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Ok, now I know I’m just a dumb old conservative white guy, and as such is nowhere near as smart as even your dumbest liberal.  But I gotta tell you, this latest strategy now in the works by the Democrat Party as they go about trying to regain some level of political power has me a little confused.  First off, you have Tom ’Garbage-Mouth’ Perez, with Bernie Sanders in tow, out doing something that is hysterically being referred to as a “unity tour”.   And then you have his second in command, Keith Ellison, a fella who supports parties and organizations linked to the terror-outfit Hamas, who recently had the gall to accuse President Trump of conspiring with a “hostile foreign power [Russia] to destroy American democracy.”  And this is supposed to convince folks to vote Democrat how exactly?

And it was Need to Know (NTK) network that provided the clip and summary of this mind-bender: “This guy over here, he’s attacking the freedom of the Judiciary….This guy Gorsuch, he couldn’t even get any Democrats to support him, so they don’t change the nominee, they change the rules,” Ellison told the audience.  This isn’t true though as three Senate Democrats joined Senate Republicans in supporting the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch.  What makes this statement worse is that Ellison followed it by attacking the Trump administration for accusing media outlets like CNN of being “fake news.”  Ellison compared the Trump administration’s attempt to paint certain stories as “fake news” as something that a dictator would do.

“When they attack the press, they’re not just attacking CNN…They’re attacking your right to know when they attack the whole press.   Don’t make no mistake about it, it’s not about one press outlet. Every dictatorship wants to control what people learn,” Ellison told the audience.  Ellison followed that up by accusing President Trump of working with the Russian government to destroy American Democracy.  “There’s all kind of evidence coming out that [Trump] has aligned himself with a hostile foreign power to destroy American democracy in our election,” Ellison went on to tell the audience.

Yet this is the very same congressman who, in the past, has defended ‘Calypso Louie’ Farrakhan and has longstanding ties to the Hamas-linked Moslem American Society.  FrontPage Magazine laid out Ellison’s dubious ties this way:   Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has called his previous defense of Louis Farrakhan “the mistake in my past,” but those who are ready to proclaim him a “moderate” and anoint him head of the Democratic National Committee should consider carefully the fact that he is the keynote speaker for Muslim American Society (MAS)/ Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) annual convention next week. The ties to Hamas are numerous – not that Hamas ties are likely to give Democrats pause.

The Investigative Project’s John Rossomando noted that “the MAS convention Ellison will address will hear from radical speakers such as Ali Qaradaghi (alternately spelled Al-Qurra Daghi in the MAS-ICNA program), the secretary general of the pro-Hamas International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), which is one of the world’s most influential groups for Sunni Islamist clerics. It counts former Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh as a member.”

Yet Ellison has longstanding ties to MAS: in 2008, he accepted $13,350 from MAS to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. It isn’t surprising that he would have no trouble sharing the MAS stage next week with Hamas supporters, in light of the fact that he has been caught on newly-released audio of Ellison speaking at a fundraiser for his 2010 Congressional reelection campaign, saying that a vote for him was a vote against Israel’s supposed control of U.S. foreign policy. “The message I want to send to you by donating to this campaign,” he declared, “is positioning me and positioning Muslims in general to help steer the ship of state in America….The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of seven million people. A region of 350 million all turns on a country of seven million. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right?”

I must admit that what confuses me the most is why it is that a political party which now finds itself in such sad shape, as does our current Democrat Party, would come to see any amount of wisdom in putting someone like Ellison anywhere near a position of power within the party.  Because besides being little more than a devoted Moslem supporter, the time has come for someone to educate him regarding the fact that our nation is a constitutional republic and not a democracy.  Ellison is pure evil, and should be barred from ever holding public office at any level.  And while it would be nice to think that nut-bags like himself are ensuring Republicans will be in charge for many years to come, it is of late that the Republicans are doing little to make themselves appear as being a viable alternative.

Every American that finds themselves flummoxed at what they see and hear should make the effort to become familiar with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” The Modern Left has adopted the tactic of completely avoiding any issue that requires them to take an actual position.  Rather, they rely on the “Rules” tactic of personal attacks knowing full well that no response will suffice.  What I find the most disturbing are those who are 40 years out of date yet still stick out their chin and proudly say, “My family has always voted Democrat.”  There’s no correlation between the party of JFK and the current batch of seditionists hiding behind that label.  The fascist crap they keep predicting is going to wind up being a self-fulfilling prophecy because it’s almost impossible not to see blood in the streets in the very near future.

Those who are really behind the destruction of our republic are the same ones who go about their daily lives, completely oblivious to how the left is taking over America and completely ignoring how powerless President Trump and A.G. Sessions truly are, while at the same time continuing to support the Republican Party.  We have Republicans “controlling” both chambers of Congress and the White House and yet we get nothing but more promises of great things yet to come.  What we need to do, come 2018, is NOT to elect more Democrats, God forbid, but instead to elect more conservative Republicans to replace every RINO we can in the House as well as whatever RINO we can who’s coming up for re-election in the Senate.  Then and only then will President Trump be able to achieve success in his effort to “Make America Great Again.”

And while the insanity that continues on the left may energize the Democrat base, will it have any meaningful effect on those whom the Democrat Party needs, and desperately so, to actually start winning elections again?   But perhaps the bigger question might be, what is it that the Republican Party is doing to seize upon what is really nothing less than a golden opportunity, one where we find the Democrat Party weaker than it has been in decades?  I would argue, not much!  Instead, they choose to stonewall President Trump at nearly every turn when what they should be doing is steamrolling the Democrats and clearing a path for Trump to make good on those campaign promises that got him elected.  Unfortunately Trump is being forced to combat the Democrats, the media and many Republicans.


  1. Out here in the San Francisco Bay Area it is an unspoken dogma that liberals know best – despite the continuing failure of their approaches to solve problems.


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  3. Nothing has less of a grasp on any one reality than a Progressive, Conservatives are by far the most cognizant, rational, and intelligent people among our society.

    Still cannot figure out how a Flemish woman in Belgium died after ingesting a very small amount of NDMA that was in the wine she had been drinking when Progressives are on a routine regiment of an IV drip of Dimethyltryptamine and their minds in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence.


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