I’ll be honest with you, these days I’m not quite sure who it is that’s more responsible for driving my blood pressure up, imbecilic Democrats like Chuckie Schumer and Stuart Smalley, or RINOs like McConnell, Ryan, McCain and Rubio.  And to tell you the truth, I don’t see a dime’s worth of difference between any of them.  I mean here we have our country headed down the crapper, and all the Democrats can do is whine about how they lost the last election while working to gain some level of revenge against the guy who not only won, but won fair and square.  When is it, exactly, that these low lives plan on growing up?  But while such behavior can, I suppose, be expected from those on the left, it’s these damn RINOs that we’re forced to contend with, who need to be taken out behind the woodshed.

I guess I’m just not sure what it is about the country going down in flames that none of these assholes just don’t understand.  And these damn Democrats are no more unhappy than those of us on the right were when Barry “Almighty” won not just once, but twice.  So Chuckie and Co. need to get over it, and move on for the sake of your country!  And with that said, it’s just once that I wish those on our side would behave as if they were all on the same team, instead of like a bunch of infantile malcontents.  There seems to be no sense of urgency in addressing the sad shape our country is in, which when it comes to the Democrats doesn’t really surprise me because they want the country to come apart at the seams, it’s what they’ve been working on for years.  But the Republicans, I just don’t get.

Republicans have been handed nothing less than a golden opportunity which could very well result in turning back most, if not all, of the damage done by Barry during his time in office, and in so doing improve the life of every single American citizen.  And all that’s being accomplished is a huge insane wasting of so much time.  Our GOP leadership team is a mixture of the completely gutless and totally incompetent, to the point where they come across as not having a clue about what it is that they’re supposed to be doing.  Most of them are people who, while they are quite enamored with their title, simply don’t see the need to do what it is that we the people demand of them.  They’re all very happy to go on Sunday talk shows, but they don’t want to actually do anything, even if they knew what to do.

As for all of this silly Russia stuff, it should have been squelched a long time ago.  There is no there, there and there never has been.  And there’s simply no reason to give credence to what are nothing more than rumors spawned by those who think that Hitlery was somehow cheated out of an election victory.  Hitlery lost because she was the most corrupt and dishonest candidate to ever run for president.  The Democrats know that just as most of those in the state-controlled media do.  But they thought they could pull the wool over the eyes of the American people just long enough to get the old girl into the White House and then be able to maintain the perfect balance in their bizarre leftist little world.  And when that didn’t happen they decided to slander and undermine the winner, Donald Trump.

Of course things would be much better if we actually had a bona fide free press in this country and not some leftwing propaganda smear machine that passes for a free press.  Frankly, I’m not sure what the point is of our media today.  I mean it’s now less than 10 percent of the American people who actually believe anything they hear, because most of what they hear is nothing more than pure leftwing propaganda, and is very easily recognizable as such.  Those who do choose to tune in are being fed only a steady diet of bullshit, and apparently they don’t seem to mind that all their being told is ‘fake news’.  Hell, they might even prefer it that way.  Too many folks today either choose not be bothered with, or couldn’t care less about, the fact that their country is so close to collapsing.  They would rather not think about it.

And you know, disappointment doesn’t even begin describe how I feel when the political antics of our supposed leaders are put on full display.  I saw better examples of leadership back in my days as a member of my local 4-H Club.  With the Democrats the main focus has become destroying the country.  And with the Republicans the main focus in simply playing it safe in the hope of getting re-elected.  But people like me are rapidly running out of reasons to vote for Republicans.  And I’ll tell you right now that if they don’t band together behind this president, and work to save what’s left of my country, my days of voting for Republicans are over.  It was in 2010, 2012 and 2014 that the Republicans essentially lied to me.  And if it turns out in 2016 that they’ve lied to me again, I’m done with them.

And on one final note, there has been much talk, even from myself, about how the Democrat Party can be said, today, to be hanging by a thread.  But, as we all know, if there is one certainty in the ever changing political landscape, it’s that the Republicans have a well-deserved reputation for shooting themselves in both feet, and on what has become a fairly frequent basis.  And it is such occasions as these that typically provide Democrats with numerous lifelines which they would not normally have had access to.  And that were it not but for the opportunities provided by the Republicans themselves, the Democrat Party would have long ago been relegated to the ash heap of American politics.  But sadly, such has not been the case, so America still has that Albatross hanging around her neck.


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