Sen. Schumer attends a news conference on Amtrak funding on Capitol Hill in Washington

Let’s face it, you’d have to be a complete moron to understand the strategy currently being employed in the U.S. Senate by the Democrats.  I mean, have we really now gotten to the point where simply because your team loses an election that that then frees you up to retaliate in such a manner as that being conducted by Chuckie Schumer and his cadre of leftist malcontents?  I mean really, how infantile is that?  And that Democrats seem so proud of themselves for doing so should embarrass any ‘normal’ party supporter.  And I fail to understand how such behavior might convince very many of those who identify as ‘Independents’ into supporting Democrat candidates.  After all, what exactly is President Trump trying to do that Chuckie Schumer and his merry band of America-haters simply can’t go along with?  I think most intelligent Americans see this for exactly what it is.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that Democrats have accused the Republican Party as being the party of political extremism, but which party is it that has the nasty habit of exhibiting extreme behavior?  In assessing just how extreme the Democrats have become in their effort to put as many speedbumps as possible in front of President Trump, Senate Democrats took the rather unprecedented move of actually flying a restaurant worker all the way from Los Angeles to Washington on Thursday, for the specific reason of helping them portray President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary not only as “unqualified,” but also as someone who steals money from workers; looks the other way when workers are sexually harassed; forces people to work for free; punishes them for calling in sick; and fights against raising the minimum wage.  Hey Chuck, talk about swinging for the fence.

And it was this very same restaurant worker who told a news conference on Thursday that nominee Andy Puzder, the owner of Carl’s Jr. and Hardees, “is one of America’s worst fast-food CEOs.”  Oh by the way, this ‘worker’ also mentioned that she had joined a lawsuit against Puzder’s restaurants just two weeks ago.  And then this same worker went on to say, “Puzder called us the worst of the worst and the bottom of the pool. I work myself to the bone just to survive.”  Then this allegedly victimized woman asked, “Why would we want someone who think so little of workers in charge of policies that could impact all of us?”  But I am a little curious, why should anyone believe anything that this person says?  My first assumption is that this snowflake is likely nothing more than some disgruntled employee for whom Chuckie Schumer provided the perfect opportunity for a little payback.

And then it was Chuckie who told the same news conference, “It’s disgraceful to put ‘secretary of labor’ and ‘Puzder’ in the same sentence, given his views.”  Chuckie admitted that the Democrats are “doing everything we can to stop these awful nominees, whether it’s staying late and speaking (on the Senate floor); whether it’s holding press conferences; whether it’s going on Facebook live where we had huge turnout last night; or whether it’s demanding when the record is so abysmal.”  But by whose definition is it that these nominees are to be considered as being “awful” and why?  Is it because they aren’t just a bunch idealistic academics who have never been in charge of anything, never been responsible for meeting a payroll, or never really accomplished anything in their entire lives?  Personally, I want someone who has demonstrated they know how to get things done and know how to lead!

Chuckie said Democrats hope they can force the withdrawal of Puzder’s nomination, but even if they can’t, it’s all about laying the groundwork to stymie the Trump administration.  Chuckie said, “But whether we do or not, we think we have done a real service to America.”   And then this boob went on to say, “We have shown who these Cabinet nominees are. Every time (Education Secretary) Betsy DeVos does something now that might hurt public education, there’s going to be millions of Americans looking over her shoulder. Every time (Attorney General) Jeff Sessions hurts immigrants or voting rights, there are going to be millions of Americans looking over his shoulder.”  The only thing that the Democrats have shown us, is that they can’t move beyond the election.  And how insane must one be to think that the lunacy taking place in the Senate is providing “a real service to America?”

Chuckie said, “Because we’ve laid the predicate for who these nominees are. And we’re very, very — pleased is the wrong word, because we wish they had never gotten to these positions, but we think we’ve been very effective in showing who they are and putting some constraints on their actions and on the president’s actions in future years.”  It was then that Chuckie went on to say,  “And, you know, once these nominees, once we get through these nominees, whether beating them, withdrawing, or moving forward, we’re going to begin our campaign on Trump’s broken promises. Almost every one of these nominees indicates a broken promise to the working people of America.”  I’m just getting Chuckie’s logic here.  It defies understanding unless, of course, you happen to be brain-dead liberal.  Thus far Trump has broken no promises but instead has been prevented, by Democrats, from keeping promises.

Bottom line here, what is it that we’re actually witnessing here?  Is it a confirmation process or is it nothing more than the executing of a political vendetta against the guy who did nothing more than to win an election, an election in which he defeated the Democrat who everyone presumed to have the election in the bag?  During Barry’s first term in office it was at this same point that he had all but one of his Cabinet members confirmed.  And then, of course, there were those 45 Czars that Barry appointed which needed no confirmation from anybody.  But hey, that’s a whole different story.  And the Democrats seem to be so very proud of themselves and their blatantly juvenile behavior which should give some level of pause to those who might have once viewed the Democrat candidate in any contest as being a reasonable choice or a viable option.  NOT!!

So I can’t help but wonder what self-respecting Democrat is able to look at what’s going on on the floor of U.S. Senate and not feel at least some hint of embarrassment.  Or has this sort of childish behavior now become the norm in that it’s what Democrats out beyond the beltway have come to expect from their members of Congress?  Funny, I don’t seem to recall that this was how Barry was treated in 2008.  And as I mentioned earlier, it was at this point in his first term Barry had all but one of his Cabinet members confirmed.  But as we have seen so many times before the rules are very much different for Republican presidents, especially the one who defeated the Democrat candidate whom Democrats thought couldn’t lose.  So as Democrats resort to silly schoolyard antics, are they still worthy of anyone’s vote?  I may be a bit bias in my answer to that question because I would argue that they are not.

Trump has been President for three weeks and is just feeling his way around the requirements of the office and keeping the promises he made to the American people.  And along come the Democrats led by Chuckie who is quite proud that he is making the job harder for the newly elected president and threatening to do more of the same.  I have absolutely no use for Democrats who blindly follow this man and his destructive attitude toward the President and his threats to make life difficult for Mr. Trump.  Loyalty toward the nation and a desire to make America better are non-existent in this man.  Schumer is a disgrace to the Senate, a disgrace to those who blindly follow him, and a disgrace to the American people whom he supposedly represents. I can’t wish him well on anything he does of a political nature. As was said of Barry when he revealed his liberal agenda, I hope he fails!!

Two years ago, Chuckie Schumer claimed that “C.A.I.R.” (Council On American Islamic Relations, a known front group for the Muslim Brotherhood) has ties to terrorism and intimate links to Hamas, and yet he now denies this same threat.  He is a TRAITOR disguised as an American politician and must be removed from office.  It’s obvious that Chuckie, Pelosi, Warren and the rest of the Democrats have chosen to put party politics before the needs of our country. They took an oath to uphold our laws, the Constitution, and to protect and defend our country, and instead of doing so they are actively engaging in sedition, inciting others to resist lawful orders, and knowingly participating in treasonous activities. They no longer serve or represent the people who elected them into office, nor serve in the best interests of our country, and must therefore be removed from office as soon as possible.



  1. Dems have an uphill battle. Maybe in 2018 when Schumer and Pocahontas are up for reelection, they’ll get the boot and the party can heal. These clowns must be a total embarrassment to the party.


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