When it comes to politicians I can probably count the number that I actually trust, to the highest degree I feel comfortable with, on one hand.  Now that said, there are others that I can bring myself to trust, to at least some degree, dependent upon the issue that we may talking about at the time.  But there is one guy that I simply cannot bring myself to trust at all, regardless of the issue being discussed.  And that would be, of course, Paul Ryan.  Now throughout the last presidential campaign I was one of those slow to get onboard the ‘Trump Train.’  And again, that was based almost completely on my certainty of being able to trust Trump do to what he said he would do if elected.  In the end, after being left no other option, I decided to vote for Trump, because voting for Hitlery was just something I could not bring myself to do, nor was sitting out the election an option.

Now fast-forward to nearly 60 days into the Trump administration, and while I have no doubt that I did the right thing in voting for Trump, being someone who tends NOT to put all my eggs in one basket, it’s not yet that I trust him implicitly.  And I certainly don’t agree with him on everything.  For instance, I do not favor this new healthcare bill being advanced in the House, as apparently President Trump does.  And I can honestly say that I am with those registered Republican voters who, according to a recent CBS poll, are much more likely to trust President Trump than Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  Over the course of the last 8 years, Ryan promised time and again that he would work tirelessly in the effort to curb the ambitions of the radical individual who then occupied the Oval Office.  And not one of those promises, NOT ONE, was kept.  Ryan has earned no one’s trust.

Anyway, in getting back to this recent poll, apparently CBS asked respondents to describe their views about Trump.  Voters were given the option of describing themselves as either “believers,” (21 percent) “conditionals,” (22 percent) “curious,” (21 percent) or “resisters,” (36 percent).  Trump has overwhelming authority over those who described themselves as Trump believers — 75 percent reported they trusted the president as their sole source of political information, and only 2 percent said the same of Ryan.  Twenty-two percent of believers said they trusted both men equally.  Surprisingly, those in both the “believer” and “conditional” support categories agreed that Trump needed “to be his own kind of president,” although the conditionals were more likely to assert that, with 80 percent. Seventy-eight percent of believers reported the same belief.

However, neither group was especially supportive of the new Republican healthcare plan.  Thirty-two percent of believers, which I suppose is the group that I would include myself in, support the measure, and only 11 percent opposed.  Fifty-seven percent of all believers reported it was too early to say if they supported the plan.  Conditionals were less likely to support the plan, with 15 percent approving the bill; 5 percent of those who were curious about if Trump supported the measure. Forty-three percent of voters in that category opposed the plan.  Overall, those who were Trump’s supporters believe that Trump’s claims that he was wiretapped during the campaign are correct, with 64 percent believing Trump’s statements.  Only 14 percent of those who oppose Trump believe the wiretapping claims.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he had.

It’s not surprising to hear that Ryan has such a low trust factor.  And like I said, I’m not in favor of RyanCare no matter what the president may have to say about it.  And I won’t be even if Ryan’s side decides to concede a few small points to the Freedom Caucus in his quest for passage.  It would appear that they think we’re stupid and are trying to make it look like they’ve compromised on a couple of things to satisfy the opposition.  It’s still government run healthcare colluding with health insurance companies against the people.  Open selling across state lines and getting rid of the 30% mandate penalty you’re giving the insurance companies.  The fact there’s a $100 Billion bailout in the bill for insurance companies means when this scheme goes bankrupt, with the American taxpayer is expected to pay for government incompetence and failure yet again.

It goes without saying that those who consider themselves as being Trump supporters would trust the President over Ryan, as well as all the rest of our limp-wristed RINO’s.  Our dislike and distrust didn’t suddenly come to an end on election night nor did it begin at the onset of the last campaign.  And I would strongly recommend to our congressional Republicans that none of them should become too comfortable in their majorities, because come next Election Day, if they continue to put themselves above the people, they could very well come to find themselves on the losing end.  The bungled attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, their resistance when it comes to the border wall, the fact that they are already complaining about the modest budget cuts being proposed by the president, and the fact they did nothing to pushback against Barry’s anti-America agenda for eight long years, to the detriment of the hardworking taxpayers, makes them unworthy of our trust.

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