With her first term as a U.S. Senator coming to an end, and with just 51 percent of Massachusetts voters viewing her favorably should we be surprise to hear a note if desperation in voice.  And the fact that a recent poll shows that only 44 percent think Sen. Elizabeth Warren “deserves reelection,” and 46 percent think voters should “give someone else a chance.”  So I would argue that it is such numbers as these that are a pretty good indicator of what motivated Warren’s outrageous tirade against Sen. Jeff Sessions to the point where she was formally silenced on the Senate floor.  Ever since his nomination to be Attorney General I’ve found it to be more than just a little dishonest that those who have worked with him for years have suddenly come to the conclusion, that the guy is nothing more than a racist.  Really?

Warren was reading a letter from Coretta Scott King that was written in 1986 which was highly critical of Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s pick for attorney general, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused her of violating Senate rules by impugning Sessions and the Republicans formally voted to shut her down.  McConnell said, “The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama, as warned by the chair.”  After she was barred from speaking on the Senate floor, Warren continued reading the letter on Facebook Live.  And it was in the video that she went on to rant, “Tonight, I wanted to read that letter, and Senator Mitch McConnell and Republicans came to the floor to shut me down for reading that letter.”  And she added, “I just want to read the letter.”

So because they lost an election that they were so sure that they had in the bag, Democrats like this loon Warren have managed to work themselves into a frenzy that makes them appear as being completely unhinged.  And as a result they now find themselves in the predicament, however temporary it may eventually become, where they are pretty much irrelevant.  So in what I guess is an attempt on their part to reverse that situation they have apparently decided that behaving like spoiled children is the best course of action to garner attention for themselves as they go about attempting to lay the groundwork for staging a comeback in 2018 to the point where they hope to gain control of one or both houses of Congress.  Some might call into question such a tactic, but not these Democrats.

And it’s all of this rather bizarre behavior coming from those on the left that makes quite clear how it is that ‘progressivism’ represents what has to be considered the greatest threat there is to our American way of life.  I think it goes without saying that progressives loath America, hate our Constitution, and despise free market capitalism.  They have destroyed our economy with measures like the Obamacare, actually encouraging illegal immigration into this country and supported a whole host of economy-killing measures.  Obamacare has been nothing short of a disaster on so many different levels.  Thanks to Obamacare I lost the insurance that I had had for years, and liked, and was essentially forced into taking insurance with a significant deductible and cost more every time I went to the doctor. What a deal.

Old Pocahontas has repeatedly bragged about being a “nasty woman”.  And as near as I can tell there has been no one who has challenged her credentials for being one.  So, why does she continue to further prove that she is indeed NASTY?  It is not like anyone has risen to tell her she is not.  If she is going to be the new voice of the Left because they don’t believe the country is progressive or liberal enough then we should thank them, and her particularly, for making the elections in 2018, 2020, 2022, and perhaps even 2024 into what could be a walk in the park for The Republicans and conservatives.  She will see to it that we have a veto proof Senate and another dozen or so representatives in the House. Thank you Pocahontas for all that you do for us and your efforts to reduce the Democrat Party to rubble.

Look, there’s no argument that at the present time the Democrat Party can be said to be in disarray.  And it’s my argument that the Republicans would be more than a little foolish not to take advantage of that to the greatest extent possible.  Because there is more than enough time before the next election for Democrats to get their shit together.  And thus far I have seen precious little coming from the Republicans that impresses.  It’s been nothing more than one excuse after another for why work hasn’t already begun on repealing Obamacare or on cutting taxes.  And while the Democrats have plenty of time to get their shit together, the Republicans are rapidly running out of time to their shit together.  Trump needs to read the riot act to both of our supposed leaders, McConnell and Ryan.  And soon.

If these stalling tactics continue on the part of our congressional Republicans then they shouldn’t be surprised when they come to be confronted by any voter outrage that may end up coming their way.  They’ve been promising to do something about Obamacare for the last 8 years and yet what have we got?  Absolutely nothing.  If McConnell and Ryan aren’t up to the task of ‘leading’ then maybe they need to get out of the way and make room for somebody who is.  The clock is ticking, and unless they wish to see the lunatics once again put in charge of the asylum, Republicans had best get their collective head out of their ass and get moving in the right direction.  And President Trump may need to take a more active role in order to speed up the process on the many campaign promises that got him elected.



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