Rarely have I ever found that actors have any of the answers to those questions that are truly important.  After all, nothing screams intelligence more than having the ability to read those words that someone else has written while pretending to be someone other than who you really are.  And, pretending to be something you’re not, I guess, makes you an expert on that particular subject.  These ‘actors’ have a writer create the lines for them, they have a director to tell them how to act those words out and they have costume designers who pick out the clothes they wear while acting out those words written by someone else.  What exactly is it that actors do based on their own skills?  That would, of course, be absolutely NOTHING!

Which brings me to the point of this post.  You see, it was in a recent guest column for the Washington Post that ‘actor’ Robert Redford described the difficulty he had in getting Hollywood producers interested in his 1976 film ‘All the President’s Men’.  A movie, frankly I have never seen and never will, and one which revolves around the investigation into former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.  And it was in Redford’s guest column that he warns us all that, once again, 45 years after that politically momentous event, “the truth is again in danger.”  While I would in fact agree with his overall assessment, where Redford and I part ways is in identifying who is it that’s the primary offender when it comes to having placed the truth in such peril.

It in writing his little piece for the Washington Post that Redford says, “This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Watergate scandal. Because of my role in the film, some have asked me about the similarities between our situations in 1972 and 2017.”  He goes on to say, “There are many. The biggest one is the importance of a free and independent media in defending our democracy.”    Bobby went on say, “When President Trump speaks of being in a “running war” with the media, calls them “among the most dishonest human beings on Earth” and tweets that they’re the “enemy of the American people,” his language takes the Nixon administration’s false accusations of “shoddy” and “shabby” journalism to new and dangerous heights.”

And it was something that he said that I found quite hilarious, although I’m not sure he intended it to be, but I’m assuming he didn’t.  It was when he said, “Sound and accurate journalism defends our democracy. It’s one of the most effective weapons we have to restrain the power-hungry. I always said that “All the President’s Men” was a violent movie. No shots were fired, but words were used as weapons.”  As much as I hate to disagree with Redford’s rather skewed perception of things, the truth is that today’s ‘journalism’ is neither sound nor accurate!  More often than not what’s we’re witnessing is journalistic malpractice on what is nothing less than an epic scale, to the point where it more closely resembles propaganda than accurate information!

Like Hillary wasn’t, and continues to be, a threat to the truth.  But then according to liberals the truth is whatever they say it is.  Which begs the question, where was Redford when Hitlery and Barry were lying through their pearly whites, and the state-controlled media, which Redford claims is both sound and accurate, was backing them up?  Barry blatantly lied about Obamacare, and Hitlery lied many times over regarding her emails and email server.  Barry lied about learning of Hitlery’s server in the news, while he had sent her emails suspiciously using an alias, emails that we’ve not yet seen.  The Russians might release all or some of those emails, because they likely got them by hacking her unsecured server, blackmailing her and Barry as a result.

Redford’s desire for “truth” seems simply partisan, that or he shows his foolish belief in the liberal media without question.  Why do you think he’s an ‘actor’?  He, like all the rest of the Hollyweird buffoons, has no clue who or what they are. That is why they are always trying to be someone else.  They are trying to find themselves in being someone else.  Fake people, living in a fake reality trying to convince other folks they are relevant and should be listened to.  What they really need to do is first figure out who they are and quit trying to tell the rest of us how much better they are than us.  Yes, Robert, the truth is in danger.  When the state-controlled media can declare war on one candidate and then the president, all the while justifying it.

But the sad fact is the truth is always in danger whenever our state-controlled media refuses to acknowledge, let alone refuses to report, that intelligence briefings and evidence is now surfacing that leaves very little room for doubt that the outgoing administration very likely not only spied on and ordered up surveillance on the in-coming administration, but then leaked classified info while unmasking American citizens, and then disseminated the findings all across the intelligence community.  And all for political gain.  But those like Redford see absolutely nothing wrong with that because such actions are seen as being somehow justified because of whom the actions were taken against.  And in so doing they miss the point entirely!

And ya know, I can’t help but wonder how many of those out there in ‘Kookville’, aka Hollyweird, actually believe what it is that they say especially when there is now an overwhelming amount of evidence that makes it so very clear that what has happened is so very obviously just the opposite of their incendiary claims.  Trump is actually the victim here, of Barry’s surveillance, yet their fanaticism has truly blinded them.  It was Barry, whose IRS went after common citizens in the Tea Party, and who created the video fall guy in Benghazi-Gate, and who went after members of the press.  And every time they wish to drive home a point, they are either animated, melodramatic, hysterical or just playing dumb or maybe not really ‘playing’ dumb at all.

Redford is an jerk.  And if you’ll remember, Nixon resigned over his attempt to cover up the break in.  The break in of the DNC.  It was one party spying on the other party. Politics in its most pure and nastiest form. What is going on now is the U.S. government spying on private citizens.  Do you see the difference?  The left only want to subjugate the rest of us.  Not working out so well in Europe is it?  Redford, like most Hollyweird actors, is a sanctimonious know-nothing blowhard. What’s going on right now is the exact inverse of Watergate. You have a president, Barry, who illegally surveilled his political opposition and instead of helping bring this powder keg story to light the state-controlled media is doing everything it can to obfuscate and bury it.

Actors, like the vast majority of lawyers, are little more than professional liars.  Add then when you add into the mix politicians and our many faux journalists and it’s no wonder that truth is on its last leg.  Lying can now be said to have become a reflex action for those on the left, like Redford, whenever it is that things don’t seem to be going their way, politically speaking.  And why is it, do you suppose, that anyone in their right mind would ever think that just because someone like Redford the actor played a certain part or role in a movie that would then make him an expert in the field in which was the character he played?  I mean, if he were to play a brain surgeon, would anyone be seeking him out to perform surgery on them?  I doubt it!

And finally, remember when we were told, “If you like your doctor…you can keep your doctor.”  Or when we were told that the attack in Benghazi was the result of a You Tube video.  Or that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t raise the debt.  Was the political genius Robert Redford concerned with any of those whoppers?  Was he at all concerned with Barry’s Trillion dollar deficits?  Or with Barry’s bombing of Libya?  Or with Barry’s spying on reporters, foreign leaders and presidential candidates?  Probably not. Why do actors think they’re experts about something just because they starred in a movie about the subject?  I mean, just because Matt Damon starred in a space movie that doesn’t qualify him to advise NASA on anything. If you get my drift.

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