Apparently Keith Ellison, the newly minted second in command at the DNC, doesn’t care all that much for President Trump’s latest executive order on immigration.  I say that only because it was during an appearance this week on MSNBC that Ellison described it as being both “irrational” and “mean.”  Ellison, the recently elected deputy chairman of the Democrat National Committee, told host Mika Brzezinski that while President Trump’s order “doesn’t ban every Muslim in the world … all the people who are banned are banned because they are Muslim.”  He went on to say, “If you look at the countries where people who committed acts of terrorism in the United States come from, those people are not — those countries are not on the list.”

Ellison continued by saying, “It’s an irrational list.”  And then went on to say, “It’s a mean list, and just let me say this. In Minneapolis, we are very proud of our Somali-American community.”  And he added, “They are making, starting businesses, running for office.”  And then he said, “Somalia is going through a massive drought and a famine, and those people could be banned from getting relief through coming to the U.S.”  He complained, “This ban, this is inhumane, and it’s cruel and wrong.”  Look, I realize that Ellison is in no way a fan of this country, but personally I am not for allowing into this country more of those whom we cannot adequately vet to make sure we’re not allowing anyone into this country who wishes to do us harm.

Look, while I do not mind disagreeing with our esteemed Mr. Ellison, on nearly any issue, what we do not now need flooding into our country are more inbred, unemployable, functionally-retarded third world malcontents, 90% of whom will exploit the majority white taxpayer-supported welfare system while wrapping themselves up in faux “Islamophobia” victimhood, all care of anti-American leftwing kooks like Ellison.  This massive influx of refugees flooding into our country from the most f*cked up area on the entire globe represents what is a very clear and present danger.  And Ellison and his many Democrat friends would be able to see that were it not for the fact that they are blinded by their politics and their hatred of America.

And then there’s this newly formed DNC team of Perez/Ellison, otherwise known in political circles as, Venezuela meets the Caliphate.  And if we’re using these two scumbags as being our gauge for what the future may hold for the Democrat Party, and America, I would argue that they are working to make America EVEN GREATER by ensuring that we will have a Trump victory in 2020.  It would seem that this dynamic due remains very much in favor of the same failed strategy that resulted in handing the White House to Donald Trump in the first place.  That being, or course, that more of the same anti-white racist “group identity” politics/policies thrown in the face of the rational white majority who so soundly rejected it, and will continue to reject it.

And so as this infestation from the third world continues, however limited, Americans had best stand up for America because this Moslem horde has its sights set on us.  And let’s not allow ourselves to be fooled into believing that this is a religion, because what it is is a cult, a cult based on hate, violence and death.  Don’t allow yourself to continue to fall for the idiotic rhetoric of the past, about how what we’re dealing with is to be seen as a “religion of peace”.  Let us not become another Europe that has now nearly been lost completely to this infestation.  Woman and children fleeing their country, my ass!  Look at the videos and what you’ll see are fighting age men streaming into our country, all of which should be viewed as potential terrorists.

Ellison, as well as the Democrat Party as a whole, apparently has no objection to terrorists entering into our country along with the good people who intend us no harm, and sees no reason to pause immigration from terrorist hotbeds until a better vetting system is available.  I heard some Democrat claim we have a great vetting system in place and don’t need to improve it.  The 9/11 terrorists passed through our great vetting system, as did the Boston Marathon bombers and one of the San Bernardino shooters.  Add to that all the would-be terrorists who were caught before they got a chance to do what they came here to do, and the evidence is overwhelming that the vetting system we have is not working.

All that President Trump is trying to do here is to try to keep our country safe.  And all that Mr. Ellison and the Democrat Party is trying to do, is to make our country more vulnerable to those who seek to kill as many American as possible.  They know full well that this has nothing to with banning Moslems.  What it has everything to do with is providing enough time to come up with a proper screening process that will allow us to better control who it is that we allow into our country.  No one has the right to come into this country, it is we, the citizens of this great country, who have the right to determine who it is that I allowed into OUR country.  And if there is any question as to what your motives may be, we have the right to say no.


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