So what is it that has now become the primary purpose of the public school system in this country?  Because I can’t help but wonder if we have now gotten to the point where any longer even bother with trying to pretend that what it’s about is providing the best education possible to our children?  Because it would seem to me that that is no longer the case.  What it has become increasing about is the complete and total brainwashing and indoctrination of our young in an effort to mold them into future government worshiping robots.  I only say that because we no longer seemed to care all that much whether or not our teachers are actually capable of teaching.

You see, it’s very soon that prospective ‘teachers’ in the not-so-great-state of New York will likely no longer have to pass a basic reading and writing literacy exam in order to become a teacher.  That state’s Board of Regents is expected to ditch the ‘Academic Literacy Skills Test’ in part because black and Hispanic ‘teaching’ candidates struggled to pass the exam.  Apparently, just 41 percent of black teaching candidates and 46 percent of Hispanics were able to pass the test on their first try, compared to 64 percent of white candidates.  And since ‘teaching’ is really no longer about ‘teaching’ it has been deemed appropriate to simply do away with the test.

The multiple choice exam is meant to ensure high standards among prospective teachers, which many teaching preparation programs have struggled to do.  So I guess who needs to worry about high standards when what we really need to focus on is increasing our quotas for blacks and Hispanics.  And really, who is it that is unable to pass your basic multiple choice test?  Apparently, it no longer matters if teachers are dumb as rocks, after all, we’re only entrusting them to teach our kids.  Right?   But then, as I said earlier, what we are entrusting our schools to do, is a far cry from what is actually being done in our schools.

A December 2016 study by the ‘National Council on Teacher Quality’ found that 44 percent of teaching programs “cannot ensure that most of their incoming candidates are among the top half of college students.”  A state task force recommended the board scrap the exam because of the number of black and Hispanic candidates struggling to pass it.  The board is expected to adopt the recommendations on Monday.  The ‘National Council on Teacher Quality’ bills itself as being an advocacy group which claims to advocate for tougher evaluation of classroom teachers.  And yet, apparently, being able to read and write isn’t a necessary skill for teachers.

And then there was some Pace University ‘professor’, Leslie Soodak, who said, “We want high standards, without a doubt. Not every given test is going to get us there.”  As you likely already guessed, Prof. Soodak was a member of the task force that advocated abandoning literacy tests for teachers.  Soodak went on to say, “Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore.”  So education has become less about providing the most qualified teachers and more about being satisfied with less qualified teachers that more closely match the racial makeup of the student body?  What a totally ‘progressive’, totally stupid idea.

Opponents to the exam unsuccessfully attempted to have it struck down in court in 2015, arguing that it was discriminatory because racial minorities performed worse on the test than white candidates, but a federal judge then declined to strike it down.  But how dare anyone suggest, or demand, that those hired to teach our children actually be able to read, write or be at least somewhat familiar with the subject they are supposed to be teaching!  Don’t you see your racism for what it is?  White people are born able to read, it’s all part of their white privilege!  Don’t you dare suggest that others aren’t hired just because of their qualifications!

So what we have here, once again, is nothing more than the dumbing down of our public education system and all in the name of that favorite subject of the left, diversity.  But what about what’s best for the students?  Oh, I’m sorry, silly me!  It shouldn’t be about that all and, actually, it hasn’t actually been about that for quite a number of years!  What it’s about, what’s it’s always about, and what it MUST ALWAYS be about, is what’s best for the future of the Democrat Party.  And of course that would be because ensuring our children are kept as ignorant ensures they grow in ignorant adults which in the best interest of the Democrat Party.

Look at the last 20 years of education, where teachers have at one time or another been directed not to use red ink when grading papers, or never to use the word fail, for no other reason than to avoid hurting the little kiddies feelings.  So should we really be surprised to hear that things have now progressed this far.  Look at what’s being turned out by public schools: students who are taught that they were winners even when they weren’t, that they’ve done great when they failed, so naturally, they’ve learned very little, and they were just passed on up the chain to get rid of them.  They leave school with no understanding of how to deal with the real world.



  1. In the inside front cover of one of the old Cliff Notes, it pointed out that the goal of education is not to inculcate allegiance to one viewpoint but rather to develop the critical thinking skills of the students so they could be independent thinking citizens (or words to that effect). Sadly, for many years this has not been the case in our nation’s schools at every level.


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