Democrats 49

It would now seem that with each passing day the Democrat Party, as a whole, seems to edge ever closer to where they may all soon be required to wear straitjackets.  As proof that this condition, now known as Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD), is spreading like some toxic contagion, it was just last week, while on the Communist News Network, aka CNN, with Anderson “Light in the Loafers” Cooper, that we heard ‘Little Dick’ Blumenthal, you’ll remember him as the guy who lied about being in Vietnam, make a rather bold statement in that President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey “is a looming constitutional crisis” that may lead to impeachment.  Blumenthal said, “It is a looming constitutional crisis because it involves a potential confrontation as did Watergate between the president and other branches of government…It may well produce impeachment proceedings although we’re very far from that possibility, and right now the president has not been charged, and there is an investigation under way, which should be given the kind of integrity and independence that it deserves.”

This genius, Blumenthal, went on to say that he had criticized some of Comey’s actions regarding the Hiltery probe, and said, “But still, as critical as I was, I did not consider it a reason to fire him then, and ten months afterward, Donald Trump actually expressed his faith in director Comey.”  And, he added, “So the timing and the time line make no sense here. What makes more sense is that he saw the investigation ongoing and even expanding with a request for more resources.”  He said the question is, “Why now? Why this firing? What is behind it? And that’s what we need to know in the Senate of the United States, and that’s why I’ve called for a special prosecutor to make sure that this investigation is above politics, no one is above the law.”   Blumenthal said no congressional committee has enough resources to conduct this “broad, wide-ranging investigation.”  Democrats all whined about the amount of money “wasted” on hearings regarding Benghazi, the IRS, ‘Fast and Furious’ and every other bona fide Barry ‘scandal’.  But hey, apparently we got money to burn on this non-scandal, scandal as long as it involves Trump.

And in what was, I guess, an effort on his part to create a little political drama, it was then that Blumenthal said, “Here we have a massive attack on our democratic institutions by the Russians and the possibility — I don’t want to overstate it — that Trump associates were colluding or involved in it. And that is a crime that must be investigated, the Russian attack and hacking into our system. And that’s why Director Comey apparently went for more resources. The resources are essential.”  He doesn’t want to overstate it, and he does just that.  Look, this latest attempt by the Russians, if it in fact took place, is really far from being anything new.  And Russia is far from being the only guilty party when it comes to countries who interfere in the elections that take place in other countries.  Hey Mr. Blumenthal, how about this.  How about we spend a little money on investigating how it was that Barry took it upon himself to interfere, using taxpayer money, in the Israeli election and for no other reason than because he didn’t like Prime Minister Netanyahu.  I mean, after all, if it’s illegal for Russia to do it, shouldn’t it also be considered illegal for Barry to do it?

And then it’s over in the House that we have Elijah Cummings.  A man who, oddly enough, was an active participant in the IRS scandal, but who was somehow able to successfully dodge that bullet.  It was while on MSNBC, yet another source of “fake news”, that this moron, in discussing the firing of Comey and the investigation into Russia’s potential interference in the 2016 presidential election, called that investigation “a fight for the soul of our democracy.”  Cummings, always one with a flare for being dramatically misleading, said, “We are going to do everything in our power, if there is a tape, to get that tape. This whole situation with regard to this conversation is very significant with regard to the investigation, with regard to Russia, to collusion and things of that nature. So we need to know and we need to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.”  Cummings is another Democrat who continually turned a blind eye to all of the lying that repeatedly came out of the Barry White House, and who now has the gall to slander a sitting president for no other reason than because his party’s candidate lost the election.

And then when asked if any of his Republican colleagues have expressed outrage, Cummings continued to spew little more than what has become his trademark leftwing drivel.  He said, “I think there is some outrage, but I think there are two things happening. One, many of them are afraid that Trump will run somebody from their right against them and they will lose their seats. The others think that this thing will just blow over and is not such a big deal. But I told them over and over again that this is a fight for the soul of our democracy. And, so, I even told Jason Chaffetz, I said, ‘Chaffetz the question is going to become when all of this is over, what kind of country are we going to have.’ And that is a good question.”  What kind of country are we going to have?  Is he serious?  He did nothing more than to sit on his hands for the last eight years as Barry set about to do all that he could to systematically dismantle our republic and to “fundamentally transform” our country and it’s only now that this clown is fearful over what sort of country we’re going have.  There is a special place in Hell for pathetic assholes like Cummings.

