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If anyone were to still have any doubts about the weakness of the Democrat bench or the shallowness of the Democrat gene pool one need to hear no other news, fake or otherwise, that Corey Booker, the mayor who left Newark far worse off than he found it and then used the race card to finagle a seat in the U.S. Senate, easily tops the list of potential Democrat contenders for 2020.  Is that not the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard?  Booker’s youth, as well as his popularity with the vocal progressive wing of the party, make the rumors easy to believe, but Booker himself was unwilling to address the speculation head-on until recently.

And it was in taking to the airwaves, courtesy of the Communist News Network’s “State of the Union,” that Booker refuted the rumors that he may be interested in running for president come the 2020 presidential election.  Booker said, “I think that we are doing — anybody in office is doing exactly what the American people are fed up and sick and tired of by talking about politics.”  And he went on to say, “Let’s talk about people and purpose now. I want to be authentic in who I am right now. I want to be a person of purpose not thinking about a future office.”  Anyone buying any of this bullshit?  Because if we’re being honest here, that’s really all it is!

Booker asserted that politicians who focus only on the next attainable office weren’t good politicians, before adding that such ambition usually forces someone to make compromises in their current office.  He said, “I am going to be fearless in telling the truth. I don’t care where it ends me up because I think when I go home to Newark, New Jersey, that’s what my community wants from me.”  Right, so old Corey is going to be fearless in telling the truth?  But the ‘truth’ by whose definition, I wonder?  Because this guy, like most Democrats, wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit him in the ass.  So it’s rather difficult, for me, to take this guy seriously.

And as if to reinforce the whole notion that the Democrat Party seems to have not only hit the bottom of the barrel, but has now proceeded to go right through the bottom of said barrel, regarding its number of suitable candidates for the office of president, we’re told that other top contenders for the Democrat nomination in 2020 include Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and even former presidential candidate Hitlery herself.  Hitlery will be in her early 70s by then and likely even less appealing than she was in her late 60s.  Oh, and rumor also now has it that the crook from New York, Andy Cuomo, may decide to run.  Need I say more?

And it was during this same CNN interview that Booker accused President Trump of creating a “toxic environment” of “increased fear in our country.”  He said, “This is the problem, I don’t care what party you are in right now, recognize this, we are at a time of increased fear in our country.”  And why might that be, Mr. Booker?  Because any fear that I may possess has as its source you and nearly every other member of your pathetically corrupt party.  Because it’s you who want to allow into this country those who seek nothing more than to kill me or those who wish to take advantage of the generosity of the American people.  And for what, so they’ll vote for Democrats?

Booker said, “There is something seriously wrong when mendacity has become the norm. There is something seriously wrong when law-abiding citizens are afraid to leave their homes. There is something seriously wrong when hate crimes are surging. There is something seriously wrong when this is a toxic environment being created right now. And I don’t care who you are, if you consider yourself a leader, you have an obligation to stand up and do something about it and lead with love and not appealing to people’s darker angels or exploiting that fear.”  Like when a president throws open the jailhouse doors or pretends our borders don’t exist?

Personally, having already gone down that road once and having it result in what was nothing less than an unmitigated disaster, I’d like to think that the American people would have it in them the wisdom to NEVER AGAIN elect a black president!!  Thank you Barry “Almighty”, because not only did you destroy your own party but you have ruined any chance of a black man ever being elected president again.  If there was some way for Booker to become president he might even be worse and more corrupt than Barry “Almighty”.  For the sake of race relations in this country the very last thing we would need again, is another black Democrat as president.

And look, as far as a “toxic environment of increased fear”, the only fear President Trump is creating is the fear within a Democrat Party that’s bleeding voters due to its failures, its lies, its arrogance its corruption and its communist tendencies.  Theirs is a dying party and their over the top hateful rhetoric is a clear reflection of their panic.  Personally I feel much safer now than I did when Mr. “Overseas Contingency Operation” was in office.  His constant bending over and spreading ‘em for his then favorite non-enemy-enemy got to be more than a little unsettling.  After all, being a Democrat means never being able to say “Radical Islam”!

Booker’s idiotic claim of a “toxic environment of fear” reminds me of Barry’s eight years of incessant race baiting and race hustling. He convinced every black person they had to fear for their lives.  It’s how he eventually put a target on every cop’s back.  It was Barry who created the ‘environment of fear’.  Whites getting punched in the head for no reason when they were walking down the street, whites getting yelled at and accused of “white privilege”, whites getting screamed at in colleges, and now white students are being murdered at colleges.  Trump didn’t cause any of this, Barry did!  It was going on long before Trump took office.

Liberals never cease to amaze me.  Democrat politicians consistently work against the best interests of those constituencies that repeatedly vote for them over and over, much like the abused wife who constantly returns to her abuser.  Basically every word from Booker’s mouth is exactly what the liberals are all doing. The only ones freaking out and trying to scare everybody, is them!  They shouldn’t really call themselves “progressives” anymore, because what they are, are ‘RE-gressives’.  Because if you look at what were once classic liberal values, like freedom of speech, freedom to practice your religion, they don’t possess those values anymore.

That sounds much like the Moslem concept that if only ‘everyone’ would simply give in to Islam then there would be no more violence and no more problems. I can see why the progressives love Moslems now, they think exactly the same way.  So Booker’s idea is that if President Trump just stopped opposing the progressive, open borders, business destroying, identity politics juggernaut of the last 8 years then the fear progressives have of losing those same things would disappear.  I have news for the many snowflakes like Booker, all that President Trump needs to do is to simply ignore the progressives/regressives among us, and just do what he was elected to do.

Those who proudly wear the moniker of ‘progressive’, or if you prefer, RE-gressive, would never vote for Trump anyway so there’s simply no point in trying to appease them in any meaningful way.  In the end Trump’s administration will act like an intervention in their twisted lives and maybe some will wake up to themselves as happened in Reagan’s first term.  But there will always be a hardened core of liberal ‘malcontents’ who will always think the toxic civilization they have created these last few years is the only a viable model for this country going forward and that anyone who views things differently should never again be allowed a place at the table.

That Cory Booker could even be considering the possibility of maybe running for President in 2020 is nothing less than the most hilarious thing I think I have ever heard.  He has zero charisma, zero debating skills, and zero ideas except racism and identity politics.  In other words he’s another Hitlery, only in a darker, male form.  And if true, that he is at or near the top of potential Democrat contenders for 2020, then perhaps the Democrat Party is in far worse shape than we thought.  But that said, it’s as long as we have Republicans like McConnell, Ryan, McCain and Graham, to name just a few, we can never truly count out the Democrats.


  1. Kimala Harris, the freshman senator from CA, will get the women’s vote and turn out the minority vote. Booker can be her running mate as VP in 2020.


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