Well folks, it would appear that when it comes to those folks on the left, there are those who are really stupid and then there are those who are Professor Marc Lamont Hill stupid.  Every time I see this moron on television I can’t help but wonder why it is that he has become such a fixture on so many different ‘news’ programs.  Is it simply such fake news shows are unable to convince guests of actual insight and knowledge to appear?   Because he never comes across as being all that coherent, and rarely does he ever sound as if he’s doing anything other than to spew the talking points provided to him by his Democrat Party masters.  And again proof of that came earlier this week when anyone tuning into Communist News Network’s (CNN) ‘Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin’, either on purpose or by accident, would have witnessed the intellectually challenged Prof. Hill put forward the claim that the those on the right riot on college campuses just as often as those on left do.  However, when he was called out on this patently ridiculous assertion by a conservative guest, oddly enough he couldn’t name a single example.

It was during his most recent appearance on this particular CNN program that the show’s guest host, Pamela Brown, asked the Morehouse College professor of Hip-Hop to discuss the violent left-wing riots which shut down a speech by gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley.  And it was right out of the gate that Prof. Hill went into denial mode.  He said, “I think it’s also a bit inaccurate to say this is a problem purely of the left. I think we have intolerance on the left and on the right. I mean, I travel the college speaking circuit all the time, and the right boycotts, the right writes letters, the right tells people not to let me in.”  Apparently conservative CNN commentator, yes apparently they have one of those, Ben Ferguson challenged Hill’s claim saying, “Do they pepper spray people that want to come to your events? Do they set things on fire? Do they destroy property? Do they flip over barricades? Tell me the last time a bunch of conservatives went to a college campus and acted this way because I would love to see the proof behind that.”  Hill began floundering immediately.

Hill then went on to say, “Well, you know, they don’t always go to college campuses. Sometimes they blow up abortion clinics. Sometimes they burn down mosques. Sometimes they shoot up churches.”  Ferguson then proceeded to jump in saying, “That’s not what we’re talking about. Now, you’re stretching.”  Hill denied and claimed, “No, no. I’m not stretching. I’m just trying to finish my point. What I’m saying is that both sides have extremists and respond to disagreement violently. No, it’s not necessarily on a college campus — sometimes it is — and there have been right-wing riots on college campuses as well. But the point is that both sides do it.”  Ferguson wasn’t about to let such an outrageous claim go unchallenged.  He immediately proceeded to press Hill, asking, “Where?”  And in responding, Hill simply flailed saying, “I’m not saying — I’m not defending — I’m not — let me finish, Ben — I’m not defending the behavior, I’m saying let’s not pretend that only the left has violent forms of disagreement. That’s simply inaccurate. And I think what’s even more troubling-”

“But, Marc,” Ferguson interjected, “where — tell me one example of where conservatives on a campus have done that. One example?”  Hill couldn’t do it so, as is usually the case with these hypocritical liars on the left, he simply switched topics.  He said, “Ben, I’m not trying to avoid your question, it’s just you keep interrupting, so I’m going to get to my other point. So the other thing I think here that I find troublesome is that Donald Trump is blaming this on the university and threatening to cut federal funds, as if the institution is behind this. In fact, the institution has spoken out against it.”  How does an incompetent boob like Hill keep showing up on TV?  Because he’s the perfect “useful idiot” for the globalists who need to keep the simple minded stirred up and misdirected.  The bottom line here, whether Hill is willing to admit it or not, is that there is only one party that can be called the party of anarchy.  Only one party that works to stifle opposing opinion and to incite violence.  And there is only one party that can’t seem to accept election results.  And it ain’t the Republican Party.

And was Hill really trying to say that writing letters is the same thing as starting fires and looting banks?  If, as Hill claims, the right was as violent as the left, then any time a leftist was invited to speak on a college campus, the Young Democrats (or whatever they call themselves) would be forced to pay for extra security just the way the Republicans do for conservative speakers.  They aren’t because everyone – left and right – knows there won’t be any rioting and violence and vandalism over a leftist’s appearance.  For that matter, if the right was going to engage in riots over radical leftist speakers on college campuses, it would be happening every single day.  Radical leftists are all over our colleges and universities “teaching” in the classrooms as tenured professors.  It’s pretty funny that today the news shows are dragging out people claiming things like, “No! No! These were really right-wing agitators at Berkley!” and “Oh, yeah? Well, conservatives riot on campuses, too, you know!” Their desperation to deflect from the truth is becoming more intense and their methods for doing so become more laughable every day.

Look folks, just in case you were wondering, Hill is the perfect example of what affirmative action gets you.  This guy wouldn’t be able to get hired sweeping the floors at any ‘university’ if hiring was actually based on true merit and ability and not on race and politics.  Conservatives riot on college campuses?  So I ask you, has that ever HAPPENED?  Ever?  Anywhere?  And then as if right on cue, when backed into a corner with logic, he desperately plays the “abortion bomber” card.  We used to get this a lot with leftists trying to create a false equivalence with Moslem terrorism.  And then people began to look at just how few of these there actually are.  Nine.  That is how many abortion doctors have been killed by ‘activists’.  Not nine thousand and not nine last week. Nine. Total!  Does that sound like an epidemic of violence you?  Or is it an extremely rare exception?  And that is what these programs do.  They deceptively try to present exceptions as the rule and the rule as the exception.  They create false equivalencies where none actually exist.  In other words, it’s all nothing more than ‘fake news’!


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