Schumer 15

If you believe Chuckie Schumer, come 2020 the Democrat Party is going to have no problem whatsoever when it comes to fielding not only one qualified candidate to face President Trump in 2020, but a number candidates any one of which will have no trouble defeating Trump as he seeks re-election.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that Chuckie, and the Democrats, are in for a rude awakening if they continue to believe that there are “lots” of Democrats who will be able to easily defeat President Trump.

It was during an interview on MSNBC just this past Friday that Chuckie was asked by MSNBC ‘journalist’ Kasie Hunt if he believed that the Democrats are going to have enough muscle to strong-arm Trump out of office in four years.  And apparently, Chuckie seems to be pretty darn confident they will.  Hunt asked Chuckie, “I would like one short answer to this question. Who in the Democratic Party can beat President Trump in 2020?”  To which Chuckie responded, “Lots of people.”

And it was then that a somewhat flabbergasted Hunt who asked, “Lots of people. One name?”  Chuckie calmly said, “I’m not going to pick a name.”  Why not?  If there are all these people than you wouldn’t think picking a name would be all that difficult, right?  I mean what about Elizabeth, well, maybe not. Or how about Keith, no, he’s a bit crazy.  Why not Andrew, no, he’s likely to be in prison.  Help me here Chuckie, because try as I might I’m just not coming up with anyone.

And when asked who the current party leader is, Chuckie again played the abundance card, which essentially means no one, since no movement survives without a leader.  He said, “We have a bunch of leaders.”  He added, “I’m the leader of the Senate and try to represent the Democratic Party, but we have a bunch of good voices. It’s much too premature to handicap 2020. But I’ll tell you this: if the president continues this way, there is even a chance we could take back the Senate.”

In a way, I almost feel sorry for the Democrats.  I said, ALMOST!  But I must admit that I am experiencing a certain level of pleasure regarding their current electoral predicament.  I mean, they have essentially gotten their collective ass handed to them in election after election, for the last 8 years, and at every level of government, and they have yet to recover from the beating they got when Hitlery was dethroned.  So where is it that Chuckie thinks all of these “leaders” will be coming from?

And you have to wonder when Chuckie’s going to run out bullshit.  Because in truth, the Democrats have NO bench.  And while I wish I could say with some level of confidence that they will not again be a threat to this country in my lifetime, if the Republicans continue to piss away the opportunity they have been given, there is a chance that Chuckie could be right and the Democrats could regain control of Congress.  Republicans must repeal Obamacare, fund the ‘Wall’, and pass tax cuts.

In truth, the Democrats have the thinnest bench in American political history. They have managed to purge all conservative and moderate voices from their ranks, and in the process have moved very sharply to the left.  Democrats like Chuckie are fond of trying to label the Republicans as being extreme, but it’s the Democrat Party that has now become the home for political extremists.  The Democrat Party does not have a bunch of leaders, it has a bunch of LOSERS!  Republicans must take advantage of that!


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