After recently coming up short in the recently held special election in Kansas’ 4th congressional district, Democrats have now pinned their hopes on Georgia’s 6th congressional district when it comes to their next attempt to flip a U.S. House seat from Red to Blue, and in the process declare that victory as being a referendum on the policies of President Trump.  And that opportunity will come early next week.  But a new poll may dampen those high expectations just a bit.  Democrats have already given $8 million to help their candidate, Josh Ossoff, prevail among the 18 candidates running in the district primary.  The district was previously represented by Republican Tom Price who has since been tapped by President Trump to become his Secretary of Health and Human Services.

And although Trump barely carried the Georgia district in 2016, a new poll released by Decision Desk HQ and shows that Mr. Ossoff is heading toward a rather difficult runoff with one of the five Republicans in the primary.  Ossoff can only avoid a runoff if he gets at least 50 percent of the vote in the district, but the poll now shows Ossoff with just 39 percent.  Another Democrat in the race takes 4 percent, pushing total Democrat support to 43 percent.  The smorgasbord of Republicans in the primary have a combined total of 51 percent, with Karen Handel at 15 percent.  So this new polling, if in any way accurate, would seem to indicate that the Democrats will have no better luck in Georgia than they had in Kansas with Ossoff likely getting beaten like a rented mule.

It’s also this same poll that shows that with more than 39,000 ballots cast overall as of Wednesday, Democrats currently lead Republicans in early voting.  And as many as 95,000 to 130,000 voters may ultimately turn out to vote by Tuesday.  Decision Desk HQ notes, “Republicans remain divided on who to back, and this is their Party’s blessing and curse going into Election Day.  Ossoff is barely clearing a third of the remaining vote with much of the rest divided in a battle royal between four Republican hopefuls.”  The site goes on to add, “If these voters stay engaged and do eventually show up, they’ll prevent Ossoff from clearing 50% Tuesday. If they aren’t as eager, things get hairy and Ossoff’s first round win odds improve greatly.”  So Democrats, I’m sure, are holding their collective breath.

And it’s both this upcoming election and the previous one in Kansas, that should make very clear just how shallow of a bench the Democrats truly have, all thanks to Obummer, because this guy Ossoff is nothing more than a fraud and on a pretty significant number of levels.  First of all he’s claimed to be a small business owner, which he is not.  And he’s also claimed to have held high security clearances, but this is also apparently not the case.  So I guess you could say that he’s the perfect individual to be picked as a candidate for the Democrat Party.  So I can’t help but wonder if this is truly the caliber of individual that the Democrats are looking for, and if they feel that fielding such candidates provides to them their best opportunity for winning enough seat to once again become the majority party.

But I do have some questions for Democrats.  Such as, if the Democrats truly are the party of the poor, the middle class, and of America’s “working families” then why is it that they continue to demand amnesty and citizenship for millions of illegal aliens?  And too, why is it that they seek to increase the number of immigrants from third world countries including those from the most dangerous area on the planet including countries that both sponsor and support terrorism as evidenced by the attacks in Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Great Britain, Sweden, etc.?  And why do they continue to support open borders thus simultaneously serving as the instrument of destruction of the very poor, the middle class and the same “working families” that they claim to represent and to champion?

And I guess what I’m most curious how it is with such an agenda that Democrats plan to convince enough voters to go off to the polls and to vote for them, and in so doing agree with providing what will be the billions of dollars which will be required to cover the costs of that agenda.  The most egregious lie I think that I have heard in my lifetime came from Democrats when they declare that they are the party that is the protector of the poor, the middle class as well as the workers and minorities.  The truth is that when it comes to Democrats their only remaining path to power is through the destruction of our sovereignty via the legalization of millions of illegals and so called “refugees” regardless of the danger and financial costs to our own citizens.  I simply do not see that as being a winning strategy.

But in spite of all that has been said about the issues now confronting the Democrat Party, and there are many, there is also mounting pressure on the Republican Party to produce.  If they continue to squabble amongst themselves and remain unwilling, and unable, to move forward on President Trump’s agenda of repealing and replacing Obamacare as well as, tax and immigration reform, including the building of ‘The Wall’, then make no mistake, come 2018 I have no doubt that we will witness a great resurgence in the Democrat Party’s ability to regain positions of power, at least in Washington.  So our Republican leadership must recommit themselves to advancing the agenda of our still new president just as our still new president must remain committed to keeping his campaign promises.



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