What a different 8 short years can make, at least for those who are supporters of the Democrat Party and of the progressive agenda it continues to put forth.  As many may recall it was back in 2009 when Barry “Almighty’ was sworn in as the 44th President that there was nothing less than universal euphoria amongst the Democrats.  To the point where claims were made that his election would usher in what would become nothing less than 40 years of solid Democrat rule.  But something strange happened on the way into the future.  Far from resulting in 40 years of endless Democrat victories, what came about instead was something that no Democrat saw coming, that being the fact that the Democrat Party is now struggling just to survive.

And isn’t it amazing how far it is that they have now fallen.  And the irony of it all is that they really have no one to blame but themselves.  So it is then that still, after 104 days since Donald Trump was elected President, Democrats continue to experience a near-crippling level of depression to the point where more than a few mental health professionals have come up with a name for this affliction, Post-Election Stress Disorder or PESD.  The news coming from the White House on a daily basis is so disconcerting to those who oppose Trump that they are experiencing classical signs of depression.  Professionals report a large increase in office visits from former Hitlery supporters who are angry, upset, and depressed.

Apparently things have become so bad that a New York City-based online therapist location service has reported that traffic has tripled in the days since the election, and demand continues to grow, fueled largely by gay, lesbian and minority clients.   Liberals are now so depressed and so angry over Trump’s election, that they are taking it out on family and friends who chose to support the president during the campaign.  Democrats nationwide have staged a steady stream of protests/riots since the election, with several groups storming Washington, D.C., on the weekend of the inauguration.  It would seem that liberalism may actually be what it is that many of us have long thought that it was, a mental disorder.

But look, I think it pretty fair say that what we are now witnessing is nothing more than ‘The Great Thaw of 2017’ which continues as snowflakes all across the country continue to melt down while the nation, slowly but surely, returns to some level of sanity, after eight years of liberal madness.  You want to talk about weak, coddled people, it’s those in the Democrat base. They’re so used to getting everything they want that they have to seek counseling when things don’t go their way.  After all, this isn’t how the story was supposed to end.  Barry was supposed to be the ‘one’ they had all been waiting for, the one that would make sure that the government was there to take care of them.  And Hitlery was supposed to carry it on.

Meanwhile, thanks to Barry, most, if not all of them getting at least some sort of government assistance because their depression and anxiety from the election because it is so debilitating they can’t work.  I seriously have a hard time recognizing America these days.  We went from a nation of gritty, unapologetic, and strong individuals to a nation of complete and total wusses.  How sad.  Their collective depression, or what I prefer to call ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’, and its associated symptom fear and anger is only going to get worse.  And really it’s about far more than the just this last election.  That’s merely the excuse those on the left use for behaving in a totally unacceptable manner.

Personally speaking, I would like nothing more than to have the Trump presidency be the one, about which it could someday be said, to have been responsible for the bringing about the end to what has been over 100 years of rampant liberalism.  It has been nothing less than a cancer upon this nation, one that has been in search of just the right cure.  The Supreme Court, under Trump, could reverse decades of old rulings to every liberal policy.  For the American liberal there should be no “safe place”, not in America, not anywhere.  Even worse, due to eight long years of a stagnant economy many young liberals have been forced to live with family members who are both pro Trump to keep them fed and housed.

For those wondering how it could be that the Democrats are taking the election result so badly, one need only to look at the actions of our state-controlled media and the Democrat National Committee during the 2016 campaign for an easy explanation.  When it came to polls, most were nothing more than an illusion, purposely skewed in order to support the desired narrative.  And the purpose of nearly every story presented to voters was to advance a monolithic opinion which was negative toward Trump and his supporters.  When the election result finally came in, the Democrat base was caught completely off guard, and therefore the impact of the result was much greater than if those in the media had done their job honestly.

In addition, the DNC and our state-controlled media repeatedly characterized Trump as Hitler, and his supporters as ‘brownshirts’.  You can’t get much worse than that. Such hyperbolic demonization of one’s opponent makes an election loss much more frightening to the Democrat base, since the snowflakes lack critical thinking and tend to believe the propaganda.  It’s worth noting that the propaganda was global in scope, so not only Americans, but the entire world was subjected to the calculated fear-mongering of the establishment owned media in every Western nation.  So if you’re still speculating as to why it is that the Democrats continue with their collective meltdown, look no further than the state-controlled media and the DNC.

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