Netanyahu?  The Democrats, as well as so many in our media, simply cannot bring themselves to admit the fact that the real reason Hitlery lost was because she was a terrible candidate, and she was the most corrupt individual to ever run.  But instead of doing a little soul searching, as a party, the Democrats somehow see it as being in their best interest, politically speaking, to pursue this ongoing Russian nonsense.  And it would seem that the majority of our so-calling conservative media is only too happy to provide them with what appears to be a growing amount of cover.

In a way I’m kinda feeling like I’ve been somewhat abandoned here.  So, after having now been left to my own devices, I will embark on a journey the purpose of which will be to keep myself informed without having to rely upon those who seem far less interested in providing me with accurate information and far more interested in providing me with what is really nothing more than propaganda all in their effort to convince me that our duly elected president is something other than what he says he is.  Trust is a very important and valuable thing, and once it has been lost is nearly impossible to regain, ever.  And I have now come to a place where I no longer believe those who I once allowed the privilege of providing me the information on which I based a great deal of my more important decisions.  Therefore I can no longer afford to trust them.  It’s become painfully obvious that their interests are not my interests.  And it would appear that they too are part of the very same swamp that we sent Donald Trump to Washington to drain.  And they are now doing everything within their power to prevent him from doing just that.


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    Considering that 7% of Fox is owned by Qatar, the tone is directed by those who want to keep their contracts renewed. The liberal twisting is due to Murdock spouses being liberal. It invites the left to suggest policy direction and format that can appear conservative but is not.


  2. PBS owe their jobs to President Trump, 50% of their guests are his supporters. I watch the full episodes on YouTube for free when I can’t catch it at 6. I agree with what you are saying. News is too often based on arguable topics. Arguable topics are different from facts, which are true (as in true or false), or can be easily checked (such as the temperature). Since I’m only looking for facts, I’m pretty bored by more than half the news. At around 20/80, PBS had the highest fact to arguable topics ratio.


  3. Yep, I could not agree more with you. I am so sick and tired of most media and the CNN- constantly negative news, as well as Fox’s never ending fake news also. My god, you can hardly tell the difference between the two of them these days.

    I love my president and i support him as he is working hard on behalf of Americans. I am sick and tired of out of control Demorats and have finally drawn the line with them and refuse to mouse down and allow them to try to get away with their rhetoric in my presence.Yep – lines have been drawn in the sand and I suspect conservatives have had enough of the libtard spewing and outbursts. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    Will there be a full out civil war between Dems and conservatives? I am at the point of saying ” bring it on” – I am not going to stand quietly by and just pray for them any longer. Enough is enough.

    Thank God I live in the back woods also, or I would run the son of b…… down if they stood in front of my car and blocked me on public roads. Mow them down. if they obstruct traffic.. I am sick of their crap.

    You might find it interesting to see this Harvard study done on the media coverage of Trump , the first one hundred days in office.


    We conservatives sat and watched the muzzie x pres destroy America day after day and his followers need to let up on Trump and let him do his job.

    Great post BTW.


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