Try as they might, the Democrats keep coming up short, first in Kansas and now in Georgia.  And while the contest in Georgia has not yet been officially decided, that will come in June’s runoff election, Democrats had had some pretty high hopes to avoid that eventuality by winning it outright last night.  But such was not the case.  The upstart Democrat, Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former congressional staffer, ended up with 48.1 percent of the vote which fell below the required 50 percent plus one needed to prevent a runoff.

The progressive establishment all around the country had hoped to secure an outright victory for Ossoff in this suburban Atlanta Congressional District, one that President Trump won by only one percent back in November.  The hope among progressive activists, as well as among the liberal state-controlled media, was that an Ossoff victory in this district would be an early indicator of an impending anti-Trump tsunami that could return the House of Representatives back to Democrat control in the 2018 midterm elections.

Though Ossoff hovered at or near the majority threshold that he needed to win throughout the night, his lead begun to shrink as more precincts rolled in from across the district, a district that has been held by a Republican since Newt Gingrich was elected there back in 1978.  That means a June 20 runoff that will now pit Ossoff against the top Republican vote-getter, Karen Handel, the former Georgia Secretary of State.  So it’s that election that may be much more of an accurate harbinger of things to come in 2018.

And then in what is a rather weird turn of events, rumor now has it that Democrats are already throwing him under the bus with many saying Ossoff was a terrible candidate.  They go on to claim that the bench remains pretty deep there and that there were a lot of other people who wanted that seat.  But such comments would seem to contradict the fact that the Democrats are known to not have a lot of candidates to choose from, and not just in Georgia, but around the country in general.  And fewer still under 60.

Still, I think it can safely be said that this most recent contest is a test for both parties’ strategies for the upcoming national election cycle.  National attention, already significant, intensified after last week’s closer-than-expected Republican victory in the Kansas special House election.  Trump did not perform as well as other Republicans last November in the Georgia district, an affluent, well-educated swath filled with the kind of voters Democrats need if they hope to reclaim a House majority next year.

The far left political machine raised huge amounts of money from liberal strongholds all around the country, from New York to San Francisco, and of course from Hollywood, to bankroll Ossoff’s campaign to the tune of more than $8.3 million raised in the first three months of his campaign.  But it does make one wonder when there are now some saying he was a terrible candidate what was it that convinced so many to contribute so much to his campaign?  It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.  But we are talking about Democrats.

Republican groups ran a blitz of ads trying to tie Ossoff to Pelosi; a political action committee backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan spent more than $2 million on those and other attack ads.  National Republicans say any of the four competitive GOP candidates could defeat Ossoff in a second round.  They predict conservative voters would be more energized in a Republican vs. Democrat scenario. “Republican voters are not going to sit by and let this district go to a Democrat,” Handel said at one of her final campaign stops.

The Republican establishment, initially caught flat-footed, did end up spending over $5 million in advertising against Ossoff in the last weeks of the campaign, but it never caught up in the all-important ground game.  And in retrospect, Republicans failed to recognize the unique opportunity the “jungle primary” provided Democrats who focused all their support behind one candidate.  Republican leadership could have made a similar choice from among their own eleven candidates but, for whatever the reason, chose not to do so.

And while there may be no requirement to be a resident of the district one is running to represent in Congress, it would seem to me that voters would want to choose someone from among their own.  So in that sense Ossoff was just another carpet-bagging charlatan willing to say whatever was needed to whomever would listen in order to get elected so he could then go to Washington and be a step-and-fetchit for Nancy Pelosi.  Because we know that within the Democrat Party individual thought is neither encouraged nor accepted.

And you know, back in 1994 I was hopeful that the Republicans had thoroughly exterminated Democrats, when they won almost every state and federal election.  Newt Gingrich promised a “Contract with America”, and conservatives were giddy with optimism that liberalism had been soundly defeated.  But eight years later, Democrats had overtaken us, and to this day, it seems we remain outnumbered.  Hitlery was easily the worst Democrat candidate in my lifetime, and yet she won the popular vote.

And whatever you may think of Donald Trump, he is somewhat of a rather divisive figure, so Republicans are far from being a dominant political force.  However, with that said, we still have reason for significant optimism because Republicans dominate state and local government, and all thanks to Obummer.  But let’s not spike the ball just yet.  Democrats are very much alive and kicking, and they represent a threat to our freedom.  And the number of uninformed imbeciles in this country is at an all-time high.  And it is they who the Democrats feed on.

The bottom line here is that the Democrats lost because most of Middle America has now chosen to reject their blatantly socialist agenda of offering to all, all manner of ‘free’ stuff.  The collective political message of the left has been reduced to simply ringing the dinner bell to let parasites know that it’s time to feed off of their unsuspecting middle class taxpayer hosts.  The left detests the middle class hosts but they can’t survive without them; and yet, they do everything in their power to destroy the host.

The incredible irony here is that the more parasites that are essentially created by the left, the fewer of these reviled hosts there will be left to feed them.  Eventually the parasites will reach critical mass and the whole society implodes…just like Greece and Venezuela. Incoherent logic leads to implosion and then…whoosh.  And if Trump is unsuccessful, or if we insist upon electing knuckleheads like this guy Ossoff, then the ultimate outcome for this grand experiment in human freedom will come about in only one way.

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