As we enter each and every election season, whether for president or for midterms, I always find myself wondering if this will be the election when blacks finally wake up, come to their senses, and at least begin to make the journey off the Democrat plantation.  And it’s always after each and every election that I get my answer…Nope!  And it’s usually then that I begin ponder what it might actually take to convince blacks that the Democrat Party is not their friend and that it most certainly does not have their best interests at heart.  Blacks are simply seen as a source of votes for Democrats, nothing more and nothing less.  And apparently that’s enough for them.

Recently at the University of Wisconsin in Madison we had someone identified as being an ‘assistant professor’ from the University of Pittsburgh, and she had a political message to deliver to students.  The title of ‘Dr.’ Shanara Reid-Brinkley’s presentation pretty much tells you all you need to know about her: “Anti-Blackness and the Political: Millennials, Black Intellectuals, and the Re-shaping of American Politics.”  And it’s in her talks that she actually suggests that blacks have less liberty in America now that President Donald Trump has replaced Barry “Almighty” in the Oval Office.  She said, “I think that we’re all screwed because white people are in charge.”

According to ‘Professor’ Reid-Brinkley, democracy was built on anti-blackness, and therefore black people will never have the same freedoms as whites.  She also goes on to allege that white people are to blame for issues, such as global warming, genocide, and colonization and that none of these “problems” will be solved until black people — not white people — are in charge.  What do you suppose may have happened to Ms. Reid-Brinkley in her life to arouse within her such a level of intense hatred for whites?  Because that’s what she is really making very clear here, the fact that she hates white people.  And apparently most, if not ALL, white people!

I’m old enough to remember when colleges attempted to open the minds of their students by at least pretending to present different lines of thought to them. However, the left has now been seized by such hysterical anti-Trump fervor and colleges these days have become one gigantic pity party over the 2016 election. They are so blinded by their own bias that they think it’s perfectly acceptable for a professor to get up in front of students and suggest that an entire race of people is unfit for public office.  However, if Obummer showed us anything, it’s that a black man should never again be elected president.  It’s far too complicated of a job.

And what continues to puzzle me, at least to some degree, is why it is that so many parents continue to shell out big money to send their kids to what are nothing but indoctrination factories.  For instance, the cost of out-of-state tuition to the University of Pittsburgh is $29,758 and the cost of out-of-state tuition to the University of Wisconsin in Madison is $32,738.  Now as far as I’m concerned that’s money that could be much better spent.  Why is it that so many parents seem so content to willingly finance the brainwashing of their own children, with the net result being having them return home to live with mommy and daddy until they’re 40?

In truth, Ms. Reid-Brinkley is really nothing more than another of those our garden variety racists who, while she may think of herself as being intelligent, reveals herself to be, courtesy of her words and actions, anything but.  Because it is nothing short of the complete subjugation of whitey that will come to satisfy vehemently racist blacks like herself.  So here’s a suggestion for her, how about we start by immediately taking away ALL affirmative action, all welfare, all food stamps, all Obamaphones and all preferential admission to college based only on skin color.  Let’s even out the playing field for real and then see who it is that comes out on top.

And she also alleges that white people are to blame for issues, “such as global warming, genocide, and colonization and that none of these problems will be solved until black people — not white people— are in charge.”  This woman is a lunatic, but even worse is the fact that she actually believes this.  And sadly many black Americans believe it as well.  We are Balkanizing in slow motion, our country is unraveling, a process that began once we forgot about the “melting pot” and started down the road of identity politics. The only reason anyone talks about celebrating diversity is because we have no choice which doesn’t mean diversity is good.

And she goes on to make the claim that “none of these problems will be solved until black people-not white people-are in charge.”  I suppose in a way one can say she’s right.  Look how great life is in such places as Zimbabwe, Liberia, South Africa, Sudan, etc, etc.  All utopias, right?  Oh wait, that’s not the same you say?  Well then, what about Detroit, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, and a list that could go on to include nearly every big city in America.  Blacks need to take a long hard look in the mirror, they’ve caused their own problems and they should be the ones to fix them and stop blaming Whitey for their inability to live like civilized human beings!

She also makes the claim that black people are screwed under Trump?  But such a statement proves just how ignorant of the facts she really is.  Because for blacks in America Barry’s economic policies were responsible for: a 58 percent increase in food stamps, a 20 percent jump in those out of the workforce, the fact that black home ownership is 20 percent lower than the national average, the fact the black unemployment is higher than the national average, the racial wage gap being the worst in nearly 40 years, black median household income being $20,000 lower than the national average, and the poverty rate 10 percent higher than national average.

People like Ms. Reid-Brinkley all subscribe to the same twisted, and blatantly racist philosophy that is black liberation theology/critical race theory. This rise of racist black supremacism, or black nationalism is a growing problem.  These people are obsessed with race.  They are completely anti-white, racist bigots.  And don’t give me this “blacks can’t be racist because whites have the power” nonsense.  Of course they can be racist, and in fact they are racist.  They all seem to see some form or another of Marxism as being the solution.  And they seek nothing short of the complete overthrow of our current system of government based on our Constitution.

These people view our Constitution as being a racist document written by slave masters.  And therefore everything that flows from it is to be viewed as racist and illegitimate. They are organized into radical groups like BLM, OFA, Nation of Islam, the Black Panther Party, and any number of others.  They are in league with far left money masters like George Soros.  Make no mistake, these people are the enemy.  And they are not going to respond to anything short of the use of force.  They will just ignore any ruling they don’t like, and any law they don’t like.  The see the rules as not applying to them, only to the rest of us.

And I guess it feels good to jump off a cliff, the rushing wind and the sense of freedom is just like flying, but at some point they are going to come to the realization that neither the world nor whitey has provided them with a soft place to land.  I find it ironic that most Whites have embraced Dr. King’s philosophies while most Blacks have rejected them in favor of Jim Crow type laws and segregation.  Democrat LBJ said that the Democrats could control blacks through the ‘war on poverty’ and gain their votes for the next 200 years.  And as the minorities fall into the trap of government welfare programs all they do is to continue to prove him right.

And so the harsh truth of it all is that the only people who are screwing blacks, are blacks themselves.  Blacks are their own worst enemy.  After all, if it weren’t for racism they would have to blame themselves for their problems and white guilters and crooked politicians would then have to find a new angle.  Personally, I believe blacks should be treated equally rather than as a protected species. That’s what caused this problem in the first place.  If they chose to use the commonsense God gave them they would recognize what they are doing to themselves and exactly who enables and finances their behavior.  But they don’t. And so the cycle continues.


  1. If they stick a live microphone in my direction, I will tell them that “Yes, I am tired of black racism, racism in and coming from the black community.” Of course, such “controversial” comments would never be aired.


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