Remember Barry “Almighty’s” National Security Adviser Susan Rice?  And yes that would be the very same Susan Rice who repeatedly lied to the American public about the September 2012 attack on the Benghazi consulate and how it was supposedly direct the result of some YouTube video.  And yes, that was also the same national security adviser who would later reclassify her “lie” as “in some respects, not to be a hundred percent correct.”  Well no shit!  Now I’m pretty sure that you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in our state-controlled media, either then or now, who would not chose to defend Ms. Rice regarding her making such an obviously false claim.  And I’m quite sure that had she been a Republican demands for her to be fired would have been front page news and broadcast nonstop on nearly every network.

Now as we fast forward a few short years, ironically we now have that very same Susan Rice who has now seen fit to advise President Trump not to lie because it could put America’s security at risk.  But I guess the same couldn’t be said at the time when she lied five times about what it was that brought about an attack that resulted in the death of four American including our ambassador.  Anyway, it was in an op-ed for The Washington Post that Rice took it upon herself to complain that Trump’s “false statements” about wiretapping represent a “disturbing pattern of behavior that poses real and potentially profound dangers to U.S. national security.”  You can’t make this stuff up.  So the woman used by Barry and Hitlery to spread false information on a terrorist attack is now warning President Trump about putting out false information?

Rice wrote, “When the American people question the commander in chief’s statements, his ability to harness public support to confront a national crisis is undermined.”  And she went on to say, “The foundation of the United States’ unrivaled global leadership rests only in part on our military might. It is also grounded in the perception that the United States is steady, rational and fact-based.”  She said, “To lead effectively, the United States must maintain respect and trust. So, when a White House deliberately dissembles and serially contorts the facts, its actions pose a serious risk to America’s global leadership, among friends and adversaries alike.”  And then she, “The United States’ words matter.”  So are we to assume that back in 2012 words didn’t matter so much, at least as long as your boss was up for re-election?

It was in those now-infamous interviews, Rice, who then served as ambassador to the UN, said that the attacks were spontaneous and not pre-planned. She also asserted, even though she knew it was a lie, that the catalyst for the attacks was a YouTube video criticizing the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.  She was lying when she said, “Based on the best information we have to date, what our assessment is as of the present, is in fact it began spontaneously in Benghazi, as a reaction to what had transpired hours earlier in Cairo, where of course as you know there was a violent protest outside of our embassy, sparked by this hateful video.”  And she continued the lie when she added, “We do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or pre-planned”

But it was in the months that followed it became clear, despite the best efforts of the state-controlled media to keep things under wraps, that members of Barry’s team, including Hitlery’s State Department, knew immediately after the attacks occurred that they were pre-planned and that the video played no role in what transpired.  But by then the election was over, Barry had been safely re-elected, and as far as Democrats were concerned it was old news in no need of being investigated.  And those in our state-controlled media were quick to side with the Democrats, and to make the claim that any investigation into finding out what happened was nothing more than a witch hunt.  After all, all is fair in politics, right?  As long as the right team wins!  And of course, the ‘right’ team would be the Democrats.

Actually, when it comes down to being between President Trump and Susan Rice, there’s only one proven liar between them at this point.  And I’ll give you three guesses as to which one is the liar and the first two don’t count.  And on another note, I know I am likely stating the obvious here but I think we all know exactly what nearly any politician, at any level of government, with a “D” after their name is, a liar!  But, we also need to be willing to accept the fact that a huge chunk of the Republicans are just as big a part of the “swamp” as the Democrats are.  Pay close attention.  They have been exposing themselves with their words as well as their actions, and this faux attempt at repealing Obamacare is just the most recent example of that.  They lie to get votes and then when safely in office it’s back to business as usual.

Regarding Trump’s comments about which Rice felt compelled to comment about, as it turns out they were much closer to being true than were the comments Rice repeated nearly ad nauseam about the deadly Benghazi attack.  In fact Trump has been deemed to be 99.5% correct.  It was earlier this week that O’Reilly, on Fox, asked Peter King: “Would I be wrong in saying that the Obama Administration Surveilled the Trump transition team.”  To which King responded by saying, “I would say from all I know you are at least 99 and a half percent accurate and probably 100 percent.”  So there it is.  King is a member of the House Permanent select Committee on Intelligence.  Now who is it that thinks our old buddy Barry is the least bit worried about going to prison?  And anyway, he has a get out of jail free card, he’s black.

Democrats, like Rice, inhabit an alternate universe, where everything is the opposite of what it is in the real world. What are lies to us is “the truth” to them’, when one of them tells a lie the rest just unquestioningly back them, party before country. Always!  I wish I could find their Koo-aid and guzzle some because it would be a hell of a lot easier getting through this life if I were a flaming idiot like the rest of them.  This is a prime example of the Democrat Party. It’s perfectly acceptable for them to behave unethically or to even break the law, but nobody else can do that.  I am so tired of these two faced people who speak to us as if we’re too stupid to recognize what’s really going on.  I guess I keep waiting for that day when those we send to Washington will come to recognize why it is that we really send them there.

It was a Time Magazine column back in 2014 that said, “National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Sunday she had no regrets about statements she made in 2012 on the attacks at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, saying her talking points were reflective of what she knew at the time and were not intended to mislead the American public.”  So in 2014, she lied about the lie. Because her comments were most definitely intended to mislead because of the proximity of the attack to the 2012 election.  Everyone in the loop knew that story was bogus before she even hit the weekend news shows.  But because she’s a Democrat and telling the truth might have come to have an adverse effect on the re-election bid of Barry “Almighty”, so once again the ends seem to justify the means.

But look, let’s just cut to the chase here, shall we.  Because the bottom line here is that Rice is a Democrat, so what else could we possibly expect from her?  Lying is part of what it means to be a modern day Democrat, for them it’s become a way of life.  And while Republicans tend to eat their own on almost every issue, Democrats are always in lock step no matter what the issue, no matter the damage their lies may have on the American people.  In a way I guess I may prefer the fact that Republicans tend to eat their own as a way of getting the issues out into the public and in debate to the way the Democrats tend to operate which, more often than not, involves lying to the people (you can keep your doctor) and how it is that all Democrats remain in lock step in their effort to advance their progressive/anti-America agenda.

In the repeal of Obamacare, I see Republicans debating what is and isn’t good for the people, but during the original Obamacare ‘debate’ I didn’t see any Democrats discussing what was or wasn’t good for the American people.  I prefer debate over a 60 seat majority in the Senate to pass whatever they want.  While I would like nothing more than to see the Republicans gain a 60 seat majority in the Senate in 2018, I very much doubt that will come to pass.  Thus far into our new president’s first term our congressional Republicans continue to demonstrate their ineptness.  Our current leadership team continues to make clear that they are in way over their head.  They whined about being unable to get things accomplished because they had no power, but what happens when you give the power?  Absolutely NOTHING!

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