Schumer 12

The disaster that has come to be known as Obamacare, aka the government seizure of our healthcare system that was ‘passed’ in the dark of night courtesy of every political trick in the book, continues to spiral out of control.  And no matter how much ‘lipstick’ the Democrats may seek to apply to it, it’s at the end of the day that it will still be a pig.  And the latest attempt to make it appear as something other than what it is came from none other than Chuckie Schumer and from right there on the floor of the Senate.  Chuckie said, “Medicaid has always benefitted the poor. That’s a good thing. But I remind my colleagues that it has increasingly become a middle-class program.”  I question his claim that it has benefitted anyone and as a middle class kinda guy, it’s the very last insurance I would ever want for myself.

Chuckie was of course doing that which he does best, that being, of course, to constantly criticize of President Trump.  This time the point of his idiotic rant was the president’s Fiscal 2018 budget blueprint, which was expected to be released today.  And as you can guess, Chuckie is not much in favor of the president’s budget proposal.  Anyway, it was in quoting recent press reports regarding the plan that Chuckie claimed that the plan will cut more than $600 Billion from Medicaid.  Chuckie said, “Recent reports say that the president’s budget will target Medicaid for significant cuts.”  Chuckie in his attempt to cast the president as a threat to the poor claimed that Medicaid provides benefits for 60 percent of Americans in nursing homes, and he asked what will happen to middle class families if Medicaid is cut.

Chuckie said, “What about a 40 or 50-year-old trying to raise their kids, saving for college and has a parent who needs to be in a nursing home? Right now, Medicaid pays for it. What are they going to do when that’s cut?  They have two choices: shell a huge amount of money out of their own pocket, which they can’t afford, or maybe bring mom or dad back home, where there may be no room at home for them. What a horrible choice. What a horrible choice. Well, that’s what the President is proposing to do when he dramatically slashes Medicaid.”  If it’s Chuckie’s claim that the middle class is now on Medicaid, then I would argue that they are not middle class at all.  Because they are are part of the dependent class.  That class of people that Chuckie and the Democrats have not only worked hard to create, but to expand!

Chuckie then proceeded to lay it on pretty thick, pulling out all the stops as he then went on to describe how Medicaid cuts would hurt Americans suffering from opioid addiction, disabled people and, of course, the children.  By all means, we mustn’t forget the children, those whom the Democrats are always so concerned about unless, of course, they are unfortunate enough to still be in the womb.  In that case they aren’t really children at all they just globs of tissue.  Anyway, Chuckie went on to say, “So if the reporting is accurate, the cuts to Medicaid in the president’s budget carries a staggering human cost.”  And that’s a pretty big ‘if’.  The fact is that it’s more often than not that those in the state-controlled media, who Chuckie seems to rely on for his facts, simply pull numbers out of thin air, it’s all ‘fake news.’

It’s important to keep in mind here that it was under Obamacare that 31 states chose to expand their Medicaid rolls, allowing able-bodied, working-age adults to sign up, based on their low incomes alone.  And it’s the recently House-passed health care bill that would roll back the Obamacare expansion and block grant Medicaid to the states. That alone would cut more than $800 billion from Medicaid, according to an estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.  Granted, not the most reliable source, but there is no doubt that there will be substantial cuts made.  But then substantial cuts ‘need to be made.  And the press reports on Tuesday, that Chuckie was basing his claims on, said Trump’s FY2018 budget would cut another $610 billion from Medicaid.  Medicaid needs to be made to revert back to its intended purpose.

And let’s be real here, the ONLY reason Medicaid has become a middle class program is because the damn Democrats keep expanding it.  It should be eliminated entirely except for those who are truly disabled. Everybody else should be signed up for Obamacare since coverage for everybody was what the Democrats’ plan was.  Yes Chuckie, your progressive dream of government control and dependence of the people on the government has been gaining ground, especially over the course of the last eight years.  Increasing Medicare and Medicaid has come at a staggering human cost, the loss of freedom, liberty, and independence.  Americans were once very proudly self-reliant, self-sufficient, and capable of overcoming adversity.  But somewhere along the line things came entirely off the tracks.

Over the course of time, progressives have been permitted to advance their agenda of increased government control and more government power with the idea being that government is better equipped to take care of us and solve all of our problems.  Now, we see more and more who succumb to dependency and fall behind, need more ‘help’ and seem incapable of helping themselves or their neighbors.  Yes, Chuckie, your dream of all being in poverty, equally, is coming true.  But you will not sit in the palace as we collapse, you will sink with everyone else.  Liberalism IS Barry getting credit for the fourth worst economy in US recorded history!  Liberalism is saying you care about the poor and the middle class while at the same time your economic policies favor only the rich and create more poor and less middle class folks.

Dope addicts? Chuckie wants us to feel sorry for the people who support the cartels? An addiction is not a disability and should never have been treated as such, the users are not victims nor are they ‘sick’. They are people who made a choice, a very bad choice.  As for seniors in nursing homes, what makes this liberal manipulator think they will be the ones cut off?  The ones who need to be cut are those able bodied parasites that support Chuckie and his fellow scumbag Democrats.  We all know who they are, the people who can afford their tattoos, Starbucks, smart phones, cable, smokes and beer but not their health care, shelter or food for their kids or themselves. The ones who have more cash in their pockets than most working folks.  We need to cut these things now or just wait for the collapse when everything will simply be gone.


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