I had an old English teacher back in late 60s who was fond of saying, “Profanity is just a weak mind trying to express itself.”  And when it comes to having a weak mind it’s difficult to top nearly any Democrat, and it’s these days that it would be impossible to top the new head of the DNC, Tom Perez.  You see, this continued spewing of profanity by Perez doesn’t seem to be doing the trick when it comes to his attempts to bring his party together.  The new chair of the DNC recently began cursing, “Republicans don’t give a shit about people”, in what I can only assume was an attempt on his part to fire up the base as he goes about trying to unify the party against President Trump.  But in the three months since the party chose Perez over Moslem Brotherhood supporter Keith Ellison, as DNC chair, Perez has struggled to bridge the gap between the establishment and socialist wings of his party.

And it would appear that Perez and the DNC have been especially unsuccessful in convincing their supporters to give the same kind of money the RNC has managed to bring in.  The DNC brought in just $4.7 million in April which was less than half of the RNC’s $9.6 million haul over that same period of time.  The RNC finished the month with $41.4 million cash on hand, dwarfing the DNC’s $8.8 million in cash on hand.  RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel took a victory lap after the numbers showed the RNC again dominating the DNC in the fundraising game.  She said, “These numbers are evidence of the overwhelming enthusiasm for President Trump and the tireless work by Republicans everywhere to ensure we work together to build on our majorities and elect Republicans up and down the ballot headed into 2017, 2018, and beyond.”  I’m just not sure money raised is the gauge we should be using regarding future elections.

Perez, recognized as being an establishment figure on the left, has been stunningly unsuccessful in his attempt to win over the party’s rapidly expanding left-wing, where many so-called ‘leaders’ actually believe that the party has drifted too far right.  If you can imagine that!  Throughout his speech at a Democrat convention in California over the past weekend, Perez was heckled and interrupted by numerous supporters of self-proclaimed Socialist, and failed presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.  One of the group’s leading the resistance to Perez was the California Nurses Association who packed the convention hall decked out in red clothing.  The group’s leader, RoseAnn DeMoro criticized the Democrat Party for being out of touch with its base.  It was DeMoro who told the Sacramento Bee, “They are a party in absolute crisis and denial.”  And she added, “They are too comfortable.”

And it was another protester, Gilbert Feliciano, who told the San Diego Tribune, “We are booing because we feel Perez is part of the establishment that keeps co-opting the progressive movement.”  And it was also Gilbert who went on to say, “The corporatists have an ally with Tom Perez. We felt like it was important to come and voice our discontent.”  And apparently the heckling got so bad during Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s attempt to speak that the head of the California Democrat Party seized the microphone and told protesters to “shut the fuck up or go outside.”  The struggle for Perez isn’t new.  Perez faced stiff opposition from the Democrat base while running for DNC chair against Ellison, who was a favorite among many Bernie Sanders supporters.  That struggle continued last month when Perez was repeatedly booed during what was meant to be a national unity tour for the party.

And while I would argue that since acquiring their majorities in both houses of Congress, the Republican Party is guilty of having done little more than to encourage a growing number of voters to simply stay home come the next election, it’s the Democrat Party which seems to still be lost at sea with the waves slowly growing higher and higher.  Democrats have no message but hate and transgender bathrooms as well as how we should all love our criminal immigrants.  After all, MS 13 is really nothing more than a bunch of misguided children in need of a free education and some love.  We’re constantly being told that Islam is a peaceful religion and that drug dealers and human traffickers are really nothing more than hard working entrepreneurs trying to make a living and that white privilege, and man caused ‘climate change’ are now the biggest evils that we face in the world today.

And you’d think that with a profane Hispanic racist and a Jew-hating Moslem heading up the DNC, there wouldn’t be any problems left there in loony-liberal land.  Won’t staunchly defending Illegal aliens, damning our President, stymying ALL congressional action, while constantly spewing lies, vile hatred and profanity win over your average undecided voters?  Guess not!  Maybe we should just step aside and let the Democrat Party keep digging their hole.  Look, the party of JFK simply doesn’t exist anymore, having now morphed from being the party of the working man to the party of the elites.  The Democrat Party’s wet dream of a Soviet-style society in the U.S. is still a ways off.  The irony is that they are pushing the Russian collusion narrative when Democrats want the kind of society here in which the government, media, economic and academic elites all live like kings while the rest of us live in public housing.

And you know, it’s kind of a “tragedy”, really, when you stop and think about how it is that our ‘snowflake’ generation allows themselves to be so easily manipulated by those on the left.  It doesn’t bode well for the long time survival of freedom in this country.  After all, these ‘snowflakes’ are the future of our country.  And if that doesn’t send a chill down your spine I’m not sure anything will.  And it’s all just so sad that our little ‘snowflakes’ seem completely incapable of finding it within themselves, and unwilling to even go looking for it, that which is required to stand up to those within our political establishment, our entertainment industry and even to those in the state-controlled media complex.  And it proves that the wussification of America is real, at least as far as our younger generation is concerned, and has been more successful than the Democrats could have ever hoped for.


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