If you’ve spent any amount of time listening to what seems to be a growing list of whiners, aka those who simply refuse to get over the fact that Hitlery actually lost the last election, you know folks like Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters or any number of others, I’m thinking you might find yourself wondering what sort of effect all of this supposed outrage and the continuing attempts to throw every speed bump imaginable in front of President Trump in the attempt to prevent him from assembling his Cabinet might come to have on the Democrat Party.  Apparently there are more than a few who now think that all the stonewalling and obstruction will prove to be beneficial, while others fear that such behavior may have just the opposite effect.  So which will it be?

It was earlier this week on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” that ‘The Intercept’s’ Glenn Greenwald took the opportunity to excoriate the Democrat Party for what he suggested was not learning from the lessons of the party’s 2016 presidential election loss.  Greenwald pointed out the losses Democrats have suffered in prior elections, particularly at the state level and said that the party wasn’t learning from its mistakes, but doubling down on what it had done before.  He noted that the GOP have two-thirds of the governorships and are just one state house away from having the ability to convene a constitutional convention.  Greenwald said, “It is a party that has collapsed as a national political force in the United States.”  And, he added, “It’s not just the national presidential election.”

I guess in a way I can understand the frustration of those Democrats who, at this point, would like nothing more than to move on.  But to be honest, what’s preventing the party, as a whole, from being able to do just that is this fixation by party leaders on trying to appease or to pacify those who still haven’t been able to move beyond Nov 8th loss.  And whether the Democrats like it or not, that is what must take place before there can be any serious discussion can begin about how best to get the Democrat Party back on its feet.  Democrats still maintain that Hiterly was the most qualified candidate to ever run for president.  But what they still refuse to acknowledge is the fact that she was also the most corrupt and most dishonest candidate to ever run for president.  Therefore, she lost and Trump won.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing that I would enjoy more than to see the Democrat Party relegated to schlepping around in the political wilderness for the rest of eternity.  But I’m also not naïve enough to think that politics is anything other than cyclical.  So there will definitely come a day when we will again find them in the majority.  And with guys like McConnell and Ryan running things on our side, at least in Congress, I suspect that that day may come much sooner than any of us on the right would like to see.  Which is why it becomes all the more imperative to seize the political moment.  Republicans in Congress, instead of allowing the Democrats to make things difficult for Trump, need to get fulling onboard the Trump train and work on making substantive changes for the good of all Americans.

But even with all that being said, I have this nagging suspicion that while Barry “Almighty” may be gone, he is far from being finished when it comes to his mission to destroy both the country and his party.  Barry, as you may recall, came into office with his stated mission being to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.   And while he did achieve a certain level of success in that endeavor, it was along the way that he achieved an even greater level of success in essentially “fundamentally transforming” party, taking even further to the left.  Much further to the left!  And as a result, it was in so doing that his party would end up losing a rather substantial number, over 1000, of legislative seats at the local state and federal levels as well as a significant number of governorships.

Barry “Almighty” has already demonstrated that is someone willing to set about trying to bring about an insurrection against President Trump.  And it was as he headed for the exit he made sure lay any number of landmines that were specifically intended to impede the new president at nearly every turn.  Our state-controlled media, for whatever reason, refuses to takes seriously the terrorist threat faced by this country. And the Democrats have proven that they are no longer worthy to lead this country.  Democrats by their violence do not respect our democratic principles enough to honor an election that was lost by them. They suffered a collective nervous breakdown following Hitlery’s loss to President Trump.  Such behavior demonstrated by one of our two political parties over the loss of an election is disgusting.

Today’s Democrats, most of which, I guess, now prefer to be called ‘progressives, have now, whether they realize it or not, essentially morphed into nothing more than Marxists.  And while they seem to take a great deal of pleasure in labeling President Trump, and his millions of followers, as fascists, it is they who have become the new face of fascism.  And I would like to think that in demonstrating just how unhinged they have truly become, they are waking up a few more people each and every day.  The party is imploding nearly almost as we speak.  But make no mistake, they are no less dangerous, much like a cornered animal in instinctual reaction to their impending loss of power. They are becoming seditious in their actions and if we hope to remain a sovereign nation, we simply cannot allow this to continue.

And if I was President Trump what I would do would be to start calling this shadow government that Barry has cobbled together exactly what it is, a homegrown terrorist organization with one specific goal.  What he is basically trying to do is to overthrow President Trump.  As a veteran, I took an oath to protect the United States against enemies foreign and domestic and Barry has sought to make President Trump the enemy, so action should be taken to crush his shadow government and eliminate him as a threat to this country.  Barry’s desire has always been to turn America into the equivalent of some third world country.  And the media is obsessed with virtue signaling so they buy into the rhetoric that portrays the path to widespread poverty and destruction of our society as brave and virtuous.

The Democrat Party has, over time, become increasingly radicalized, to the point where it has now lost touch with average Americans.  Everything and everyone who is anti-American is what they come to enthusiastically embrace.  It’s at the same time that they claim to support women’s rights that they also support the most brutal sexists on the entire planet, Moslems.  They want to allow millions of them into our country with barely any questions being asked.  Honor killings, acid attacks, child brides, sharia laws and forced marriages are all practices deeply ingrained in all Moslem countries and communities and the Democrats, in an effort to further destabilize our country, want to mainstream them into American societies.  Moslems have no desire to assimilate, they seek to take over.

The Democrat Party is filled with arrogant, power hungry narcissists who are far more concerned about acquiring, and maintaining, political power than in keeping America safe.  They are so out of touch with American citizens that they just assumed everyone loved them, even their hateful politically correct thought police and bully intimidation tactics. This is the party that was crowing just last summer that the end was near for the Republican Party unless they changed.  Illegal immigrants, Moslems and Marxists are their new party members.  The Democrat Party is: The party of Islam, The party of Black Lives Matter, The party of death, The party of hate and intolerance, The party of riots, The party of no, The party of anarchy, The party of welfare and The party of fake news.



    • While it would be nice if they would all go ahead and do that, I thinks it’s safe to say that they’re not. If we’re gonna save this country it’s gonna take a lot of hard work. And the most difficult part will be to get those who WE elected to do what THEY promised.

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      • Yes, I think Trump is on point. The news media will resist at every turn along with the Democratic establishment. I believe there is also a stooge in the FBI leaking information. It will likely come out that way. Probably one of Hitlary’s supporters.


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