Hitlery 10

What is it, exactly, about Democrats from Al Gore to John Kerry-Heinz to Hitlery, that has them being so completely unable to comprehend why the American people simply did not want any of them as their president?  And then when after they have lost, the reason for that loss can ONLY be because their opponent was somehow able to cheat.  Now we all know that when it comes to political chicanery no one, and I mean no one, can hold a candle to the Democrats.  From the dead showing up and being allowed to vote, to ballots being found in the trunks of voting officials’ cars, over the years we have seen just about everything.

Which brings me to an increasingly bitter Hitlery who recently added yet another culprit to her apparently endless list of people and/or groups who she views as being responsible for her rather stunning 2016 election defeat.  That being, of course, the Democratic National Committee.  The failed presidential candidate, in a discussion Wednesday at the Code Conference in California, said that when she won the Democrat nomination she “inherited nothing” from the DNC.  She said, “I mean it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it.”

She then went on to compare it to the Republican National Committee operation, which under then-RNC Chair Reince Priebus had bumped up its tech operation and had a multi-million dollar war chest behind it.  Hitlery went on to say, “So Trump becomes the nominee and he is basically handed this tried and true, effective foundation.”  Blaming the DNC marks an extension of the blame game in which Hitlery’s team engaged since within 24 hours of losing to President Trump in November.  And after all her railing against candidate Trump’s reluctance to accept the election outcome, who is it that has stubbornly refused to

Hitlery has repeatedly blamed FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the investigation into her private email server, as well as an alleged wide-ranging Russian-led conspiracy against her.  She has also blamed misogyny for her loss, as well as “voter suppression” in Wisconsin.  It was in a recent New York Magazine interview that Hitlery said, “I would have won had I not been subjected to the unprecedented attacks by [former FBI Director James] Comey and the Russians, aided and abetted by the suppression of the vote, particularly in Wisconsin.”  To say that she continues to live in denial would apparently be a gross understatement.

At the conference Wednesday, beyond the DNC, she repeated the Comey and Russia allegations, and also took an apparent swipe at voters — implying they weren’t interested in her “specific, costed plans” that allegedly were paid for.  She said, “I had this old-fashioned idea that it really mattered what I’d do as president.”  Well, it did really matter to many people what she’d do as president, that’s the primary reason she lost.  All we would have had, had Hitlery won, would have been a third Obama term, and millions of Americans understood that the country would never survive another four years that would likely resemble the last eight.

And when asked what her biggest mistake was in the campaign, she said it was her use of a private email server. However, she also accused what she called “the mainstream media” of covering her email scandal like Pearl Harbor and said that her email scandal was “a nothingburger.”  But she said it was exploited effectively and therefore she regrets doing it.  So she doesn’t regret the fact that our nation’s secrets were exposed to has now become, thanks to her, a rather lengthy list of enemies, only because it was able to be exploited during a political campaign.  That right there tells you all you need to know about Hitlery.

She also targeted what she referred as the ‘mainstream media’ for perhaps being too supportive, saying she was “a victim of the very broad assumption that I was going to win.”  Hitlery also blamed misogyny for her election defeat, saying of criticism of her: “At some point it bleeds into misogyny.”  She called it “maddening” that she is not able to get as angry publicly as male politicians.  One of the hosts seemed to notice Hitlery’s blame game, and remarked: “You seem as mad as ever.”  But Hitlery again could not bring herself to accept responsibility in any meaningful way, despite some of her clunky answers giving an insight into why she lost.

So I ask ask you, throughout the entire history of the United States, and in the entire history of world politics, has there ever been another person to go on and on about the myriad of reasons why they lost an election?  Especially seven months after the election?   It’s just all so pathetic, so Hitlery, and so very Democrat Party.  Accepting defeat with grace and dignity sure as Hell is not something that Democrat are able to do.  With each passing day with each new excuse and new claim of being a victim of “others”, she only serve to make a bigger ass of herself and looks even more pathetic. She is quite the piece of work. Thank God she lost.

And how is it that she can claim to have inherited “nothing”?  Really?  I guess that would be nothing except, you know, a nationwide (and often times, global) network of media companies and personalities, academics, A-list Hollywood and Music industry celebrities and other cultural movers and shakers promoting her 24/7, as well as ‘journalists’ meeting with her at quiet dinners against the ethics of their profession, as well as an Obama Administration lying to FISA courts to gain access to info on political opponents for political reasons.  I guess if you don’t count all if that then, yes, Hitlery did inherit absolutely nothing.

Is she also claiming that Bernie supporters weren’t organized and enthusiastic, that they weren’t actively campaigning for him or is that disclosure about DNC incompetence her way of admitting that the DNC was working against him and now she’s playing both sides?  Also, used “her own money?”  What did she think, that all those foreign plutocrats were just giving her money because they thought she was so, darned lovely?  No, those random chunks of cash were given to try to get her into power so they could use her to get whatever they wanted from the USA.  This woman has less introspective and self-awareness than a gnat.  My apologies to gnats.

So let’s recap the many reasons why Hitlery say she lost to Donald J. Trump:

1)  The DNC was broke.

2)  She wasn’t allowed to get mad.

3)  Her use of a private email server.

4)  The media talked about her server.

5)  The media supported her too much.

6)  Wisconsin requires an ID to vote.

7)  She got paid for speeches.

8)  Comey, Comey, Comey.

9)  Hacking of her server, which is new info.

10) Hacking of DNC by Russia, who were too dumb to use the info, so they called Kushner.

11) And the Russians…

Now she’s pointing her finger at the DNC itself, saying that they were near bankrupt and offered little if any help.  But isn’t this the same DNC that brazenly colluded with Hitlery’s campaign and the press?  The press which submitted stories that were either pro-Hitlery and/or anti-everyone else for proofing prior to being sent to press?  Isn’t this the same DNC that Debbie Wizzerman Shultz worked hand in hand with Hitlery to the detriment of Bernie Sanders?  Isn’t this the same DNC that was a well-tuned, well-oiled political machine throughout the eight years of Obummer?  Yet somehow it went from being a well-tuned and well-oiled machine to near bankruptcy?

Never has one person more responsible for her own defeat, been so reluctant to accept any blame and so quick to blame others for that defeat than Hitlery.  She had folks on the ground in traditionally Red states asking why they were there, and folks in traditionally Blue states asking where’s the help that we need?  Her campaign had no message for voters other than that they were bigots, racists, sexists, a homophobes, Islamaphobic, or a deplorable and that we just need to accept men dressing as women, women dressing as men and each in the other’s bathroom.  No wonder so many didn’t vote for her, no wonder at all.

Hitlery demonstrates every time she speaks about the election, that she has continued to learn nothing.  Did she get hacked?  Sure.  But she and the DNC are only crying foul over it because it was a hack against their party, her campaign.  Had it been the GOP and/or Trump who had been hacked I’m sure they’d be singing a very different tune.  Overseas forces and influences?  Well apparently it was okay when folks in Israel and select other middle-eastern countries helped Obama with calling Americans to get the vote out.  Sexism, misogyny, bigotry and whatever else.  We’ve heard it all before Hitlery, and we still don’t believe you.



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