The press long ago ceased being part of the solution, and instead chose willingly to become an increasingly larger part of the problem.  That problem being, of course, the slow but steady erosion of the freedom enjoyed by those of us who proudly call ourselves Americans.  And the vast majority of those who, today, refer to themselves as ‘journalists’ either don’t see that, or simply refuse to believe it.  And never had they so brazenly revealed exactly who they are, as well as what their motives are, than when Barry “Almighty” came along.  Because during the entirety of the 2008 campaign those in the media demonstrated time and time again that there was nothing they would not say or do in their effort to ensure Barry was elected.

Now let’s fast-forward to the campaign of 2016 to where the efforts to get Barry elected pretty much paled in comparison to the near herculean effort put forth by those in our state-controlled media to get Hitlery Clinton elected.  But despite their best efforts to hide the many flaws of the Democrat candidate, enough voters were still able to see through the smoke screen and recognize the fact that as the most corrupt and dishonest candidate to ever run for president, Hitlery was simply not worthy of the high office that she was seeking.  And in seeking some level of revenge or retribution they, the media, have continued what has been a near unprecedented assault on President Trump in an effort to undermine his presidency.

Which brings me to ABC’s Jon Karl who guest-hosted for George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, a former ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton hack, on ‘This Week’ over the past weekend.  It was in closing the show that Karl somehow thought it necessary and appropriate to close with a short ‘commentary’ in which he sought to defend the news media from President Trump’s tweet referring to them as being the “enemy of the people.”  It was during his little ‘commentary’ that Karl noted that there’s “nothing new” about presidents “criticizing and even vilifying” the press; it goes back as far as Thomas Jefferson, who got so fed up at one point that he declared, “Nothing can now be believed that is seen in a newspaper.”

As for Donald Trump, the New York mogul who was once “nothing but media-friendly… has taken presidential criticism of the news media to another level.”  Old Karl did his best to defend his colleagues in the media for what he described as being their “pursuit of the truth” and announced that, “We are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news… As long as American democracy remains healthy, there will be reporters willing to pursue the truth, even if it means incurring the wrath of the most powerful person in the world.”  A free press isn’t the enemy of America,” Karl concluded, “it’s a big part of what makes America great.”

You know, that all really sounds quite wonderful, except for the fact that neither President Trump nor anyone else who frequently complains about the ever-present media bias and lies is referring to journalists who are passionate about getting to the truth.  What Americans are truly sick and tired of are those in the state-controlled media whose “truth” is in service only to a blatant leftist agenda.  Those are the so-called journalists like Christiane Amanpour who openly declare their activism. They are the supposedly trusted news sources like the Clinton News Network (CNN).  They are the news media that for eight years fawned over Barry “Almighty” as the Second Coming and now try to paint Trump as the Second Coming of Hitler.

Yes, of course a free press is part of what makes America great. But many in what has become our state-controlled media are now reaping the whirlwind of having destroyed the American people’s trust in a free and independent press through their undeniable, corrosive, and yes even toxic, biases.  They have now essentially become the enemy of the truth and therefore of the American people.  It has become, quite frankly, obvious that members of that which was once referred to as our ‘mainstream media, have been bought and paid for by the political left in this country and they don’t seem to mind in the least that a majority of the American people now view them as being little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

And please allow me to offer up a translation regarding what it was that Karl said and what he actually meant.  You see, what Karl said was: “We are not about to stop doing our jobs because yet another president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news…”   But what Karl actually meant was: “We are not about to stop digging for any speck of dirt we can find or even manufacturing fake news out of whole cloth because a Republican president is unhappy with what he reads or hears or sees on TV news. Our job is to protect the Democrats and destroy the Republicans. D’uh…”  And let’s be clear here, Trump is not upset about what’s being said about him, only that so much of it is nothing more than ‘fake news.’

And Karl appears to have set the bar pretty LOW here with his rather silly claim.  And I would beg to differ with him in that America was not made great by a bunch of miscreants and malcontents who oddly enough considered themselves journalistic professionals.  I like to consider myself a professional and if I employed just a fraction of the crap that these supposed ‘journalists’ pull on what has become a daily basis, I would not only likely find myself an unemployed professional but my future prospects would also look pretty bleak.  Far from being professionals, a better definition for Karl and his many colleagues might be “hacks” or “wannabes”!  They are practitioners of what some have to come to term as, journalistic malpractice.

You see, it has been over the course of at least the last 30 or 40 years that that which was once referred as the objective, and noble field of ‘journalism’ has now been effectively reduced to a what has now become nothing more than a rather pompous little clique of individuals driven by ideology and which attempts to justify its existence courtesy of all manner or slander, deceit, innuendo and falsehood disguised as journalism.  This journalistic malpractice is typically attributed to those within what many still stubbornly refer to as the mainstream media, but not exclusively.  And it is the desire of this disingenuous little cadre of propagandists to willfully mislead, manipulate and distract the American public.

And yes a free press is one of those things that makes America unique, but what Karl doesn’t seem to realize, or is in complete denial of, is that most of the American media is no longer part of a free press.  They have fallen from the lofty perch that they may have once held into the mires of yellow journalism, and pure propaganda.  Maybe the relationship between Trump and the media would improve if our supposed journalists were to first apologize for what has become a never-ending smear campaign that they have engineered and were then to simply start ‘reporting’ the news in its entirety, without all of the bias or leftward slant, and reserve all of their opining for a tiny segment of their report with it clearly identified as being such.


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