Ok, are there really people who choose to vote Democrat because they actually consider Democrats to be nothing short of economic geniuses?  I think we all know why it is that most people vote for Democrats, that being, of course, because it increases the odds of them getting “free stuff.”  Because when it comes to all matters economic, and that may be related to actually growing the economy, Democrats have proven time and again that they have nothing but a ‘black thumb’.  Now you may ask what proof do I have for making such a declaration.  Well, according to its report “Rich States, Poor States,” the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has concluded that states with more Democrats in control have poorer economic performance than other states under Republican control.

ALEC released the following chart showing the top ten and bottom ten states:


What follows is a breakdown of where control lies in the bottom ten states.  Data mined for the report include various taxes, minimum wage, number of public employees, etc.:

#41: Oregon (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#42: Maine (Dems split control of the legislature with Republicans)

#43: Hawaii (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#44: Illinois (Dems control the legislature)

#45: Minnesota (Dems control the governor’s office)

#46: Connecticut (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#47: California (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

#48: New Jersey (Dems control the legislature)

#49: Vermont (Dems control the legislature)

#50: New York (Dems control the legislature and governor’s office)

And if we focus on Number 50, New York state, what we have going on there is really little more than the adding of insult to injury.  Because it’s a new report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy that reveals the effects of Gov. Andy Cuomo’s anti-pipeline stance there in his state.  The governor, who blocked a gas pipeline last year and another this month, might need to read this, because it reveals how it is that his actions are having a terrible effect on his state.  In fact, the study revealed: … the Northeast (New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) is paying more for natural gas, losing tens of thousands of jobs and emitting more greenhouse gases than necessary thanks to “self-imposed” local “pipeline constraints.”  Way to go, Andy!

And it this same report that goes on to point out: “The projected loss to the region by 2020 adds up to 78,400 jobs and nearly $7.6 billion in economic activity and “the displacement of $4.4 billion in labor income.” New York alone would see $1.6 billion less in state GDP and the loss of 17,400 jobs.”  And it further pointed out, “Already, Northeasterners shell out 29 percent more for gas than the US average and 44 percent more for electricity. Industrial customers pay twice the national gas average — and 62 percent more for power.”  So here we have another Democrat who has made nothing less than a complete a mess of his state and is still rumored to be considering a run for president come 2020.  Seriously?  What level of insanity would be required anyone to vote for this boob, Cuomo?

The reason why things are so bad there in New York is because there aren’t enough pipelines.  The high prices can be blamed on bottlenecks in the region’s limited distribution network.  Too bad there’s not a way to fix that.  Oh wait a minute, THERE IS!  It’s just that leftwing kook, Cuomo, doesn’t like it.  When he blocked the Northern Access and the Constitution pipeline, he cited water concerns.  But a New York Post Board Editorial says, “these projects would’ve been as safe as (or safer than) countless other water-crossing projects that got approval — and caused no problems — over the years.”  Look, the real reason liberals, like Cuomo, hate money and job creation is simple: they put “the wishes of environmental groups ahead of the needs and interests of their constituents.”

I was born and raised in New York and spent the first 25 years of my life there before finally leaving by way of joining the military.  And it was then that I swore I’d never go back except to visit family and friends who still live there.  After decades of Democrat and RINO Republican rule in the state, the state has become is a complete mess on nearly every level.  Of course the biggest problem the state is made to face is that, unfortunately, it’s got New York City attached to it.  My dad used to say that the best thing New York state could do would be to cut loose the city and cast it adrift out in the Atlantic.  Because the rest of the state is essentially nothing more than a life support system for a city that tends to vote a block for every Democrat governor or senator countering the votes of those who live upstate.

You know, I really have to laugh every time I see one of those commercials trying to entice folks to come to New York and bring their businesses there with them. They make the claim that there would be no taxes for new businesses for 10 years and they also imply that all manner of businesses have already made the move to New York.  But what about the businesses that are already there, are they made to make up the difference?  Also, the free college thing is being used to try to get people to stay in New York after they graduate.  And then we have New York City which is little more than an anchor that’s dragging down the rest of the state, not to mention a corrupt governor who is obviously running for the White House in the future.  New York taxpayers are paying for those commercials!

The poor folks who live in the more rural areas New York State have, for decades, been bled dry all in an effort to kept afloat those bastions of leftwing lunacy spread throughout the state from Buffalo to ‘The Big Apple’.  The state legislature has been for a century one of the most dysfunctional, and corrupt, state governments you’ll find anywhere in the country.  And it’s regardless of who it is that’s in control, the Democrats or RINO Republicans, it really doesn’t matter.  Because when RINOs like Pataki, Carey or Nelson Rockefeller ran the state it wasn’t in any better shape than it is under Cuomo.  Albany has always been little more than a cesspool of corruption, it’s just that Cuomo has now taken to a whole new level.

And then in California, Number 47, we have Gov. Moonbeam, who must have forgotten that he once promised that all taxes would first be voted on by the people, because he recently had his Democrat controlled legislature pass a new gas tax.  Meanwhile the state keeps losing its tax base as existing businesses keep moving elsewhere, and prospective new businesses are made to jump through so many hoops that few bother.  All the time the population keeps increasing despite workers moving out with their companies. So as the state loses tax payers it gains little more than welfare recipients, whether legally here or not. Americans from other states are charged substantially higher out of state fees at state universities, but Mexicans who are here illegally are charged the same amount as resident Californians.

Look, the American people are literally surrounded by all manner of evidence that the Democrat way of doing things results in nothing more than abject misery and the most costly sort of failure.  And yet we continue to see, in poll after poll, how it is that there are still, for whatever reason, a significant number of Americans who say that the Democrats are better equipped to handle the economy.  Is that not the classic definition of insanity?  Come on people, wake the f*ck up!  Our country is $20 Trillion in debt and somehow we think that the Democrats are the ones to get us out of debt?  It was Barry “Almighty” who in eight short years increased our nation’s debt by $10 Trillion.  Now who in their right mind thinks that was a good idea.  We simply can no afford the Democrat way of doing things.


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