Schumer 25

It was over this past weekend that President Trump decided to forego the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner in favor of making a visit to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  And after seeing what that event turned into, an opportunity for members of the press to pat themselves on the back while at the same time denying that they are purveyors of “fake news”, I’d say he made the right decision.  Anyway, part of the speech that the president gave in Harrisburg was directed squarely at Chuckie Schumer.  President Trump focused on Schumer, describing him as a “bad leader” who is “leading the Democrats to doom.”  As I told my wife, does anyone seriously think that a President Jeb Bush or, God forbid, a President Kasich would have ever had the gonads to make such a speech?

And it was in this speech that the president spoke of the rather boisterous opposition coming from Democrats regarding his plans to build a border wall.  President Trump said, “Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress have no leadership, they are rudderless.”  And from there he went on to say, “Senator Schumer is a bad leader. I’ve known him a long time, Senator Schumer is a bad leader, not a natural leader at all. He works hard to study leadership … Well if you have to study leadership you’ve got problems.”  Adding, “His policies are hurting innocent Americans and making it easier for drug dealers to enter our country. Schumer is weak on crime and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. He is a poor leader, and he is leading the Democrats to doom.”  I could not agree more!

Trump also criticized Democrats in Congress for opposing his immigration agenda, arguing that “If the Democrats knew what the hell they were doing, they would approve [the wall] so fast, as we want to stop crime in our country.”  He said, “Obviously they don’t mind illegals coming in, they don’t mind drugs pouring in, they don’t mind MS13 coming in.  Members of Congress who’ll be voting on border security have a simple choice, they can either help to vote drug cartels and criminal aliens trying to enter the United States, like frankly, the Democrats are doing. Or they can vote to help American citizens and American families be safe, that’s the choice.”  Of course they don’t mind, because they’re hoping to turn all of those in this country illegally into reliable Democrat voters.

It was back in March that Chuckie claimed that Trump’s plans to build a wall on the southern border would not get sufficient votes from Democrats or Republicans, as “It’s not the best way to protect the border” and “It’s very expensive.”  More expensive than what it costs taxpayers to support all those here illegally or more expensive than the loss of life resulting from crimes committed by those here illegally?  Funny how Democrats worry about expenses only when we’re talking about “The Wall.”  The Democrat narrative is not about the truth, but about advancing their anti-America agenda.  Worst of all Democrats are willing do whatever they think they can get away with in their effort to hurt Trump, regardless of how their action impacts the safety of the American people.  And, they will feel good about doing it.

But even with all that being said, in fairness to Chuckie it’s not him who is most responsible for bringing about the level of electoral misfortune that rained down upon the Democrat Party for the last eight years.  That was all because of his buddy, Obummer.  Old Chuckie is really nothing more that the icing on what is little more than a Titanic cake of electoral doom.  Along with that moron who was recently elected to head up the DNC, but that’s another story.  President Trump is really doing nothing more than to call it like it is. The fact is, the Democrats are even more fragmented then the Republican Party but with Trump in charge hopefully that will begin to change, especially when we start to primary out of the equation these RINO impediments and replace as many of them as we can in 2018.

Because what I find to be so damn frustrating is how the Democrats, who aren’t the majority party in either the Senate or the House, are still able to stifle our gutless RINO Republicans with hardly any effort at all.  Ryan has proved to be a bigger disaster that Boehner was and McConnell should have been retired by the people of Kentucky a long time ago.  Republicans have yet to pass a single piece of legislation.  All they’ve continued to do is to come up with excuse after excuse regarding what it is that they can’t do.  All we have heard from these wimps is why they can’t repeal and replace Obamacare, why they can’t fund “The Wall” and why they can’t even manage to cut taxes.  On day one President Trump should have told ALL Republicans, if you’re not gonna be part of the solution, then you’re part of the swamp!

And on the subject of tax cuts, it’s pretty basic knowledge that tax cuts stimulate the economy.  It’s been proven, it’s not guess work.  Reagan cut taxes, and ended up creating the biggest economic boom America has ever experienced.  It was only when taxes are pushed upwards by the Democrats that our economy stalls and growth sinks, just as we saw during the last eight years under Obummer.  In fact, speaking of Obummer, he was the only president ever to have not had a single year of GDP growth of 3% or more.  Eight years of destroying the economy through high taxes and regulations and making America uncompetitive in the world’s market place!  And thank God that today we have President Trump and NOT President Hitlery.  It should be pretty obvious that we dodged a pretty big bullet there, my friends!

And as I have said in the past, what should be our primary objective come 2018 is to not the electing of more Democrats.  What we should focus on, instead, and to the greatest extent possible, is reducing our current number of RINO, as well as radical leftwing Democrat, members of Congress, like Ryan and Schumer and replace them all with bona fide conservative Republicans.  I would call for the electing of more conservative Democrats, but as we all know, or should know by now, that specific breed of Democrat no longer exists.  They have now been effectively bred out of existence.  So if we wish our country to survive, we now have but one viable option.  Vote for those who share our love of country and who put the survival of our country above all else.  That should be our only criteria has we head to 2018.



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