And then upon hearing the news that President Trump has requested the resignations of 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by ex-president Obummer it was that leftist rag Politico, which took it upon itself to create a little “fake news” of its own.  Because the publication then proceeded to slap President Trump with a headline screaming how it is that the president was about to unceremoniously “oust” Barry’s appointees.  But oddly enough, it was back in 2009 that Politico had a much different view of things, choosing to run a much less sensational headline when reporting on the fact that Obummer had fired all of the Bush-era U.S. attorneys.  And in its article on 10 March regarding the Trump administration’s decision to ask for resignation letters from 46 of Barry-appointed U.S. attorneys — an action fully within Trump’s legal right and one that many other presidents have also executed — Politico chose to create what can only be viewed as ‘fake news” by using a headline, the very clear purpose of which was, to cast Trump’s actions in a negative light.  And it was Politico reporter Josh Gerstein’s piece reporting on the president’s move was sharply titled, “Trump team ousts Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys.”

This guy, Gerstein opened his little hit piece by insisting that the Trump administration’s action was “a seemingly abrupt move that surprised many.”  And the writer went on to cast it as untoward and “politically fraught,” giving voice to several people critical of Trump’s move.  But Politico was not nearly as antagonistic about presidents replacing a past chief executive’s U.S. attorneys back in 2009 when Barry “Almighty” did the very same thing Trump just did.  In 2009, Politico’s article on Obama’s decision to begin firing Bush-era attorneys was blandly entitled, “Obama to replace U.S. Attorneys.”  Noticeably missing was the negative “oust” thrown at Trump.  Instead, a milder “replace” was used to describe Barry’s actions.  And the 2009 article contained no negative connotations, no finger wagging, and no voices of opposition. In fact, the closest Politico got to negativity in 2009 was to say that Barry’s order “began to resolve the questions” over whether Barry would fire Bush’s attorneys in light of the trouble Bush got into from the left when he fired some of ‘Slicks’s’ appointees back in 2006.

And to put an even finer point on the bias exhibited between these two articles, the writer of the 2009 piece was none other than Josh Gerstein, the very same writer responsible for the attack on Trump’s resignation request today.  But why should we be surprised to hear that.  That’s how these people operate, and proves beyond any doubt that they long ago ceased being ‘journalists’, choosing instead to become little more than propagandists in the employ of the Democrat Party.  And this clown Gerstein is far from being the only one, he simply serves as being little more than the ‘Poster Child’ for the level of journalistic malpractice that we now see being committed on pretty much a daily basis.  Look, I think we are now at a place where for one to consider there is any longer any amount of truth contained in what is now referred to as ‘news’ one must be naïve to the point of being a complete imbecile.  And whenever there is any sort of reference made to President Trump in what is being reported in either broadcast or print ‘news’, you can pretty much take to the bank that nothing will be said that puts Trump in a positive light.

And it is within the near endless stream of “fake news” stories that we’ve been forced to contend with regarding the ‘horror’ over Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to ask for the resignation of those Obummer-appointed U.S. Attorneys, that yet another ‘inconvenient’ fact has also now surfaced.  You see, Jeff Sessions himself was fired by a then newly elected president in 1993 when ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton won his first term in office.  What you will never hear from any of those in the either the Democrat Party or the state-controlled media is that the Attorney General’s actions are not uncommon.  Many past presidents and their AGs have asked for the resignations of U.S. attorneys they were tasked with overseeing.  In 2006 George W. Bush was attacked by liberals for firing seven U.S. attorneys.  And yet he was hardly the first.  Both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan fired a list of attorneys when they came into office.  And Barry Obummer also proceeded to clean house, albeit at a somewhat slower pace, replacing many of the 94 U.S. attorneys one at a time instead of starting with a mass firing.

The level, as well as the intensity, of the insanity now being exhibited by those in the Democrat Party seems to be increasing exponentially.  Their claims just get more outrageous with each passing hour.  And it’s now gotten to the point where you would think that even THEY would have a difficult time taking themselves seriously.  And whenever you watch any of the ‘fake news’ programs all you have is crazy leftwing politicians feeding off crazy leftwing ‘journalists’ and it’s in pretty short order that things become a parody of  ‘Abbott and Costello’ doing their “Who’s on first, What’s on second and I Dunno is on Third” skit.  And it would be funny if it wasn’t so reckless.  And can this really be about Hitlery getting beat by Trump?  Can that really be what driving this sleigh ride to Hell the Democrat have currently embarked upon?  Are they really that desperate to get back into power?  And if so, what does such behavior signal to the American people wanting to save our country?  Because as far as I’m concerned, what it tells me is that these Democrats should be the last ones ever to be entrusted with control over which direction our country goes.


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