Despite the fact that I was more than a little hesitant about even bringing this up, since it is just now that I finally consider myself as being recovered from the political overload created by our most recent, is it really ever too early to start looking ahead, especially in this day and age.  You see, despite the fact that we are just a little over a month into our new administration, names are already being mentioned, on the part of the Democrat Party, regarding who it is that President Trump could possibly be facing come 2020.  And one of those being mentioned, and very prominently so, as being the possible standard-bearer for the Democrat Party in the 2020 presidential contest, is none other than Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren.  And while I freely admit that it is way too early to be discussing such political hypotheticals, there is also no sense in waiting until the last minute.

It was a Morning Consult poll released just this past Wednesday that showed President Donald Trump, at least at this stage, beating Democrat Sen. Warren in a hypothetical 2020 presidential election matchup.  A little over a month since President Trump took office, it would seem than at least some in the state-controlled media are already looking ahead to the next presidential election.  Asked if “President Donald Trump runs for re-election in the year 2020, do you think you will probably vote for President Trump or probably vote for the Democratic candidate,” 43 percent of those polled said they would probably vote for the generic Democrat, while 35 percent would vote for Trump. Another 23 percent weren’t sure.  Pitted against Warren, 42 percent said they would support Trump, compared to 36 percent for Warren. Twenty-two percent weren’t sure or had no opinion.

But look, I am far from being a big believer in polls, and frankly I’m not at all sure how much attention, from either side, this poll deserves.  What I do know though, is that a lot can change in the three and a half years.  For one thing, Warren could lose re-election, she’s currently trailing in most polls, which could affect whether she would even be a candidate in 2020, and for another President Trump could continue to make good on his campaign promises and therefore create an even wider gap between himself and an ANY potential Democrat rival.  And we also need to keep in mind that we still have holdovers from Barry’s tenure, that Trump has not yet been able to weed out, who are working very hard to sabotage him. If the resistance he is getting from the elite and establishment does not scream to you that we have almost lost our country, you are not American enough to vote.

These un-elected bureaucrats are busying sabotaging President Trump in much the same way that holdovers from ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton did with George W. Bush.  It’s not necessarily the person in the top position who does it, instead it’s some slimy assistant or other underling who tasked with whatever sabotage it is that can be committed in the more untraceable manner.   Sadly, Washington is infested with these kinds of people, and they are, quite literally, everywhere from the Pentagon, to the State Department, the Justice Department, everywhere, and there are layers upon layers, of them hence the difficulty President Trump will have in draining the swamp.  President Trump is going to require plenty of help, with step one being the immediate firing of anyone who was put into their position by either Barry “Almighty” himself or by someone who put into their position by Barry.

If President Trump, again in looking four years ahead, hopes to have any chance of defeating whoever it is that the Democrats may decide to throw up against him, there are more than a few very important agenda, even crucial, items on his ‘Presidential Things To Do’ list.  First and foremost he must undertake every possible measure to root out any and all of these potential saboteurs who are currently so preoccupied with trying to take him down, he must coerce, if necessary, our current RINO leadership in Congress to get done those things he not only wants, but needs, to get done and he will need to keep at least most of the promises that he made to those people who voted for him.  And while it’s not an easy task by any means, President Trump will need to be up to the challenge if he was serious when he said his desire was nothing less than to “Make America Great Again!”


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